Vote for HWS | Rewards inclusive


HWS Connect + Vote = Rewards!

I have implemented an easy system for you to get the reward for voting with just a mouse click / finger tap on your smartphone. And the more often your vote on a daily basis the higher your reward!

How it works

  1. Login to HWS Connect (you can also vote directly on their website for EU and / or NA)
  2. Choose your server you want to vote for (you can vote for both)
  3. Click on the new Vote for HWS button

  1. Vote for your server by clicking on the vote button

  2. Process on the third-party page and come back to HWS Connect. You can now claim your loot
    5.1 The loot is working in a cumulative way. The more often you vote on a daily basis the higher the reward gets.
    5.2 Keep in mind to type “cb:startjobs” if you clicked on the claim button while you were offline
    5.3 Also remember our limitation that we can’t store all actions and release them as soon as you log in to the server. So every time you claimed your reward make sure to receive it and don’t let it stack.
    5.4 The website resets their votes every month on 1st - you start a new cycle in our cumulative system then. In a whole fresh season, you can earn then 465 * 3 HWS DNA and 3,225,000 * 3 credits per server

  3. You can vote every day at around 6-8AM again