HWS Police (HWP)

To enhance the Role Play, help players in need and help with keeping an eye out, HWS introduced a “Homeworld Police” (HWP) faction on both Servers.

But the Police also have some guidelines they have to respect:

  • Police role is to offer advice on Rules and limited assistance if required

  • Police are not to engage in hostility, ever. Defense is permitted as a LAST resort providing repeated warnings are given, but under no circumstances should a hostile player’s ship be destroyed or looted

  • Police do not have Admin Rights and are role playing as Police. This does not involve normal play as they are impartial and neutral, cannot take sides or engage in battle. They can, however, trade and accumulate wealth (e.g. mining on GG with a normal ship but retreat to their Admin ship in Orbit) providing that it doesn’t result in a conflict of interests eg: favouring a player in return for goods / services!

  • Police got special “help commands” based on their Trust / Police Level. E.g. warp commands are only reserved for helping players / checking things out quick

  • PvE Role: we can help players on PvE which are having issues with bugs / exploits. We are allowed to help with our own items, but this is VERY rare and would rather instead advise on how to accomplish their problems and teach them the cb: server commands. We have the ability to warp to the starter Systems to offer help, investigate problems

  • PvP Role: we are there to observe only and gather information on exploits / bugs used and to NEVER intervene. We are allowed to defend ourselves but try not to, e.g. if someone is stuck on PvP planet after being shot down - we cant help, instead advise on best course of action

  • If we cannot help with an issue in game due to lack of knowledge or ability to help we will point them in the right direction (create a ticket on forum link)

  • We will always enforce the rules of gameplay and standup for what is right in the game

  • Any heavy exploits used will be passed onto admins for final judgement, but if we ask the community to do something - please follow and make it easier for us

  • We can kick or ban people who don’t follow the guidelines which are set by the admins of the server, although great care MUST be taken

    • First warning and threaten with a kick directly naming the player.
    • If the player ignores this and being a further nuisance in global chat or other rule-breaking, we will kick or ban due to the nature of issue.
    • If that player comes back and keeps ignoring HWP staff, we can ban and report to server owner for investigation
    • If it happens at night and HWP staff wants to go to bed, ban for 9 hours and report back to Server Owners.
    • Rule breaking must be very clearly shown and you must have a proof for a ban; otherwise, the player will use it against HWP staff and say you ban whoever and whatever you want
    • Even though we have friends on the server, we are loyal to the server and the rules so we will hand in evidence against ANYONE who is not abiding by them to the admins. We will always be neutral.

HWS Police Structure Showcase