Homeworld Police

Hey guys

You may have seen me around in EU, trying to support players, alot of ppl still dont know who HWP faction are…

HWP faction (Homeworld Police) are active on both servers (EU and NA), we try and support players to the best that we can with minimal commands, we have to try and think outside the box in some circumstances but we try and get the job done.

We are normal players in the game who have dedicated our time and effort to supporting the admins (Rexxx and Jasch) as they are fully subversed into creating content and improving the gameplay but as their role have the final word in desicions regarding the server popluation and their / your problems ingame.

If there is a problem ingame, please do and try and contact me or Juniper on the NA server as we try and take the pressure off the admins.

If we cant solve a problem or offline please follow instructions

and for one final post, i know this is old and was my first ever video, so i appologise for the quality:-

But I will be creating a better quality in time.

I know we have limited commands ingame but we try and help you in any circumstance, don’t hesitate to contact one of us.

Thanks for your time and patience, now go and enjoy the game

Also guys, i’m looking for ways to improve our dedication towards the community, feedback on how to do this please ;-

Thanks again