I need help please (Terrible Guilty System)

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What happened: Description above
Player(s) with issue: Rednex
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 28.02.2018 / 01.03.2018
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One guy attack our base at Homeworld planet… so I kill him… about 6 times. Not big amount, but enough for becoming guilty.

So then I have no RP becouse every kill -10RP (stupid).

Then to become noguilty I need to buy RP.
For buying RP I need to be in EGS ZONE.
But EGS zone is a PVE playfield, so game drops me out of there.
So there is no chanse to buy RP.
And no chanse to get RP from daily loot (today I get +1 for warping and -1 for guilty).

It is stupid system ever.

There is no way to become unguilty. I’ve tried being killed by enemy bases.
I’ve tried to die under water.
I’ve tried to being killed by my faction. No result.
Then I try to leave faction and they kill me again - zero result again, hah.

Then teammates give me purple box (as for alliance race) and race’s weapon… nothing happens in a two hours (we think it can help me get some RP and but egs:noguilty).

As one man says here: Guilty... not-guilty, that is the question
"The system is neat, but the details are vague and unforgiving."

“The number of times I’ve been face to face with an enemy in 1000 hours on this game… I can count on a single, 5-digit hand. And not use all the fingers. Guess I’ll be guilty forever.”

It is real problem.

I want to ask admins to disable this stupid system as long as they do not think through the smallest details.
Ah, and also I want to ask to delete guilty status from my head (EU server).

No, you can buy yourself unguilty globally from everywhere.

The Alliance Origin will be revisit.

Problem happened when I with my mate flying to our Alliance Moon in CV. He was a pilot.
We make a warp jump from Andromeda Galaxy to Alliance Home system, then I receive a message that I guilty and can’t enter PVE playfield (as Alliance Home is PVE system)… and… magic! I with a faction ship (I was not a pilot) was teleported to Fia Nebula system (without any warp), and my faction mate was teleported to the place where he want to be - in Alliance Home Space. But he was teleported without a ship, lol.

So as I say, looks like there is no way for me to visit Alliance Origin due it drops me out. And in another systems (PVP) I can’t but RP.

First of all, there is an EGS Zone in Homeworld Space, the EGS Star (more Information here: EGS | Elemental Galactic Services i recommend to read it!) Dont approach the EGS Star with a CV!!! You need a SV to get close to it!
But as RexXxus already said, you dont need to go there to get unguilty.

You need the proper Container for your Origin, press Tab and look in the Character Window what Origin you are.
This could be different from the Faction Origin. For example your Faction is an Alliance Faction but you self started on Lawless. For Alliance you need the purple container and the Epic Assault Rifle.
Read more about Origins here: https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/c/hws-guide/hws-story

But there is no chanse to disable so ill-conceived system? Really, it works bad, its useless.
It is more pvp game that pve with a lot of pvp systems… but useless to have a lot of pvp system without a chance to kill a lot of another players

As I said we try it. I have 2 purple containers and race’s gun in inventory and for 2 hours I do not receive RP

Because you had NOT your Origin weapon in the inventory!


Please read / look again:


The problems i have is when people spawn nearby like 10 times in a row, we have had this issue multiple times this season

Cost me 400k last time this happened to me.

Its not a perfected feature yet no doubt it will be tweaked and improved over coming seasons.

To the OP - at season start there will be a lot more people to shoot so your perception which is currently based on season-end population counts may alter.

Indeed sometimes it can work out quite well…

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