I need to know what I used name to put in FTP User in EAH

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=>I just need to know whether is my steam ID or nitrado server user ID or…?


check with Nitrado to know which user to enter. Has nothing to do with steam. Its Nitrado’s FTP user.

If you search for Nitrado in this Forum you find similar posts with more information:

Hope that helps

Hi Jascha, yes I did read the documents. I might have got the FTP directory part wrong, but when I refresh FTP each time it tells me there’s no such host. If I play with the FTP old way, it says the server violates protocol.
Sorry for the lack of information I was very sleepy and I was tweaking the tool for the whole night. I just realized the topic I put up doesn’t make much sense. I apologize.

I have a few questions, English is my second language and I’m not experience with the computer but I’ll do my best.

FTP User, I need to contact Nitrado and ask them what I have? Or is there a way I can find out?

FTP game directory, like the IP form? Is this the server IP?

FTP port, is it server port?

Telnet IP, i cannot find the actual address
All I could find was telnet port with 5 digits

Thanks you so much >.<


no problem:

Yes, yoiu have to ask Nitrado. But if I remember, they show it on their website too where you see all your data.

Game directory is usually just “” its the entrance point of the FTP. Sometimes its \345_345_345_3000" or so (345 beeing your IP adress and 3000 your port. But you will see that if you login to the ftp with a normal FTP programm)

No this must be the FTP port. also set by Nitrado. If they use normal FTP then its the standard FTP port. If they use SFTP then its a different one, but agian: Nitrado has to tell you.

Well its not the server IP. Nitrado has a different one for that: Also here: you need to ask Nitrado :frowning:
Sorry but each hoster does it differently.

All of this is in your nitrado game server dashboard at the bottom. I dont have a current server or i’d screenshot it for you. The user accounts are listed and are usually a series of Hexadecimal random characters… The FTP and Telnet passwords are obfuscated unless you click the unhide icon.

You may need to specifically enable Telnet in the game server settings. If i recall, for Nitrado, telnet is your serverip:telnetport; otherwise, it will be listed as a Telnet IP.

if i ever kick up another nitrado server i’ll grap catpures for you. I may already have them in another HWS Forum post. This was discussed often.

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Just solved the problem! its connected and working fine now!
Thank you for all the help ^-^!!!

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