HWS Connect Introduction


HWS Connect is your seamless connection between Empyrion - the game and our exclusive web interface that allows you to interact in real-time with our HWS servers while outside of the game! Having dual monitors would make usage of the HWS website tools very convenient.

How To Use

While you are in game:

  1. Press SHIFT + TAB (or whatever your hotkey for the steam overlay is)
  2. Click on webbrowser (2)
  3. Type connect.hws.global in the addressbar and press enter (3)
  4. Click on the “Login through Steam” button (4)
  5. Or just click on the link in the multiplayer lobby description before you start to play on HWS (1)

Steam Connect

Important: HWS Connect authenticates with Steam Servers and this is managed by Valve Inc. There is integration between your Steam ID and the game. No personal information is shared or stored by HWS at any time.*

By allowing Steam to verify that you are actually who you claim to be, Steam passes HWS a steam session ID which confirms your actual identity. With this ID we link your character to a secure identity and this allows HWS to protect both you and the community. It also grants you access to all of the benefits and features of HWS Connect !

Empyrion <> HWS <> Website / App

Note: A smartphone (Android) App is currently under development and will be released soon. However, you can now use the website without limitations on your smartphone.

The main goal of HWS Connect is to provide the player with far more depth of content, control of your assets, and customization of your character. The enhancement to the overall gameplay experience is tremendous. The single player experience and HWS multiplayer gameplay are extremely different. HWS highly enhances and deepens the game of Empyrion.

More features have been added in recent years and they have further modified the default game.

These features include, but are not limited to the following:

Special HWS Connect Features

HWS Connect Daily Loot

  • A unique feature only available on HWS is a crate of loot that you can can claim once every 24 hours at 3PM server time. (cb:time)

  • An the future, these daily loot packages will differ, depending on certain conditions.

HWS Connect Hotview


  • Activate up to 3 Hotviews which you can configure to your preferences.


HWS Skill Tree

  • Ultimate New Feature

  • Enhance your gameplay by customizing / upgrading your character stats and (soon) switch your Origin.

Seamless Game Integration

  • Buy ships and items, Chat with players, Play the Lottery and more!
  • All of this - with the click of a button.

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