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Or find their deep space bases if they are not careful.

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Right. Glad the death-cheesing got fixed but now the Red Gold area will soon be prohibitive in its current form due to the exponential nature of EGS:NOGUILTY.

I’m with the others that EGS:NOGUILTY should reset after say a month maybe. So then one can start mining on the red patch proper again. (Or make it some sort of useable skill point on the skill tree; OR UP the RP cost but lower the $ cost so it is still ‘profitable’ to mine.)

Otherwise all that happejns is after a couple more days folks will stop mining there; there’ll be less of a ‘pull’ factor to GG (a place that has always been caked in gold to encourage PVP) and less people will come to GG for the red spot.

Not to mention that it is currently glitchly as hell; in which if you’re nearby the red spot but not directly above it one can become guilty; not sure if there is a way to fix this but it is certainly frustrating.

Also as far as i’m aware the top two EU playerboard killers have been the least active on GG. (and the top player isn’t even in our alliance!) So another player’s point about people climbing to the top of the playerboard by farming eachother’s guilty kills is a load of utter rubbish. (Rubbish being the ‘polite’ word for most of the stuff that player says.)

Away from the EGS:NOGUILTY issue I do like this new ‘ninja’ mission idea, but my biggest issue is that as someone who is utter rubbish at POIs are there any easy/starter POIS that have low loot but low difficulty? As with the less cheesy AI i’m more interested in POIs than I used to be.

Also @RexXxuS regarding the gold patch on GG will the red spot be moved at some point as was discussed a week ago? If-so that could make things interesting as some folks might try to go-lucky get-lucky as it’ll be further from the base and we may get more visitors! :slight_smile:

Best regards

All i got to say is come on Rexxus!!.. I thought we could shoot birdies now!!.. How could you do this to us?!.. This better be a future update or your in big trouble Mr!!..:face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

Next time think twice before building a base on red gold! hahahaha
With the millions you made and without paying for your crimes just killing each others finally is time to take consequences or move your base with egs recicle!

It’s good to give guilty a real meaning. It’s way too convenient to just die & get rid of it. Now it actually harms those who bear the mark & makes us think twice before engaging in questionable actions.

However, from roleplay perspective I would propose few things:

Separate small-time criminals from “Most wanted” list. Those are the individuals who are visible in the map & are completely unable to visit PvE playfields. Build new content in PvP areas for those individuals to enjoy without the need to visit PvE for missions making living as “Most Wanted” a possible, yet very risky way of life. It would be harder to get “Most wanted” tag (Somewhere in line with current guilty kill limits).

Visiting red zone or committing single murder wouldn’t cause this. Instead it would be awarded only by committing multiple murders etc. (Less kills required as Alliance player than Lawless, obviously) Alliance players are not supposed to kill each others at all. Petty crimes like attacking a base in PvP while owner is not home would not cause “Most Wanted” tag unless they have committed multiple break-ins.

If possible getting “Most Wanted” tag also would require player to see the crime. (Target escapes before getting killed etc.) Seeing a crime that would cause “Most Wanted” Tag would trigger a special mission to visit ECC before getting killed by that criminal. It would have a reward payout (%% of noguilty fee if criminal ever pays it) & could only be triggered by Alliance player OR the target of the crime. Meaning freelancer or lawless has to escape the attack in order to report the crime, while Alliance member could report the crime simply by seeing it & triggering the special mission. This would prevent other lawless members reporting crimes of their origin members & gives alliance a meaningful role as “police”.

Getting rid of this tag would be much harder than simply paying fees. Players would, for example need to serve jail-time in addition to paying fees (Getting locked out of EGS services in PvE for limited time after paying the fee). Getting this tag would instantly bump the noguilty fee to +10 (At the very least 66 RP + 6.6m credits if player would start fresh, get small-time criminal guilty & then increase it directly to Most wanted) and would not reset back to cheap price overtime.

Then these smaller time criminals would also be tagged as Guilty. Getting this kind of Guilty tag would be much easier, only requires committing a single crime like a murder towards ANYONE except other guilty players. For example Lawless player killing anyone except guilty would get this tag just like Alliance killing lawless who isn’t guilty at all. Also attacking a base of non-guilty PvP player would cause this tag. (Certain limits needed to prevent accidental guiltys when flying in PvP area with guns on)

However, their location would NOT be shown to public and could pay fees to enter PvE areas for limited time (+Heavily taxed if structure is there for over 1-2 hours etc). They would also be tagged “Guilty” visible all the time next to their name so hunters know they can be killed without receiving guilty tag themselves. Give some sort of reward for hunting these individuals. The cost to get rid of this tag would reset from time to time (for example 2 weeks).

Some playfields should be “free for all” zone where EGS justice simply doesn’t reach at all. These playfields would be used for fun PvP & would not cause any kind of tags. However the playfields like this would be very limited & every meaningful, resourceful etc playfield would fall to EGS justice circle.

Adding one more thing: With these changes players who actively do PvP should be tagged with minor criminal guilty & are not supposed to regulary get rid off it while being “Most Wanted” is something only the very best & strongest players or factions can do, making it very unappealing to go on full rampage randomly.

Good Morning all,

We have foreseen this one month ago and disallowed Guilty people to enter, even if they have a PvP restricted planet. All good.

I tried to fix it for now… but it was an unknown variable, yes.

You can. Use the fa:scanorigin command! HWS Scan

Already available! Visit the EGS Star: EGS Star

It is not glitchy. It is calculated math. -900 to 900, 1 to 150 and -900 to 900 are the bounding box in which you become guilty. Very clear. With the command “di” you see your coordinates all the time.
If you mean again the teleporter, which Empyrion ports a player first to 0 0 0 and THEN to the destination I think I fixed it by setting the height of the zone to 1+.

You never tried it yet but everyone who reads the Ninja Mission carefully before doing will see it isn’t that hard. The hard part is rather the time management.
And your question implies you never did all the other HWS POIs… sad but my short answer is: yes.

I will do my test as mentioned above about the height: 1. Otherwise moving it would require a planet wipe.

The “questions about my vision”: my vision is immersion — giving Empyrion late game content and have decisions! In the end, it’s always about decisions, I really like them.
Hence I really don’t like complains where you complain about a decision you made. I couldn’t care less.

I don’t want to “kill PvP” as some claim, not at all, but I want you to do decisions and work legit ways around the Red Gold I have integrated you better find before complaining.

Anyways, thanks to all. Maybe we can stop the complains now and move forward because now is the state you should experienced months before.

So @Fallen_Angel has good points and @Dreadstar and some others.
We can cap the egs:noguilty cumulative values at some point. We can reset them either time based like the Votes or by certain activities like “do the EGS Prison Breakout Mission and steal “your documents” out of the office to become no guilty”. Just as an example.

Or we do the immersion road and say “only guilty player can trade at XY location”. Only guilty player can get this super HWS Garage ship with even more modified weapons. etc
Everything like that sounds great and will come. No worry.


Perhaps the EGS star could be enhanced, by adding a zone, which allows players to access their OCD? This will then make the Star the real hub for the guilty… but will also increase the risk of PvP in its area.

This would make the EGS star a kind of Freeport.


I think I have a slightly (more fair) suggestion to the “guilty revealing location” .

How about, if someone is guilty… their location is automatically (and only) revealed when they fly within range of any admin structure or POI. So, if someone is deemed guilty, and they fly within range of an alien base or a stargate or any sort of structure that is not owned by their player faction… the position is reported to HWS Connect… and require no bounty to be paid for that report, it happens automatically.

That way, if someone is guilty and they want to avoid giving away their location, they will have to play stealthy and avoid locations that would report their position.

For stargates, it could even be a server message; so if guilty player X flies within range of a stargate it will say something like, “Police are warning [player] has been spotted near the stargate in the [location] system!” etc. It would make guilty people huntable, but not outright betray their position constantly.


Again, just trying to share my thoughts in honesty and not personal.

Struggling to trust this leads to something better.

Atm — looks like the biggest hws game play nerf during the time I’ve been here.

Still kinda think I’ll eventually be proven wrong based on history.

But, really struggling with this concept and what it does to my play style atm.

Will be watching from sidelines for the most part to see where this is headed.

An alternative as far as the red gold guilty location giveaway, what if that was only valid on GG and BH? It would allow us outlaw arseholes to enjoy our guilty lifestyle without having to pay the RP penalty every time we do something bad and bribe our way out. It it would have to be for both GG and BH, to prevent those from just skipping to orbit to clear the geolocation tagging.

Yeah i tried several POIs back in the good ole’ days of 5.0- and 5.5 But like i said i didn’t enjoy the game mechanics back then (The weird way in which the creatures moved. Not your fault at all. The POIs were awesome, but i was new and rubbish but now i’m a lil’ bit better) [All that first person shooting practice is paying off!].

I’ll speak to my alliance guys so I can get into some more POIs, I enjoy doing them in a team!

Thanks for the reply,
Wise. :slight_smile:

It really is terrible that guilty cannot enter PvE at all.

Need a way for guilty to visit ECC at least without paying for a full guilty clear. Think of it as a 1 hour pass, which still costs you but not as much since you remain guilty.
(You bribe your way past the customs officials. You estimate that you have X time to conduct your business and leave before anyone gets suspicious)

My biggest issue with guilty is that it locks you out of most of the services and amenities that HWS has to offer -

No OCD (except 7, which, lol.)
No ECC Npc shops
No Events - cant really run the prison mission if you cant get there.
No access to EGS Zone for OAM recovery
No access to market for Player-Player trades (EGS Star doesnt count)

@RexXxuS I know your english can fail at times but this is just funny!! PROVE IT!

I like these changes and can see the bigger picture here but being perma guilty is a little much. I think kittiez is onto something with putting a time limit on the guilty. Say 7 day perma guilty then 10% reduction per day after that? I do strongly feel that if you are free farming the uber gold spot that you should have to buy everything… no AM’s, no interest, no ecc no safe spots but in return… your richer that all hell at the end of the season.

We all know the lag is real on GG and 10 class size 7 bases is ridiculously laggy. Mining the ground is also adding to the lag and the factions that are set up there are using this to there advantage and forcing fights on the lag/loading lines. I propose smaller bases class size 3 on pvp hotspots like GG.

If you do think removing the perma guilty is the direction we should go then this is just an idea I have and not sure if or how it would work but maybe think about doing the deposits with indestructible ground and allowing T3 auto miners on them. This would spread bases out around the planet to protect their groups of T’3 and will open opportunity for the 2 big warring alliances to do what love to do…fight. Just a suggestion

@Rabid So you want to get rich quick and use all the little bonuses as well? Common dude really? You do realize there are people that are collecting 5-10 mil a day just on bank interest alone. And you feel you should have access to that benefit as well as free farming gold at the hotspot?

Now I do agree with one thing… you should have access to the ECC player market via a place in space around GG so that you can “buy” the things such as ammo and res/blocks/armour. This would drive the economy up and offer all the people that dont pvp a chance to make some gold off a player run market! Maybe…just maybe this is why the “EGS Star” was born.

5-10 million a day? Probable multiple accounts using family sharing I assume. It’s crap tactics, but I guess it’s still allowed. Why mine for hours when the interest will do the work for you!

oh damn… sorry… I corrected the proof thing, thanks.

Again guys, the funny thing is, that Guilty was exactly meant that way since one year! Crazy, right…
But with my Red Gold idea and now the fix of friend-deaths people waked up out of their stasis :open_mouth:

That’s good though. Finally honest feedback I guess :slight_smile:

While guilty @Rabid should be exactly that: lock you out of the main eco-system (while still giving you some things in the EGS Star) it should be not a complete draw back.

I will think about good ways to make it interesting to get rid of the guilty flag additionally to the egs:noguilty command.
Good candidate is the Origin Skill Tree, or frequently claimed Daily Loot or Origin based like Lawless have cheaper way to get rid of it than Freelancer and so on…
An OCD Zone is coming for sure … was long on the todo list. So you can use OCD everywhere if you are in the OCD Zone.

Bottom line is funny but I feel like Eleon: sometimes you complain the S out of me, forgetting that I have things planned and doing and doing but I’m just not fast enough for you doing work alone normally a whole team is required to do it. :wink:
But fixing what is broken can sometimes hit some people against the wall, yes it does…

Let’s wait until @Jascha is back from his trip at weekend and we can start with cool immersion features again.


@TacoIsland yea multiple accounts and its a cheap mechanic I agree.

Good job @Dr.Dark for completing the Ninja Mission first!!!

So we have our Ninja on HWS!

It only took you 9 attempts :smiley:

P.S.: You can still send me your submissions or best to post them here but the reward is claimed now.


So if I understand this right, if somebody is guilty they aren’t allowed to access their donor planet/play-field that they spent real money on? And if they can’t afford to get out of guilty they’re just SOL?

Been like that for a while it’s fair.