HWS 6.X.X teaser | A new EGS feature! EGS Stealth!

Hey @everyone,

for 6.X.X we implement a brand new EGS feature! And we are announcing it now since it is quite major and we also like to gather feedback from you about it.
I thought it is so big that I even created a little video about it.

EGS Stealth

(aka the HWS Offline Protection for now)


egs:stealth:on (to set all ships near you in stealth mode)

egs:stealth:on:id (to set a custom ship near you in stealth mode)


All you need to know facts

  • it costs 1 RP per ship you set in stealth mode
  • it only works in space
  • it does not work on planets
  • it only works for your ships (private, faction > but also near faction ships from your buddy will get stealth. Make sure you are alone)
  • it does not work for bases
  • it only works if no enemy player is (online) near you (up to 2000 meter)
  • it only stealth ships 200 meters around you
  • you can use the un-stealth command only in the orbit you have ships in stealth mode (from any distance)
  • you can’t stealth ship(s) more than one time (as soon as you stealth one ship, you can’t stealth another one. Decide good if you want to store only one ship or all around you)
  • ships are un-stealth there where you left them
  • you can’t stealth ships if you are guilty
  • the ships are stealth for 5 days (then they are visible again)
  • the ships are undocked after stealth mode. If they were docked before the stealth mode it is enough to just hop into the cockpit and leave again

What does this mean for 6.X.X+

Let it settle and think about everything but here are some pre facts:

  • no more flying 50k+ km out in space wasting time
  • no restrictions in PvP space anymore
  • no worry of possible medbay spawn bug or whatever in space
  • great performance boost - the more people stealth their ships the better
  • a true offline protection
  • encourages you a lot to dive into the Roleplay HWS offers you to get RP
  • we will increase the RP gaining in 6.X.X - no worry
  • the stealth info will be also displayed in HWS Connect
  • with the specific egs:stealth:on:id command you can better visit SV only planets since your mothership CV in space is in stealth mode

The only “negative” point of it is that dedicated far-in-space-offline-raider or gravity-gun-kamikaze-guys are now probably losing their jobs. I don’t know if that was a good job or worth it though.
But that is the reason why we have implemented the RP cost per ship, no stealth for guilty and 5 days limit for example. It should be all balanced.

Now the 100% gutshot question will be:

and what is about bases? We need OP on bases!!! Planets!!

We stepped again into a development process of the game and we have our limits.
If we would allow stealth for bases this would not only cause game related technical problems like people building in the spot the base is stealth but also would take away the raid factor, the motivation to build actual defenses, etc.
We don’t see here a way for us to improve the gameplay. It definitely needs Eleon investigation like boost the damage of BAse defenses, reworking the Eleon Offline Protection for example.

Good news: this might come very soon in an even better way than you could imagine!

So that’s it. We think it is awesome.
What do you think?

Your HWS Team


it is good for someone, however …

  • no need to be hunter or pirate …
  • no need to use fa:scan anymore …
  • be just trader, buy and sell items now … time for money earning …

@NikolaTesla, did you miss the part where as soon as he took the ships out of stealth he became guilty?

I misinterpreted what happened. You won’t be guilty for using it.

No, rex set himself to guilty to show that guilty people cant use stealth.
You dont get guilty from using egs:stealth

Oh… that can be misinterpreted I see.

I just forced myself guilty to show you what happens if you are guilty.

That you become guilty if you turn off stealth is not true

But nice idea :wink:

LOL. The trickery.

I guess I jumped to conclusions too soon.

So to be clear the EGS commend does not work when a player who is online is 2000k away from you?
Or, is it that your stealth comes off when that online player is 2000k from you?

Can u give us some technical info? How could you solve this feature? You remove the ship from playfield and save it on any kind of backup?
I’m just working as a devops that’s why I’m interested about backend.

It means: as long as a player who is online is near you (up to 2000 meter) you can’t use the egs:stealth:on command. It’s blocked.
Later if your ships are in stealth mode people can pass your stealth ships as they want. They won’t get revealed.

Rex, please make new egs:spy to find location of stealth fleet :slight_smile:
we are ready to pay for that )))))

Yes, something like that.

Thanks. I recommend the usage based on core numbers too. Don’t let them use stealth off when core numbers near to 255.

Ships with this can survive the blackhole orbit wipe? Am I right?

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255 core protection is implemented.

Correct! I think RP will become better than gold soon :smile_cat:

Cool. :slight_smile: Next step is the RP based taxes. :smiley:

Yeah pls that must be. or nobody would use that feature.

On Question, when its stealth. how could you find your ship again? Can unstealth everywhere? Do you see it on map? Or must I do a Mapmarker?

One more.
When Im in space and want to stealth my CV und fly away with my SV. Must I fly my SV 300 m far away and fly back with backpack to my CV --> steahl CV --> and fly back 300m with my jetpack to sv?? thas not cool??? Or could I stealth CV when Im in my SV?

good job

Why do you need more Credits^^?

Nope, it is the newest stealth technology 7000! Nobody sees it, not even you.

On HWS Connect probably under Structure Commander you get the location / coordinates of your stealth ships displayed. Otherwise a map marker is a good idea.

Indeed not cool… so Jascha did some magic and we will implement also


With that you can specify the ship you want to set in stealth mode.
So grab your SV, fly within 200meter to your CV, type egs:stealth:on:ID (of the CV) and you can fly to Golden Globe without worry about your CV in space. :slight_smile:

Whats the cooldown of the use of that commend? Like once per day or once per 5 days etc? Or if i use stealth that day then get out of it five hours later how long can i use it again?

Cooldown of the command is

  • 15 seconds
  • your RP amount :wink:

The 5 days has nothing to do with the cooldown. It is just a limit. If you want to save your structures for longer (7+ days) you have to donate the “Holiday Ship” package.

Ok good but what is with Docked Svs and HVs on CV. Do they automaticly stealth with CV?

If you want to stealth a whole fleet except one SV you have to type the command egs:stealth:on:id for each ship you want to put in stealth.

I might integrate a “Stealth” button in HWS Connect Structure Commander which copy for you directly the ship + ID.