[Only for veterans] OCD normalizer

Hi HWS Community or better: Hi HWS Veterans,

The wave of HWS 9 teasers are coming slowly but

Please skip this topic if the amount of you’re items in one of your OCD slot is not higher than 70 000!

In the history of HWS there were already tons of changes but one main spirit was always consistent:

Enhance the gameplay of Empyrion Multiplayer - of HWS!

That is why things got changed, have to be changed or will change! Especially with HWS 9, I mainly sit back for weeks now and thought about our features and their future. I know for certain that with the direction the game goes, that we also have to address few things.

OCD Normalizer

Some remember the day 7th June 2017 - here is a poke: HWS 6.0 | A new and exciting era begins | Welcome to Season I 2017 (SI17)

At that day I announced the OCD item slot amount nerf with a vast negative feedback. I knew it but still went the road. Why? Because I had to grant a balance. While there could have been tons of ways to go a different nerf road it was a quick one. Still we did not wipe everyone down to bottom.
I don’t like slow approaches in general because my main job is not only balancing. The slower we progress at part A, the slower part B, C, D, E, F,…Z will be as well. HWS is a 1-2 man show.

Anyways, with HWS 9 we make that nerf “complete” to fix the overall balance for everyone on HWS.

Some veterans of HWS have for example stuff like this in their OCD at the moment

With HWS 9 following things will happen:

  • The > 70k slots from old players will be removed and set to the proper max. slots they can have regarding their level

  • The player get 1 credit per over-limit item (no difference between items are being made!*)

  • The player get 1 Reputation Point / 1000 per over-limit item

  • The conversation is payed out after the full wipe!

Player ASD has 700 000 gold ingots in slot 4 and OCD level 7
=> he gets 630 000 credits for that slot 4 (he keeps 70 000 Gold Ingots)
=> he gets 630 RP for that slot 4

Doing plain math it means that some veteran player have couple of 10 000+ Reputation Points at season 9. It means they can buy with HWS Ingots Planets and more.

*The reason why it’s a 1-credit conversion is for one many veterans don’t play anyways anymore and second you got 1+ year to make use of it and some didn’t. Remember: hoarding is a misconception of humanity regarding safety :wink:
Third: again I announced it very early now, so you can make your decision to go for the RP boost or the items as long as you can.

Overall this step is required to have an equal mindset for the coming OCD rebalancement, which will be announced soon too.

That being said veterans, prepare yourself wisely.

Your HWS Team

Honestly, we all knew this would come one day.

The tears will be flowing. I’m grabbing my popcorn. :grinning:


we all knew this was eventually going to come sooner or later.
The one who pursuits evenness is neither jubilant in gain or depressed by lost.
I will miss my old friends.

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Then it happend… jeje… Hmm… rep or flood the marked??

Wondering how many gameplay hours I put in building up such vast reserves :frowning: - at least we’re getting something for it though. Or build a massive factory and convert it all to T2 gens - nah too much like hard work.


Yeah this is fair overall. I’ve been advocating for this for a while. Thanks @RexXxuS it at least makes the gap between old and new members less extreme! :slight_smile:

Best regards

time to pack your slots with iron ore, maximize that credit return.

Capt. Ahab,
Capitalist Whale hunter.

Another robbery Administrator for frivolous reasons. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::poop:

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Oh be quiet and go away! Stop stating NONSENSE! All features are subject to change. If you didn’t know that before, you do NOW!

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If anything can change and with each season, admin will Rob OCD - u must write the truth.

Well, i wont jump around like an exited baby bunny, but we had to expect this day to come =)

That said; want to sell; 4,8 million Iron Ingots … and 640000 Iron Ore =P

Any ideas what to manufacture that uses alot of materials, can only have so many Large T2 Generators

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Now this I like. A CAN DO attitude! :slight_smile:

Listen you troll, the truth was even marked in your screenshot

You were just too lazy to scroll down

I am not responsible for your bad english. Think twice next time before calling me liar. There won’t be a third time.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback so far. I know it’s always an interesting topic and hopefully the coming changes will be reasonable as well.
But you only progress with a change, so let’s go.


The game of bankers - YOU will get a LOT of money!*

*The Bank never gives money!

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Of course it’s not a lie.

Taking away resources does not give any balance AT all. Who plays - has many, who not plays - never have a lot.
And why to punish those who play? Or 24 players on the server is too much?

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If you read, it was pointed out OCD is subject to change. Admins put in lots of work to make this the best server to play on. I know that putting lots of resources in my OCD may change but I knew that going in. The game is going to change and get better so balance will come.

Thanks for all your hard work admins and ignore trolls like this guy @CyIvIpak

Go read about the term “Troll” nerd. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

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Balance in the game will never be due to the different amount and time spent by players.

Yes, it’s the best server. Yes, the Administrator does unique things on the server and spends a lot of time on it. But the players spend a lot of time on the extraction of resources. And now the Admin just erase our efforts for several years. Is that fair? This your balance?

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