HWS Police



Players will notice a Police presence on both HWS servers.

  • It IS LEGAL to engage police in battle unless they state in-game that they are actively helping a player or investigating an incident. Do NOT attack the HWS Police in such cases! It is a crime and results in punishment.

  • The Police are very active and reliably respond to players’ reports of possible illegal behavior.

  • The Police are allowed to observe any situation, PvE or PvP and report back to the Admins to enforce the laws and rules and assure justice in the HWS Universe. Consequences may be announced publicly, but there are also instances of private execution of the rules. This depends upon the nature of the offense. Police can delegate some tasks to the Alliance Origin and give proper rewards.

HWS Police Structure Showcase

Ammo draining 26 deaths in 2 hours
Homeworld Police