Inception space wipe

Hello everyone,

Seems that a wipe happened today on Inception Space (HWS EU).
With my faction (LZR) we only played on the server for 20-40 hours (depends of the members) and read nothing in the rules about Orbital Wipes.
So today, we have lost our 5 SV’s and our Orbital Base with every ingot we had.
Before playing, i read all the guides on the site and couldn’t find any info about Orbital Wipes so i feel a little bored, because even yesterday there were no server messages about a possible wipe in Inception Space.

Did i miss something ? Is this going to happen every week ?
40 hours could be considered as little time spent on the server, but now my mates are really disgusted and don’t want to start again from scratch.

Is there any way to get some stuff or SV’s back?

See above from guide:

Nice but this has been added in the guide this morning, after the wipe.

Thanks a lot Fenix for the info by PM.
Information wasn’t in the guide before this morning.

Here is our structure list :


Thanks a lot if any admin could help.
That won’t happen again.

EDIT : If for any reason we had to get back only one structure, LUZUR Surviival Base (ID : 5762849) would be the most important to us…Thanks again.

The other lost structures during the wipe are :

my mistake, didn’t understood that your message was private :slight_smile:

My mistake, I thought I was replying to the PM… whoops XD

It may not have been added to the guide until today, but the changes were made more than 2 weeks ago. It was talked about in multiple forum threads.

If you had also checked your ingame map you would have seen the wipe info there as well.

Maybe you could share some links to these multiple threads?

LZR, we joined the server one week ago.
We read the whole guide and i started to watch the forum almost everyday since.
Couldn’t find anything talking about “Orbital Wipes”.

But maybe this is entirely our fault if we don’t read every single post on the forum.

First talked about at the end of this thread

First made official in this thread

Another HWS news post here covering the wipe

There’s more than that too, and as I said the info was already available to everyone through the ingame map. July 18th was the first orbit wipe BTW.

Last post on this thread

and as I write this I see that krazzy already got you covered.

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Hello extaz93,

well information were there and as always said: the best friend is the tool. Not guides, descriptions or discussions which are done by humans and they fail. Robots never fail, right? x)



is your best friend chat command in the game!

Anyways I see you are new and I don’t let you stand in the rain. There is always an one time service offer (and a second chance) on HWS :slight_smile:

Your Base you mentioned there and one SV is what I could restore without an error.

Have fun and stay wipe clean :eyeglasses:


Thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble.