HWS 6.0 | A new and exciting era begins | Welcome to Season I 2017 (SI17)

Hey @everyone,

yes, here we go too! HWS 6.0 is finally - after an almost 6 month runtime - ready*!
I can’t tell how excited and nervous I am but it doesn’t help - unleash the hounds I would say and show me / us where we failed so we will never rest and provide you the best Empyrion Multiplayer gameplay possible!

First of all as a little intro I recommend for all new guys to watch this awesome Trailer made by @Achilles

Then let’s dive into this “monster” :slight_smile:

We had already the teasers last week and most of you have probably read them already so let me just link them so you can read them up in a dedicated post

HWS 6.0 | Teaser Road to Release | Reputation System & Origins | Part I

HWS 6.0 | Teaser Road to Release | Elemental Galactic Service (EGS) | Part II

HWS 6.0 | Teaser Road to Release | Elemental Bank (EB) & Orbital Auto Miner (OAM) | Part III

HWS 6.0 | Teaser Road to Release | Universe & Video | Part IV

Alright what might be even more interesting is some new stuff nobody knows about and important to know for HWS 6.0

How does the Guilty System work | Part II

Some were wondering how Pirates, Hunter and Freelancer can become guilty since the Trader and Guardian are kind of automatically bound to each other.

Well to make it short - there is a new EGS “feature” for that:

The EGS Guilty Zone

As soon as you enter the Guilty Zone and you get recognized you become automatically and instant guilty.
Everyone! There is no difference here but as you might imagine these Zones are laid out in a special way.
Not only in Mission you can find them, but also on very rewarding planets out there.

So you want to do an Elemental Bank Heist? Have fun but with high reward there is mostly a risk involved too!

These Zones are sometimes flagged obvious with a structure but sometimes not but instead in obvious places were you either get a high amount of loot or doing “bad” things of course.

The other way to become guilty - everyone and any time is of course playing not by the rules.
We have plans to reactivate HWS Police so there will be a kind of Star Rating system, similar to GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Depending on what you are doing you get guilty, lose your stuff, prison, ban.

Last but not least we have some plans in the future where the community can set people guilty but in a good and not abusive way - directly over HWS Connect.

Universe | Part II

Some wondered what happens to Armageddon which got quite popular or the Homeworld System or how the new MOBA Nebula system works.

In general the universe map will not be released public anymore (and dare some people posting it public - instant guilty :wink: )

But instead there is a new combination mapped to fa:scan. If toggle fa:scan to active you are able to see the universe map!

With that said there is a change to the scan ability:

  • fa:scan activation RP points requirements reduced from 150 RP to 100 RP

Since few people know and used it in 5.X:

fa:scan allows you to see how many cores in which Playfield there are.
But since this is very powerful it consumes 2RP per day when activated.
If you toggle it to deactive it cost you 0 RP. But every activation cost you again 2 RP.

If it is active you can see all the data in HWS Connect > HWS Universe.

Homeworld System

The Homeworld System is now meant to be one of the new / old Hot Spots.
The Homeworld Planet itself will be very rewarding but replaces the old Armageddon Planet:

So make sure you are well prepared for it.

MOBA Nebula

As you already saw in the Youtube Teaser Video it is a high risk but high reward system.
If you warp in there from Monday till Friday you are locked. You can’t warp out anymore! Only from Friday till Monday the Warp Connections are open again and you can escape this madness.

However in this system there are dedicated Planets and Asteroids waiting for you with special restrictions as ONLY SVs or HVs or BAs can live / enter there.

The surface is a mixture of indestructible and destructable you have to find out yourself :wink:

The most important new addition however is MOBA BA

Capture the Base

This is a brand new technology stolen from the Aliens.
Very shiny Gold deposits are protected by a special Base:

However this base can be captured by everyone and as soon as you are in the top control room the base will get activated! It means that as long as you are online and in the control room the base belongs to you and will optional shoot at everything near you (even at your own structures)

The good thing is that you can control the Hangar Rooms for your savety within the top control room!

Elemental Vault

Another new feature are some very rare Vaults here and there. Mainly on PvP planets.
It is a super expensive EGS service providing you shelter per season on PvP playfields.
However it is not overpowered or anything and there might be a video coming for that.
Here is a teaser of it:


Now a brand new feature and even so new that I didn’t get all done till today is the new PDA system!
My goal is to provide you a cool story / gameplay also with the PDA.
But it is not only a story teller or dumb task checker but now an integrated part of the HWS gameplay since you can get Alien Container over it and more.
They are also guiding you through mission and if you want RP, credits and glory you better press F1 more often.

Especially because I will update it now regulary. After every server restart we have a chance to change / add stuff there.
Stay tuned on this please!

New Origin start / gameplay

As already mentioned quite often the origins are now played differently. You have to make your decision very good or just try your best and get rewarded with good stuff:

And don’t think that one Origins fate is set to stone. We have now the best options ever to regulate everything dynamically. So if you wondering why Guardians get so many Alien Container in missions and PDA, you know why.
But we will observe the meta all the time and can adjust any time.

Server information

There are some changes to the servers aswell.

First of all we get finally rid of the timezone shift calculations. We will now / future only provide the server time to you.
You get the server time with the command


So if we mention somewhere “9 AM” it is the server time 9 AM. No UTC, CET, GMT or whatever.

Server restart times

We had the Poll about server restarts and change them now to 2 times per day. At the morning and at the evening.

EU: 9AM and 11PM

NA: 8AM and 8PM

New Admins!

Not really a suprise I guess but I wanted to make it official now finally:

@hopskotch and @MontyPython are Admins on HWS. Not yet full admins like tool access (coming soon) but already a huge help and supportive for you. A lot of people will know and appreciate this already.

Thank you guys for helping us out - really a relief!

New Donation / OCD change

Alright, I just keep it going I guess…
We have a BIG (and needed) OCD and Donation change.

Let me make it quick and short:

OCD Changes:

  • OCD Level 5 nerf -> from 700.000 items per slot down to 50.000
  • OCD Level 6 boost -> from 100 slots to 130 slots
  • OCD Level 6 boost -> from 50.000 to 60.000 items per slot
  • OCD Level 7 boost -> from 100 to 170 slots
  • OCD Level 7 boost -> from 50.000 to 70.000 items per slot
  • OCD Level 7 nerf -> from to 700.000.000 credits upgrade cost

ATTENTION: everyone keep their items when it gets decreased from 700k to 50k slots but they can only pull till they have < 50k and not put anymore.
As soon as you are below 50k you can put again.

This is a huge change and watching the huge success and popularity of OCD we think it was finally needed. Especially having the Beta or even full release of Empyrion in mind.

Donation Change / Addition

Keep Structures (Holiday)

For 15 € you can keep your structures while you are in holiday for longer than 7 days. We talked about it in the Teaser Part III

OCD Donator

The OCD Donator got changed regarding the OCD change. Donating now for the HWS Donator means you get now OCD to level 3 instead of level 5.
On the other side we will change the do:re package to a more valuable option (very soon).
And due all of this we changed the price down to 15 €.

OCD Level 5

In the end we separated the OCD level 5 to an own donation option due its immense value. Even though we nerfed the OCD in combination with Keep Blueprint Resources and the new EGS Recycle feature OCD level 5 is more valuable than ever before.
That is also the reason why the price is set to 20 €

Orbital Auto Miner Level 10

A new option for you guys is to get and set all Orbital Auto Miner instant to level 10. Due our recent change to them this might be for some people helpful.
We will implement a feature soon to partially activate / deactivate your OAMs.


That is new for HWS 6.0 but I guess already well known.
But PLEASE, everyone who did not mention at what planet they will their Penthouse come back to me NOW. Otherwise I just set your Penthouse random to either North or South (Iron or Sathium).


I know that there are some things still in the background such as the fa:supply package or NPC Trader or or but I / we will release this asap too.

For your decision the supply package will change, yes. Mainly to support each Origins role and boost the strength or point out the weaknesses.

Thank you

There is so much more I could write about but you all are waiting, I am awake since 30 hours and want to have breakfast and sleep… so last but not least I really want to mention some people without all of this would not have been possible

@Jascha - unbelievable that he still adore all of my crazy ideas and code it faster in the tool than I can realize how exploitable all of this is

@Achilles - what started as a little Photoshop and Feedback Session grew to a big support and friendship. Thank you for your endless time for legacy-HWS 6.0 :wink: and the videos and feedback and and

@hopskotch for dying hundreds of hundreds times by me only to test the new guilty system for bulletproof. Also worth to mention the help with all the starter lore text, universe descriptions and more… really a big help and more than appreciated!

@sacredglade for two very cool Missions I integrated and hope you all have fun with! In the end don’t blame me :smiley: You get your reward as soon as the server is up

And of course you - everyone else out there waited almost 6 month with so many delays… thank you for your patience and thank you for your support.
It showed us that we seem to do the right thing and you like to spent your time on our server.
Basically all for what we could ask for.

Alright, alright - now we hope really really that all works good and you enjoy all of these endless hours, weeks, month we spent into HWS 6.0.

Also keep in mind that there are so many new things that not even we could tested everything. So please come back to us if you have feedback in any way!

Enjoy it and see you in HWS 6.0 space!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: I hope I wrote understandable and any mod can feel free to correct my tiredness-english :wink:


go @RexXxuS ! big love from all of us :heart_eyes:


Rex mistake, 700.000 now

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items per slot
OCD Level 5 -> now 50.000
OCD Level 6 -> now 60.000
OCD Level 7 -> also 60k ? 70k ? or more ?

thanks, forgot it and added now

May be better to say (this is not cost, this is requirement):
“fa:scan activation RP points requirements reduced from 150 RP to 100 RP”

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What will be if OCD owner will try ocd:sort ?
Will sorter touch slots with overlimit items ? Or will sort this overlimit items to another free slots ?

No armagedon :frowning:

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I agree with Nikola Tesla, we worked hard to fill our OCD’s with resources, it was one of the most important aspects of your server, which you now gimp for no apparent reason. This was a big mistake.

No apparent reason to you, perhaps, but you don’t care for a server population.

@NikolaTesla will ask Jascha about this one. For now don’t sort until we get than answered ok?

When will the server be open?

If no reason is given, then there is no reason. Every change that has been made thus far, is pushing the server toward a pay to play system. Everything done thus far, has been to encourage buying the private planets, the traders, which cost real money, just to get the gold to buy the upgraded OCD’s and Bank Slots.

i cant join the server the eu server is locked and private now?

Awsum stuff :smiley: Thanks for all the hardwork!! loving the ocd nerf new meta’s are immerging :grimacing:

Sorry you feel that way. Many players will disagree and welcome the OCD changes. Bringing 700k of an item into future seasons is too OP. No other server has OCD. It’s just the right time to bring this balance. Has nothing to to with “pay to play”.

These decisions are thought through with balance in mind, and also to support running the server. Been discussed tirelessly already and won’t do it here. Suffice to say nobody is quitting their day jobs over profits from hws. Quite the opposite actually.

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Planet info, didnt show everything… Or its wrong, or Planets had another stats.

For Example, dat Exampled Lava Planet got 20-25 Rad, and more than -40 at night… Why it doesnt shown on planet info?

Which planet?

@RexXxuS and the whole HWS team, THANK YOU so much for your hard work. I’ve played 1000s of hours on other game servers for multiple games and honestly not one server with such dedication, support, and a great community overall. Everyone will complain about one thing or another but honestly they’ll come to like it in a few days. For me, the OCD change is an ouch, but at least as you said this will balance as now people pull but can’t store. I have a quick questions, for the penthouse how do we know which is ours and how do we access it?

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Same here for the penthouse :slight_smile:

Hey @everyone,

yeah I am still awwake. To address some complaints / points:

  • No Armageddon? Troll read the post please :stuck_out_tongue:
  • District T1 is toooooo hard, dark night + spiders everywhere?! I adjusted it after the recent restart. It is as the info said: Very Easy now.
  • No seaweed on District F1 + F2!!? Yeah, I am very sorry. Will be fixed with the next restart!!

Please let me know where problems are etc.

Thanks guys and hopefully you have a good start.

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