HWS Universe

Personal Teleportation Device

  • Let’s you teleport to given Planets or Orbits
  • The usage cost Elemental Bank (EB) credits and HWS Reputation Points
  • You have to empty your backpack before usage or it will get wiped by the system
  • It cost you 100 Health per usage due to universal instability

Playfield Infos

  • You can see important information about Planets and Orbits
  • Very interesting to see Playfield specific notes before you even discovered it. For example, if a Playfield is PvP or PvE

Playfield Stats

  • Even more statistics about Planets and Orbits can be found here
  • HWS has 4. Limits & Restrictions so check the Playfields out before even enter them

Global Scan

  • If you have fa:scan activated, you will see the number of cores in every playfield instead of ??? - shown above
  • Attractive for PvP Hunters
  • The command fa:scan gives you the best playfield overview and indicates which are PvP or PvE and what restrictions may apply