LBP Camping Issue (Again)

This guys are camping outside the trader planet… I read every single rule on the guide and this is no coincidence. There were just parked there 4 ships camping traders.

Im tired of getting camped and im sick of it. tired of getting griefed by these people.

Im on my 20th death unable to even move.

Please avoid warp in from homeworld into trader. I crashed on warp in and now there is a bug where the pilot seat is occupied and I am trapped in my ship with neither medic station or current location spawns getting me out. We are destroying the ship as fast as possible.

ofc it’s a bug Xanif This is only the 5th or 6th thread about LBP camping warp-ins

Last night they did the same thing to another guy can get his name if logs are needed. They killed him 10-15 times before and he even waited over an hour before logging on and they killed him like 2-3 times more. Seems like a grief.

If you lost something tonight we can refund the mineral cost.

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Thank you @Mordgier Im glad that was just my SV with only few things. But thanks for the offer.

I needed to restart my computer as steam wouldn’t let me relaunch. The video is from right after the restart. I have footage leading up to the crash but need to go to sleep now.

See I would believe it was a bug but you all kept moving to intercept me and kept keeping me away from my bag and this is the 4th time this week that this “bug” has happened and you have warp camped us.


One guy gets " stuck at warp-in " needs 5 cv’s to sit with him and they all have guns on at warp-in , to “help” ?

lol pirates again camping how many days of camping the warp-in in now ?

LBP is just sitting on spawn with 4 ships attacking anyone who jumps in. I wish I was recording, but wasn’t so I couldn’t get evidence. But if you can see the logs and look at SFT ships, you’ll see as soon as we jumped in we came under attack.

My ship bugged so that no one can move it so we had to take it apart on the warp in. That is why were were broadcasting in global the whole time to avoid traderworld.

I am uploading my recorded session to show what happened.

LOL @ Xanif did you run out of gas again ? Xanif I think you guys get " stuck " " run of fuel " " train ’ more than any trader that travels this system.

 Wonder how many more " LBF Camping warp-ins "  threads we will get b4   Rex kicks the dirty pirates to the Jail Cells

So why did you chase people if that was the case…

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We were avoiding chasing people as that would be gate camping. If you lost a ship please let us know and we will replace the resource cost.

I needed to restart my computer as steam wouldn’t let me relaunch. The video is from right after the restart. I have footage leading up to the crash but need to go to sleep now.

Catch same bug in Homeworld. And we needed 30 min and 4 man, before we could move our CV from warp-point… For our luck, noone jump to Homeworld at that time.

This bug makes to much problems for all, who jumps to popular systems…

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Hey guys I have bug at warp-in everyone come to warp-in with guns on and sit " camp " warp-in for 30+ min till it goes away .

lol  good one :)    All your video shows is all LBP  sitting on warp-in   " camping "

We were not camping, we were salvaging materials off our ship which we could not move because of a bug. We warned everyone in general chat not to warp in and the only people who lost ships as a result were a guy unfortunate enough to warp in on the bugged, disabled ship before we could warn him off, and a fellow who showed up in a combat CV and deliberately engaged us while we were salvaging Xanif’s ship. We were not about to leave one of our standard combat CV’s sitting on trader warp-in in perfect condition with guns off for anyone who came along to blueprint.


This is the 4th/5th instance of different people (posts) saying you are camping LBP.

Please stay away from the warp area, space is large just stay away from warp area, next time this pops up with evidence will have no choice but to push up to Server Admins

It may not be complete black and white and you are probably going to say like ‘we stay 2.1km away’ but if you are ruining a large number of peoples gaming experience its grieving in a sense, don’t come back with rules this and that. Use your common sense, your not having to do anything to look for a fight, you striking people at the most vulnerable so its just not cricket.