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Thanks you HWS team for your work,

I think roleplay is wrong. Major issue is everybody is a threat, you can’t identify other players and you have to shoot first as a warning and it often becomes total war.

A player should be able to get reputation for any faction, he could be 10% pirate, 20% trader, 30% hunter.

We should be able to do everything.

If a player kills another or destroy a player owned structures, he get pirate reputation points.

If he kills a player or destroy a player owned structure with pirate rep, he gets alliance rep and lose his own pirate
reputation points unless targeted player has a bounty, then he doesn’t win or lose any points but the money for the bounty.

Everytime a player jump in another system, he gets rep for “trader” (it should be successful trades on the marketplace with other ingame factions).

I could check a player or even a whole faction rep points to find they’ve done piracy but they’re also great traders.

You lose reputation everyday

Bounty hunters and lawless should be removed:
Instead anybody should be able to make a public bounty with the chat bot typing cb:bounty:playerID:amount, every player can increase the bounty so the poors can have a word then the bounty with prize is shown regulary by the chat bot.

Faction planets access should require some reputation.

Humm… Well this is interesting.

There’s nothing “wrong” with role play, it just doesn’t work unless everyone follows the “RP-rules”.

Simply expecting people to follow a set of rules simply out of “good will” is gonna fail 80% of the time, this is especially true on the internet where anonymity is almost complete. Some people will never follow rules unless they’re forced, and others will only do it if the incentive is good enough. The people who follow the rules and role play “for the fun of it” is a minority.

This might sound harsh and negative, but that’s how the world looks today and this is especially true on the internet.

That said, i love the idea of the HWS Police! It has massive potential and i hope it brings law and order to the Homeworld systems!

I cant really wrap my head around the “multi roll” setup explained above, it’s gonna get complicated really fast.
What would the benefits be of being 10% pirate and/or 20% trader ?
It would be much easier to get RP thru piracy, just shoot people, as opposed to being a trader and selling things.
So if i don’t want to PVP and just trade, i would have much harder time raising my RP … how is that fair?

Removing lawless essentially means “forcing” everyone to role play, that will never work. People should have the option to role play and the rewards belonging to a faction should be adapted to suit that play style. The system in place today, aims to do just that and i thinks it’s working pretty well.

Hopefully the future of the game will allow for mechanisms to penalize those who step outside of their role, like attacking same faction unprovoked. A more granular setting of what the auto turrets should attack could be a part of the solution. The ability to be a member of more than one faction would also solve that problem.

Two things that I asked for in Eleon’s forum and so far, I did not see anything being done in the patch, first was to put a guide of alliances in the tab of factions of the PDA, the second was that the weapons had more types of targets, besides the usual ones , I even quoted for each weapon to be able to select a single type or multiple targets, for example artillery only shoot at CV, or flak only shoot at SV, and also have the ability to aim at other weapons, which would make much more sense in a Battle where you want to preserve the enemy ship to plunder.

I would like the same ones that post here to put pressure on the eleon forum to urge him to apply these features, with a great number of posting I bet they did it soon, especially if we mention that we played in HWS.

I respect those rules like the majority of players, I’ve been hunter, never seen a bounty, out of boredom and due to the op OCD my faction changed to trader and wasn’t trading much than before. I play for the fun too and when my lonely “trading” ship is attacked by a pack of SBH, I understand they “broke” the rules out of boredom. I’m not afraid of pirates, they attack me less than other factions, should I tell them they aren’t following the rules by not attacking me?

The only way for players to follow rules is reward, punishment will just make them leave the server, it’s not happening yet because HWS is the only populated server.

While I think it’s fun to have HWS police, it’s another system relying on admins, it will be awful for the HWS team, they’ll ban players and new players will come only to get banned for not following complex rules.

What would be the benefits of a multi role system?

It fits the players actions, you are what you do and get rewards for it. We have supply packages and access to some playfields as rewards, we could have one time use “factions tools” as new rewards (a costly scan, OCD)
If I’ve 10 trading rep and 20 pirate rep, I can claim the rewards for those factions.
We could have combined rewards, requiring rep in severals faction type, why not a smuggler reward for 10 pirate and 10 trading rep?

It isn’t complicated, it’s automated and will allow for more social interactions between factions since you’ll have to figure out what the other players are up to, they will hold fire, they won’t be like “oh! a lawless, free kill!” or “Hell! pirates! We must flee!”.

They’re are many systems that could work, the one we have now is a disguised and flawed caste system with pirate/alliance/bh as fighters, traders as producers/administrators and lawless as pariahs.
It would be better if pirates were changed as pariahs and we have only one faction as fighters. Thus removing lawless and bounty hunters, could rename alliance as privateer/military and traders should have administrative powers as reward, allowing them to collect taxes.

Ex: if you want to own a planet, you need a military faction to conquer it then you need a trader faction to collect taxes.
I suggested on another thread how we could change the PvP/E status of a planet by owning a POI orbiting the planet and another on the ground. Planet ownership would require faction cooperation, one faction occupying the military POI and the other the administrative POI, if the military faction isn’t satisfied with the administration, they can change the PVP status of the planet, kick the trading faction out of the planet for another. It’s revolution and the trading team could ask another military faction to help them stay in charge.
Military factions could kill each others.

Very interesting but moved to proper section.

Little teaser info: we have a better story system soon™

You cannot get banned, why do people keep saying this lol. This is another role play aspect and to enforce the soft laws we have on server to allow role playing to happen without players getting upset when people have total disregard for the role play factor but still use it (such as a Trader doing what he wants). Rules and Laws are different, we will release a more black and white breakdown of what this all means, and building on the factions to make sense of those more and greater depth and reason to be in a faction…basically some very specific things that relate to each faction type. Just a little patience we will get there :wink:

Just a few points about some of the other stuff you mentioned The factions will always exist. We do not want to have a 20% pirate 10% trader 13% hunter etc. To make that easier we could just say everyone was 100% lawless :wink:

We understand the faction systems need some decent work, this is in the pipeline. We are also waiting for the game to catch up also so we can implement some cool stuff.

I totally relate to flaws we currently have, some of what you mention

Its a great idea but how on earth do you implement this within limit game mechanics currently :frowning:

You guys know HWS is always welcoming of feedback and suggestions, everything is always made with this in mind. It just takes time to implement and with unexpected problems such as with the recent game bug issues it makes it harder.

anyway Chobo and others thanks for you post we’ve already taken note of some really cool ideas coming from the community :smiley:

Lawless should have top-tier perks so that people who don’t want to roleplay can just be lawless. Right now it’s outright stupid to be lawless even if you don’t PVP at all.

But mostly Eleon has to give us more features to actually do something with factions. Keep track of kills, set alliance rules, etc. Right now I can’t even change ownership of my OWN ships because I’m not a faction-admin… The faction system from Eleon feels waaaay to basic. Want to kick an offline member? You can’t. Want to accept a member who is currently not online? You can’t… Meh…

Also need hotkeys and such to instantly activate weapons and what not. And perhaps scan if other ships have their weapons activated. I warped to our planet only to get attacked by other alliance and by the time they shut off their weapons my fuel tank had 4% hp left and my warpdrive was gone -.-. But this should not happen at all because we should be able to actually be allies…

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I am a Trader since i started on this server and i play my role good enough to have a reputation as a Trader. And i am not speaking of Reputation Points, people know my name, know my faction and know that they can make a good deal with the United Space Traders. It isnt that hard. Thats a way i like to play. Not all get the Roleplay-Part of the server, what is sad, but you cant force them. I am excited what the story will bring in the future.


I think the RP Story is fine, The game just needs to implement a system so that you can be “allied” with other fellow factions so that you can safely go to their bases/cvs without getting blown up by there turrets. This is literally the most important thing we need to safely enforce the RP. Alliance/Traders can then be allied with all the fellow Alliance/Traders factions so that they can’t blow each other up. Only then can the Alliance truly escort traders and traders won’t have to shoot first ask questions later etc… So nothing wrong with the RP there, This function just needs to be implemented.

As far as the RP goes I’d like to see some more player interaction… I’m currently Alliance but if I where to be a trader or something else I think having a safe place to offload/trade goods at in bulk would be awesome. Traders can meet there clients at a trade station and then sell there bulk to the client instead of putting up stacks 1 by 1. I just really like the idea of interacting with others players peacefully with no worry about traps/getting blown up and it’d make the sever feel more alive (not that it isn’t I just don’t interact with anybody but my own faction mates unless it’s PvP).

What you describe is exactly that what i was doing before the 4.0 wipe. We had our base at Destiny, the UsT Marketplace and Holiday Resort.

Daily visitors and not alone for the NPC, also for trading ores in high amount. Or even people who come over to take a look at the base.

And thats the same i try to establish here again:

It´s a safe place in PVE-Space and people can come over to trade. Not only that, its a place with a background, intended to be a place to meet, talk, have a drink or make business.

But since the wipe it looks like people dont need ore´s in big amount anymore. I think the main problem are the Eleon Autominers. They break the market. Everybody gets enough ores and the prices for ores at the Eleon Marketplace are ridiculous high.

I really like the PVP/PVE rotation planets, any chance that more will be added?

Factions should have a member limit.

I suggest a 20k per day tax for each member above 40 members. So each member of faction would have to pay 20k in tax for each extra member.


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Because 5AP is scary.

I get the concern - a small faction has zero chance against 5AP and given the total lack of alliances it is impossible for two smaller factions to cooperate to take down a large one.

Really what we need are alliances and we need them months ago. That would solve the vast majority of these concerns.


Them an option to kick or removed inactive players must be added…and that will bring a lot of drama when some people get kicked with no reason and lose their stuff.

In all fairness, 5AP as it stands currently is the result of many alliances, though it is definitely unfortunate that the only way to do this is to join the same faction.

And I totally get that - but you’re essentially becoming the evil empire as seen by smaller factions who feel that they cannot compete and I think many will start to merge in order to stay relevant.

I guess what I’m saying is that the time of LBP hate posts is over. Here’s a recruitment poster for you. Best of luck.

I would love to see more of the smaller groups of players merge into larger groups and work together in larger numbers to accomplish bigger things together.

Another thing that I want to mention is that while the number beside 5AP when you hit F4 is really high, we definitely don’t have 51 active members. I too think that being able to kick members who are no longer active would be a good thing. We have several people in our faction that I know for a fact have moved on to other things for the time being and having them in the faction does nothing for us (it did as Hunters, but not as Pirates). A lot of members from DSH dropped during the issues that plagued Gold before the reset/recent stability and I know that 5AT had a drop in activity prior to our merger as well. 5AP really that big.

Edit: Another thing is that DSH very rarely recruited people that we didn’t know. We recruited one person very early on (and then I think 2 more randoms after that?) that brought a decent sized group from another server, and since then basically that original group has been bringing their friends in (up until we merged in 5AT).