OCD Helper utility thingy


OK, so moving the important stuff up to the first post:
you can find a Chrome extension that helps a bit with ocd: Empyrion HWS OCD Helper

and here’s a sample picture of how things will look when using it:

no need for the hack below anymore :slight_smile:

hey guys,

earlier today Reverendmeat was asking something about OCD and i mentioned to him how he could use a bit of code to make getting from OCD easier, so here it is for anyone who’s interested in some simple hacks :smiley:
just open hws connect, go to your OCD and wait for it to load, then load up chrome’s console and run the code below.
once you run it, you should be able to click on the OCD Slot numbers (1,2,3,…) and highlight them with a red border as marked, this will also cause a textbox to appear at bottom of page writing out the ocd get command for you automatically and updating it as you choose/unchoose items…
i could probably make this into a tidier chrome plugin & add a few more features if people show interest…

$('body').append('<style>.hws-connect-mpAmount.selected { border: 2px solid red; } .ocd-helper { position: fixed; bottom: 0; right: 0; width: 80%; background-color: white; padding: 0; margin: 0; } .ocd-helper input { padding: 0; margin: 0; }</style>');

function refreshOCDCommand() {
	if ( $('body .ocd-helper').length < 1 ) {
		$('body').append('<div class="ocd-helper"><input width="100%"></div>');
	var str = [];
	$('.hws-connect-mpAmount.selected').each(function() {
		str.push( $(this).text() );
	$('.ocd-helper input').val('ocd:get:'+str.join('#'));

$('.hws-connect-mpAmount').click(function() {
	if ( $(this).is('.selected') ) $(this).removeClass('selected');
	else $(this).addClass('selected');
HWS Tools / Contributions

Hehe, that is sweet :slight_smile: Nice job!

I’m very excited starting on HWS Connect v5 after this big season stuff.
Then you get a much better experience :smiley:


lol yeh i was gonna go nuts on it a couple of weeks ago and make it drag-drop sortable and stuff but then i read you were adding all these things in v5, so i am now waiting patiently :smiley:

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Yep, I mean it will take awhile to code but I’m super hyped about the new coming REST API and new UX.
If all works out you can do your own cool stuff with your own API Key.
Let’s see. For now I must sadly do POI stuff etc. :sweat_smile:


I’m not very advanced. What would this mean?


Few suggestions on new HWS connect came to my mind:

  1. Register of cash transactions would be great
  2. Full sorting in OCD (first by item category, then item name etc…)
  3. Being able to execute (at least some like sorting ocd) commands while having the game offline
  4. I understand 10 second time between commands is due to performance issues, but it would be really nice if something could be improved here.

Already available for Patreons:

For the rest: soon™ :slight_smile:


That’s interesting, I don’t see anything on that patreon page about sorting or not having to wait 10 s between commands, what tier is it?


It means that you or someone else could write an external app which would do some additional things with HWS - for example your Economy Utility Tool instead of being simple excel spreadsheet could be a webpage which would automatically get all the data from HWS :slight_smile:

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Since it may take a while, i’ve spent a few hours today and packaged / published this new extension for chrome so RexXxus can focus on the important stuff we’re all really waiting for!
check it out at: Empyrion HWS OCD Helper

and here’s a screenshot :smiley:

It’s hastily done and may contain bugs :smiley:
Will fix / add features if you guys reports stuff here!

Enjoy ladies!


so cool whats a OCD helper utility and how do it work RexXxuS? :smiley:


hey Syras90,

this has nothing to do with HWS officially or Rexxxus, it’s a standalone Crhome extension that i created and published under my own account on google… you can click the link and install the extension to try it out, it just injects some code over the website to add the functionalities you see in the picture…


Damn mate, that is awesome!! :smiley: :smile:

I checked your code and tested it out. Quite awesome!
If you have 100 slots and swap only the 99 slot it will check all slots and send quite a lot XHR requests but I think Jascha blocked it anyways, if you are not online.
Maybe add a little higher delay per XHR send command though? :slight_smile:

I still haven’t figured out a perfect PHP-FPM children handler :confused:

And maybe you can add the slot numbers near your placeholder images or a hover text explaining?
A lot better than my version though :smiley:


That is very smart mate :smiley:

Guess you have a v5 ready before I even started :sweat_smile:

pinned #14

ah cool ty friend i to try it but not sure how to get my head around it :smiley:


Thanks man :slight_smile: i usually have to work with C and wireshark and decoding networking packets and crap that makes me blind… so this is pretty easy and cool stuff for me to do in my spare time!

I didn’t quite get your meaning, which slots have you moved? it’s supposed to check exactly which items changed positions and send as few XHR commands as possible, delaying the commands using the Patron level appropriately + 500ms, i can throttle it more ofcourse, just let me know!

haven’t worked with FPM myself to be honest, i only use Apache + standard php… (and sometimes nodejs)

yeh i’ll add that in next update :slight_smile: the hover currently shows item name + type only…

Glad you like it, hope community finds it useful :slight_smile:
if you need help with any of the front-end code please just let me know, wouldn’t mind at all to help out a bit with that.

PS: i wanted to make the backpack thing directly send the ocd:get, but it seems the current xhr call would only take 1 by 1, so instead i stuck with the copy to clipboard thing!

You go fix those POIs! been a blast finding all those hidden secrets :smiley:

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just mostly drag and drop the icons to swap positions / send them to backpack space on the right side to auto generate an ocd:get string for you to paste ingame and receive the items from OCD.


np and ty all :smiley:


I tried to reproduce and didn’t work. I dragged some stuff crazy around and clicked then apply.
Instead of only swapping the swapped items the script somehow ran through all 100 slots = 100 xhr post request.

Thank! Will do :slight_smile:
Jquery-ui is not my taste. I wanted to go with that :slight_smile:

Yep, the API will lift it up I think.


Interesting, the only way i can imagine this happened is if the drag/drop thing glitched and instead of switching 2 items, it simply moved the 1 you were dragging, thus pushing everything out of its slot by at least 1 spot and causing all the XHR’s… would your level happen to be 5 so no wait was done between calls? :smiley:

Aye, i have been away from web dev a long time and that’s why i just used jqueryui in haste… definitely should look into something new… this Muuri seems interesting, will look into it more :smiley:

If there was just some means to fake commands on behalf of user from web side, then u can just send any command from gui… but i guess that may not be too safe in some cases…