HWS 10 Announcement | HWS Connect v4.99 | Reworked Gameplay

Hi HWS Community!

It’s time: Alpha 10 = HWS 10 got released!
I thought it would be 2 month this time but luckily we survived 3 months (87 days) with the HWS 9.X season again.

But HWS 10 will be a quite different season I can tell. A lot will be different - some like it, some unfortunately not. However, no matter what, please feel free to make a feedback / suggestion topic in the forum and we try to make the best out of it!
The top goal is always to provide you the best Empyrion Server out there where you have fun and experience a game far beyond vanilla!

Anyways, let’s dive quickly to the last HWS 10 announcement before you can actually enjoy it!

HWS Connect v4.99

That is more or less a surprise for some but definitely the biggest change of everything I would say — even though it does not look like it yet!
HWS Connect v5.0 will be the design reworked I teasered here and there but we feel that v4.99 is already good and important for the public.

I say we, because by incredible luck/fate, a new player appeared and helped me out in a very rough time with moving and other stuff.

@Hayawen is a damn talented and insane coder which some of you know already

With unbelievable ambition and skills he helped me first with the PDA and then with reworking HWS Connect more and more.
The “old” HWS Connect was 100% programmed by me - from scratch over the last 3 years. Since I rather have to deal more with ingame stuff than programming, it was always a bit slow but more or less it worked, right?

Hayawen however pushed Connect to a new level, a level I have still to learn along the way.
I’ll still enjoy myself redesigning everything but technically you will already feel the difference I’m sure!

That being said, I know the design is here and there not that awesome yet but please have a bit of patience and the Design follows the function soon :slight_smile:

HWS Connect v4.99 Changelog / Features

  • Totally reworked the backend
  • Lighting fast, secure and stable
  • New features like a Grid View, Backpack View and more to come
  • More Patron locked features to enjoy for HWS Patrons
  • New Tutorial Guiding for new visitors to show some important changes / features
  • Reworked technically the Supporter Page for online and offline usage
  • Separate HWS Skill Tree - per server one Skill Tree now!
  • New cumulative Daily Loot system! If you claim your Daily Loot every day, all 7 days long, you get more and more. It resets after 7 days and let you claim everything from the start again.
  • Much better Filter and Logic for tables
  • Online Player List to check who is online with your Smartphone
  • Implemented Progressive Web Application capabilities. Install the Web APP on your smartphone to have an almost native Mobile App experience
  • A lot of new convenience features for OCD, OAM and HWS Marketplace
  • Much more to come, once the new Web API is fully utilized! …

Please explore the new HWS Connect v4.99 and stay tuned for incredible more stuff.

My deepest thanks to @Hayawen for something I could not achieve without him! :bowing_man:

Reworked Gameplay

To not spoil too much but as clear as possible let’s keep the Changelog style for the rest:

  • Updated ECC planet - you will find EGS HQ much easier now :wink:
  • Added 4 more Freighter PDA Missions!
  • Reworked Trading to motivate “Hauler” trade tasks
  • Updated some of the ECC Ammo Store prices - a great price range gives you either good or common prices now
  • Added a new PvE hardcore planet - Ori - of course in Phoenix!

    Enjoy the brand new Lava Nascent adventure with tons of Zirax and the new Base Attacks for special challenges!
  • Reworked some planets more, some less
  • The new Drone Base attacks are available for now on:
    • the HQ Moons
    • Prototype (good luck)
    • Pandora
    • Sathon
    • Jupidor
    • Triton
    • Binomi
    • Atlantis
    • Ori
    • Homeworld + Homeworld Moons
      I hope they work properly in Multiplayer…
  • Reworked the Loot here and there to meet the new Gameplay
  • Reworked couple of POIs with your Feedback
  • And of course as announced in the other teasers:
  • Reworked Shields on HWS
  • Reworked SV + HV Thrusters on HWS
  • Reworked Mass & Volume on HWS
  • Much more - please check out the HWS Config
  • PvP has now only 3 Classes to remember now:
    • Class 1 for SV/HV/CV mainly for hotspot planets
    • Class 5 mainly for hotspot spaces
    • Class 7 as global limit / transition
  • Everything what I have forgot now cause hundreds of players stressing me to release :sweat_smile:

Near Future Roadmap

Once this monster release calmed down a bit, I probably need to recover from current burn out.
After that the imminent TODOs are:

  • handout the HWS Survey rewards
  • work on HWS Connect v5
  • take care of feedback

Alright, thanks everyone for your patience, for an incredible last HWS 9.X season and for all the Support we received! It really is outstanding motivating and appreciated, that we can do what we like that way!

All the best for the HWS 10 season!

Your HWS Team


Woop woop! Can’t wait!

This looks epic :stuck_out_tongue:

should be fun

Can’t wait to get back to it this should be fun

Rexxus, why the wipe happened so suddenly, earlier wrote the indicative dates for a few weeks, yesterday I didn’t see the usual warnings in the chat! All past seasons have been warnings for days!!! In the end, me and a friend lost the money in the Bank (in total more than 200 M)! I was waiting for a message about the upcoming wipe in the chat or on the HWS forum and planned at the time of warning to save money - I ask for some compensation!

Everyone has known for long time Alpha 10 was coming. Everyone knew that when Alpha 10 came there’d be a full wipe.

There’s nobody to blame mate. This season would have been 90 days long in 3 days, so that isn’t a reason either.


I stubbed my toe earlier on my stairs and it bloody hurt. There has been a bit that sticks out for a month or so because the dog chewed the carpet away. I have been too busy and lazy to sort it out.

I think we all know there is only one person to blame here…

Rex :upside_down_face:


I agree with you:

Yes, thank you very much for warning with so much time. Every day reviewing the forum from the notice of departure of the new version to see when it was going to change and has been done suddenly, without warning or time.

I was 2 full sessions earning money, investing, buying and selling, mining, all to save the 700 million that costs the OCD level 7 and without notice, 550 million and 6 months of work to the trash.

I was waiting for the news of the wipe to convert the approximately 20 million that I was lacking in credits from gold, to buy the OCD. Meanwhile, I tried to earn them with the daily interests of the bank.

I’ve been playing here since version 5 and you’ve always warned of all wipes with a minimum of 2-4 days, ingame and in the forum, what happened this time??

Thank you for these years of entertainment.
I wish you Rexxus luck with this project and that everything goes well.
Im not going to keep playing anymore, bye.

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If you guys want, you can use my Economy Utility Tool.
There’s a little countdown towards end of the season.


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@Hayawen great work on new HWS Connect, few thoughts:

  1. It would be nice to see empty slots too like in HWS Helper
  2. Please take care of Proximity Log :slight_smile: it’s very important for many people but currently it’s broken

@DarthMyrten hey mate, thx, trying my best… but unfortunately time was a bit shorter than expected…
1- yes I totally forgot to fix this one… shall do so tomorrow!
2- Hmm that one should be working! hopefully it’s not broken from jascha’s side and I can fix it tmrw as well…

Proximity log needs total overhaul - instead of picking day there should be a list with most recent incidents on top and there should also be some filters. There is also some information in CSV which is not displayed on the website

Definitely, yes there is new data we are not using yet… shall add Trello card for it if not there already!

I absolutely agree, I also played for a long time, from the 6th season if I’m not mistaken, and each time it was a timely warning about the wipe, but not now. I myself went daily for the interest of the Bank and trade in order to save up for the improvement of OCD next season, but now because of the unexpected wipe all the efforts down the drain. After this the motivation for the development on the server disappeared altogether.
I want to hear the answer only from RexXxus.

Hello @masterpetrovich and @SrPato

very sorry to hear about your experience but such things always happen to around 1% of the population.

The core issue is: I am bound to a NDA - I am not allowed to talk about internal processes from Eleon.

Still, I tried my very best, starting on 8th May:

Once I got more information I continued:

And even one week before there was the Release candidate which means as always about 1 week left until release - you are Veterans, you know that:

And quite more time warnings if you care:

Overall it was the best communicated release since over 3 years from Eleon and me I would say.
The issue is honestly not the Sender in this case.

Anyways, I hope one day you will return and enjoy the game!
Take care!

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Thank You for all the hard work. I am loving the server so far :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome @Brye
very happy to hear and thanks for the kind words!
Enjoy your stay on HWS!