CV disepeared

Hi what happent with my cv in inception space ? i leave hunters planet and log out and today my CV disepeared.
Thx for help

Don’t know.

And what can do now ? i lost all…

If you read the post RexXxuS linked to it tells you:

If you consider to write a forum post to get help, please give us enough information like for example::

  • Server: EU/NA?
  • Time it happend
  • Name of the ship(s)/Base
  • What playfield?
  • From where to where you warped
  • What exactly happend. What did you do before?
  • etc…
  • If Structures are involved, please always give us ID and Name and best a screenshot from HWS Connect.

There are lots of nice people here that will help you if you find yourself in trouble. You have to meet them half way though :wink:

And seeing your Playfield: You know there is a wipe in Orbit? That explains the loss

Oh now i find in guide space wipe tuesday 900 …
Can admin give me back my ship or i must start again ?

As Rex already wrote…

We need way more information to help you.

Hi Popolvar,

You want to make sure you use the CB:Nextwipe commands. If you are on the NA server I can give you a care package tonight when I get home to get you on your feet again if you want to fresh start back to the planet. My nephew likes to play when he visits and his character is there.

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