Elemental Capital City / Sector

Elemental Capital City (ECC) is the Mecca of the Universe! It holds every secret, every service, and every treasure that you could hope to acquire. Visiting the Capital City is part of the daily lives for many players and some Origins cannot operate without it.

ECC Features

The Elemental Capital City Sector has several attractions:

HWS Garage HQ (Space)

There you will find special CV ships for sale from HWS Garage or players.

EGS Recycle & Repair Station

In ECC Sector you will find the EGS Recycle & Repair Station. Around it, you have a large area for your ships to be recycled. Be sure to first undock any ships located within! You will receive a welcome message when you are within range of this service.
Additionally, on the platform, you will find a public Repair Station to use.

Elemental Galactic Services HQ

The EGS Headquarters provides an easy way to purchase HWS DNA. The ease of access and high demand for services in the hub of the Universe makes commerce more expensive here, however. Another important service available at EGS HQ is to have your guilty status removed by paying it off. Only in the large central room between the bank and trade center can you get ores down from your Orbital Auto Miners without being charged a retrieval fee.

Elemental Bank

The financial lifeblood of the galactic economy flows through this bank. Visiting the EB provides a discount on many transactions that otherwise are not free. These include paying in, paying out, sending credits and converting coins.

HWS Garage HQ

Purchase exclusive HWS ships at the HWS Garage! These exclusive one-of-a-kind ships cannot be found or built anywhere else in the galaxy and some have features that exceed usual class limitations. Shop wisely and bring your Elemental Bank Credits… bring a LOT of them.

EGS Flying City

This special City is always under construction and offers all the time not only puzzles and missions but also good loot along the way. Always worth the discovery!

ECC is also home to several other points of interest that are worth looking into. Exploration is encouraged.

Tax System

ECC and ECC System is visited by around 150 players per day. Imagine they would leave all of their structures at the special ECC Buildings.
That is why the ECC Orbit and ECC Planet is taxed.
The tax is assessed at 8:50AM-9:10AM (server time) and visitors are advised to be off-world and not in the surrounding space when the taxes are charged. Pay heed to the warnings you will see and hear whenever you enter the orbit / planet.

Auto Clean Up

ECC Planet and its Sector are very attractive – that attractive that players park their structures there and don’t even care about the Taxes. This is unfortunately not in the best interest of the whole community, because others have to render an unused structure.
So keep in mind that your structures are being removed from there if you did not warp with them in the last 7 days!