HWS 8 Patch | Guilty / Bounty / Killboard rework | ECC Missions | Ninja Mission Competition

Hey @everyone,

finally I were able to work more than 5 hours non-stop on the ECC Missions and more to keep my workflow! (some things of this patch took us almost one month (the Ninja Mission. Thanks Ju!)
While Battle Royale still needs some love integrating it to the new planet, all others are done and updated!
The PDA “EGS Resource Hunt Depot” Mission is next on the list…

ECC Missions

Resource Mole Race Mission

  • fixed and implemented now
  • more challenging with water paths
  • three resources “for free”: Erestrum, Zascosium and Gold. Make sure you catch the Stargate cooldown in time

EB Heist Mission

  • increased the difficulty and loot

Prison Breakout Mission

  • prevented yolo walkthrougs
  • increased difficulty a lot
  • increased the hidden loot

Alien Asylum

  • increased the loot
  • increased the difficulty
  • implemented some goodies

Alien Ship

  • increased difficulty
  • increased the loot!

Alien City

  • implemented 2 additional Stargates out of there in case you destroyed your only way out…

Combat Testing Facility

  • fixed empty planet
  • still without PDA support from the ECC. The CTF PDA mission works only for the Starter Planet CTF missions

Ninja Mission Competition

Implemented the HWS Ninja Mission which can be found in the slight reworked EGS Flying City!

You have 7 minutes!

The first time you do that mission (remember to activate the PDA Mission!!!) you will maybe think “wait… whuut?”

The second time you will think “kidding me?”

The third time you will think “ooook I guess”

The fourth time you will think “gotcha!”

The fifth time you will think “not again!”

The sixth time you will think “NEXT TIME”

The seventh time you will think “ALMOST”

The eighths time you will think “but what about the loot?”

The ninths time you will think “ok, ok, ok, my fault”

The tenths and last time you will think “I am a Ninja!”
You think I fool you?

The first Ninja was @Dr.Dark and claimed his reward of 100 RP, 1 HWS Garage ship of choice and 1 Alien Core!


  • the title from above must be set in the Youtube video (“I am a Ninja on HWS”)
  • I will check the timestamp of your forum post with the youtube link for claiming the winner
  • show your completed PDA mission of the Ninja Mission during recording (all green checkboxes)
  • the video must show the full walk through. From EGS Flying City until you solved everything in the Ninja Mission (found the Treasure)
  • of course no exploits or haxxx used
  • do not show the seven Easter Eggs in the recording please!

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Guilty / Bounty / Killboard rework

As many know the Guilty / Bounty feature wasn’t that used really. Either because the Bounty threshold was too high or the Guilty system could be circumvented by Alliance “glory-kills” etc.
Seeing players chill farming in the red zone triggered all the work I put into that idea.

Thus we had the idea to implement a bunch of checks to prevent this — alliances, last used faction, etc.
But it would be overkill and still open for some leaks.

I don’t say the system before was “exploited”, since it was our mistake to not cover that.
Sure, some players abused it either in the Killboard or Guilty Zone but well, I always said that we can and will see that and step in, sooner or later.
That time is now.


  • reduced the Bounty threshold for the full Bounty set from 50 million credits to 10+ million credits
    That means if you put 10 million credits onto someones head, his full coordinates will be leaked to HWS Connect (before you needed 50 million credits to achieve this)

  • removed the ability to get no-guilty by dying*
    *If you got killed previously no matter how, your guilty flag got removed. This is now not possible anymore. You HAVE to use the egs:noguilty command to remove your guilt.

  • that also means the common “Get 7RP per guilty kill” is now called and works like "Get 7RP per guilty bounty kill (Bounty of at least 10 million credits)"
    That way we not only removed any further exploit but implemented way more meaning to put bounties out and hunt for the bounties.

We will observe this change carefully.
But it’s again a step forward to give the HWS Story / roleplay more meaning.

I hope you like that patch and looking forward for your Ninja Mission attempts :smiley_cat:

Your HWS Team

P.S.: The whole Starter Clone Chamber walk through got improved. The PDA updated. The Freelancer Bar optimized and more

*P.P.S.: REMEMBER: you have to restart your game to see the new PDA changes!


removed the ability to get no-guilty by dying*
You HAVE to use the egs:noguilty command to remove your guilt.

will price remain the same?

First Usage Cost: 100,000 credits and 1 RP
Second Usage Cost: 200,000 credits and 2 RP
Third usage it costs: 300,000 credits and 3 RP
and so on…

or the penalizations for being guilty will be reduced? I don’t really know what’s the whole consequences of being guilty other than people having your coordinates, but I know I couln’t access my guild planet while guilty.


There are some disadvantages being guilty. Maybe not that big still (yet)

If you are guilty you can’t enter PvE playfields (Donator playfields included)

so, nowhere to go? can’t have a base on pve, can’t have it on pvp because it will be found trough my public coordinates, maybe I shouldn’t farm golden globe anymore for the rest of season after nogilty becomes a big part of the profits?

lol carnt wait to see the response

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what happens to your OLP when you are guilty ie should it be removed?

I’m ok with the guilty changes, but I’m concerned about how pricey this can get ultimately. I’ve already cleared guilty with the egs:noguilty command several times and while it’s not a problem now, should I continue becoming guilty I could be looking at paying millions of credits to get out of it. If I’m unable to move to a pve zone during this time and don’t have the credits to pay it off, or the RP, i’m basically trapped and unable to do anything.
I’d like to see some form of a reset. Say like, if I don’t go guilty for 2 weeks, the price to get out of it goes down.

As far as the bounty system goes, I don’t see it getting used very much right now. 10 million credits + guilty just to get 7 bonus RP from a kill isn’t even remotely worth it. Most players on the server are going to struggle to even get to that point considering there’s a group of ppl who have a lockdown on the red zone and hide behind a wall of lag preventing their bases from being taken down on NA server. So once a player does reach 10m they’re going to want to hang on to that money due to how difficult it was for them to get to that point in the first place. I doubt anybody outside of those living in the red zone would waste 10m credits just for a bonus 7rp on somebody else.

I like the direction you’re going in and I like what you’re trying to accomplish, but I feel as though it could be fleshed out a little bit more. Please consider this!

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Can the ramp up to use egs:noguilty be reset once every 7 or 14 days? For those that are strictly PvP that will become too excessive in the latter part of the seasons.

Basically, people who go to the redzone to farm or PvP and PvPers in general will get to a point they can’t or won’t use the command(more than likely wont.) If we just look at 20 times its a collective total of 21,000,000 credits and 210 RP to use the command. Anyone not living on GG can’t afford that. So now you force them to pick between PvP and being able to go to ECC to get Autominer cores, interest for bank account, the event missions.

Basically, you are penalizing anyone who wants to PvP or go frequently to the redzone on GG from using almost every other feature HWS has to offer. If we take the 122 average days a season lasts (4 months) and I become guilty once a day from PvP and then need to remove it to go collect interest, my auto miners, buy a garage ship, do the events, ect. I would be out of pocket 750,300,000 credits and 7,503 RP.

If you are doing this for RP reasons in a real universe the bad guys would have seedy organizations to do banking with. They would have seedy or even bad organizations to do their autominer ores with. They would have seedy bars and places to go to do the “event rooms”, ect.

So put an couple Outlaw space bases in the PvP spaces that people can go to collect interest, collect their ores, buy garage ships(maybe make a few ECC and Outlaw exclusive. Make the Outlaw stations shoot anyone not guilty. I would love to RP a outlaw 24/7. If this was a real universe the Outlaws would have their own seedy bank that does shady stuff with bad people, their own people who did the virtual automining, ect. This would also create another place to go hunt for people out which is even better.

This would actually add sooo much to the RP universe. Think of a den of thieves where the thieves might shoot each other.

Basically don’t go so far for the “RP” to stop anyone who goes guilty from partaking in PvP or mining red gold from using all these features you’ve built into HWS.

edit - I realize you can go to EGS Star and collect interest. I am talking about the other things more so like Garage Ships, Event Room, Autominer Cores. ect.


Well with those new guilty changes there is no point farming red gold anymore.
Its not rewarding enough to justify cost. Red gold have to be improved greatly or guilty removal price reduced. Otherwise most players will ignore red gold because its effort that defat the purpose.
On the other hand most of my faction can afford to sit on GG for week or two and be guilty but for small factions and solo players who come at 4 am to farm some gold it will be difficult.
We will end up without enemies to fight.

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I love the reactions so far! :smiley:

I don’t know what is more interesting… that you confirmed that the system before got that easy to circumvent by dying by a friend or that my Red Gold is finally what I always meant it to be! :slight_smile:

However… the “details” guys… the details…

Maybe you realize that the WHOLE surface is made out of gold – not only the Red Gold Zone? :thinking:

The Red Zone is not the symbol of PvP. See above. The Class 3 planet has plenty of other Gold and PvP to offer…

And again the details got killed by totality… great but see above…

Overall: success regarding the Red Gold. One month too late but hey!
Let’s see who can now figure out some more intentions I had with it… you were all blinded by the gold, I knew it! :sunglasses:

Regarding the egs:noguilty price:
Maybe there is a way to improve the cumulative system… a lot of options available.

But remember guys: Guilty is always a known act of you. Like you want it, you get it.
Please don’t let me read again that you are “surprised” by it or “forced” to become guilty or “I can’t play the game anymore because I’m guilty”, because you have chosen to become guilty in the first place.

Anyways I will think about it for sure! Also to improve the Bounty system even more.

And this is also my goal to achieve in the long run!
I like to be creative and I see my chance in Empyrion to create my “own” game.
The only problem with that is time to create all of that… trying my best 24/7.


It is not always known act, we often become guilty just by walking around our base.
I don’t want to start about stargate guilty bug.

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Come on now RexXxus you create a PvP hotspot and then tell people to go somewhere else. You have all these pvp playfields and then you tell us its our choice if we want to PvP. That’s pretty ironic. I will tell you what will happen. Everyone will make a choice not to PvP and then what will you have… All these PvP playfields dead and empty.

Is that what you are trying to accomplish?

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I paid egs 9 mill last season in noguilty fines - what’re you guys complaining about a couple hundred thou? :slight_smile:

Good changes Rex.

I like Dreadstars suggestions though of creating a place like the egs star for guilty players to go access egs things.


I would be completely fine with the changes @RexXxuS made if he would put a couple seedy spaceports in where we could collect autominers, buy ammo, get interest, buy garage ships, runt he events, ect… Even if he wanted to make it so its a bit different.

The Homeworld server is all about RP and Rex is adding all this stuff for “RP” reasons. You don’t think in Star Wars, Star Trek, any other universe like HWS there aren’t seedy places all this stuff can be done. How many times do people in all these different universes go to seedy bars to talk to informants to get illegal weapons or launder money.

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I… am seriously struggling to see the vision behind this stuff. There isn’t the infrastructure in place to immerse in more than the one option of how to really play; we all count on secure reserves of resources and being able to access it fairly regularly, otherwise we likely wouldn’t be able to maintain a stable level of logistics to achieve… much of anything at all.

If the concept/idea you’re trying to push us toward is that pvp’ers/lawless be inclined to remain guilty and never/seldom interface with pve, then they/we would have to be able to base and resource reliably enough in pvp; and we just aren’t as it’s too damn inefficient and risky to have bases in deep space pvp to hold resources and do our logistics at… ESPECIALLY if we’re constantly guilty and our movements can be kept track of.

The only solution right now to becoming guilty will be the incremental and expensive noguilty, which isn’t encouraging remaining in pvp; just penalising people for trying to. Even the red gold area will sometimes make us guilty when on the far side of our base on GG to the red gold. Other than noguilty; the only approaches for dealing with ‘guilty’ will be to stay away from either means of becoming guilty, or staying guilty and never being able to do your own logistics in any practical fashion… the end result of which only leaves me with 1 thought of a split of guilty and not persons within factions with the not always supplying the guilty.

Please… clarify the vision here, else I can’t even explain why this doesn’t work.


I wouldn’t say our alliance has a lockdown on GG, more like we have a hold near the red zone. The whole planet is gold, but the one thing I would like is the amount mined on the regular surface increased. It takes awhile now to get enough mined considering the much greater risk on GG. It would take a week to pay off what you would spend on a raider, and about a minute to lose it to enemy fire.

But overall I’m pleased on how the planet is made up other than that one exception. No hills to climb.

copy that TacoIsland increasing are patrols on Golden Globe

Right he has all these great features but then he adds this Guilty which basically says “If you PvP you can go not guilty cheaply at first, but if you continue to PvP its going to become costly and then if you still continue to PvP its going to become prohibitive. So yes come and PvP and then I am going to lock you out of all these features we have!”

Not sure why any new PvPers would want to come to HWS knowing this.

It’s not just red zone though, it’s also killing Alliance people if you’re Lawless (and I’m sure the others have ways but I don’t care about them outside of killing them :wink: ). I don’t care so much about being guilty, I would be guilty 24/7 and welcome the bounty hunters with my weapons. What I DO care about is not having access to the same things other players have simply because I’m guilty (ammo store, OAM access, event room, purchasing garage ships, accessing OCD prior to level 7).
I really like the idea of an outlaw faction with those same options that only allow those that are guilty. You say red zone isn’t the only way of getting gold which is true, however you get double the amount there. 30 minutes nets you 2 harvest box in red, it MIGHT get you 1 if you’re perfectly efficient (I’ve been testing this for a few days now). 2 harvest boxes is 3.2m cred, and this is with a raider. I’d imagine those who don’t have access to garage ships would take even longer.
Without having any form of a reset on price for the command to go unguilty, this is going to prevent a lot of pvp from happening, which I would imagine is the exact opposite of what you intended.


I just thought of another thing. All the donar planets and space will become PvP so that their guilty PvPers can go there. This will create an even more false impression of P2W. Lets be honest the people that donate for the most part for planets/space are the larger pvp factions.

“Those dirty PvPers just go to their faction restricted space/planet when their guilty. This server is so P2W.”

I can already see it.