Opinion about players locking out Trader NPCs

It’s come to my attention that some players have been sitting at traders while afk and “locking” the menus so that other players cannot buy commodities from them. This allows the player to buy items when they refresh and keep others from doing so. Since the playfields are PVE nothing can be done to remove the afk player.

In my opinion, this is an exploit of the game mechanic. Clearly, it is not a feature to only allow one player to talk to a trader at a time but rather a necessary game mechanic for either simplicity on Eleon’s side or reduced impact on the server’s side. I believe that “locking” out players abuses this mechanic for one’s benefit and should not be allowed.

Every trader I’ve ever been to I’ve been in and out of the menu in under a minute.
I’d like to ask the community, is “locking out” traders an exploit or valid trade tactic?


Considering some people have ultimately free time and can sit on traders, whilst most of us have lives and things to do, cannot be bothered to sit on one spot if we want to advance to mid-late game etc. That point is not my opinion just stating a fact, considering that fact however i still believe its an Exploit. simply because the trader respawns as your are in its menu. Among other reasons why its an exploit most assuredly, its past the point of ‘cheesing’ its for sure an Exploit and i believe just wrong.

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I agree with TheState. By “locking” out the vendor, no one else can use them. I find it an exploit, as your intention is to deprive the other players from purchasing the items available to all.

The person locked the vendor for over 3 hours. If they want the items before everyone else, be the first when they refresh.

I am not the police or admin, so I cant comment on it. But you have to admit that 3+ hours is excessive. When I use a vendor I am in and out in a minutes or less.

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I have heard some people made over a billion from traders already. If there is one of them reading this it would be nice if they shared their feedback so the system can be improved. I have a feeling this is not the only thing that is not working as intended.

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Everyone take note that Aether is literally the only one arguing For exploiting/locking the trader .

only after people said anything to something that should be common sense, you change your tune. thats where.

I just dont see how it can be enforced in the current state. But if it could be implemented, I would like for it to kick the player out of the menu after 30 seconds of inactivity and/or after a minute. Then the player can interact with him again. This would prevent players from “locking down” the NPC all day or for hours at a time (unless you spend all day just waiting and interacting).

I know that is not currently a possibility at this time or if ever. But common courtesy can still apply with the same rules.

All - keep in mind the guide is not intended, nor can it specify every single situation that may arise. It is not the Oxford law library. Rex has addressed this fact in previous forum post.

Remember this blanket statement in the guide regarding bugs / exploits:

Definition: A Bug or Exploit, for the purposes of HWS Rules, is defined as “Any mechanic, whether executed in or out of game, which creates a condition that was not an intended functionality of the game OR HWS Server features.”

What you should do – is private message Rex / Jascha and ask for an opinion BEFORE you use a questionable practice.

Argue as you wish — “it’s not in the rules”. Based on this statement alone from the guide — Rex and Jascha will make the final decision, and it may not go in your favor.

It is in your best interest NOT to do something questionable before talking to them. You may find yourself regretting it later should you be using it and they deem it to be a bug or exploit.

Fear (23:55)

ima sit on traiders just to make him angry

EDIT: this was the day of this post ^

I have camped the trader several times but only when broke, never have I locked any one out though, in for a sec out in a sec checking.
If anyone else is there camping with me and it refreshes I only sell half the goods and leave the other half for the other person.
If the other person does not do the same so be it, I leave and come back later, if they want to lock people out that’s fine by me, while they are there I can buy freely else where and go about my day.

If people are rude enough to camp or not share then it shows the type of people they are and our dealings with them should be limited or expensive. Anyone doing it back to them to retaliate should be treated the same. I don’t see the use in sitting in global chat whinging about it for an hour though. Good to see it has ben taken here to be discussed.

I’m not the one who will judge it.

I do suggest — send a message to Rex to ask for a ruling specific on this matter. Although many are using (basing that on what you state), doesn’t necessarily make it right.

Personally — I consider it unintended — therefore an exploit. There are other statements from the guide that could be applied — such as the one related to not harming anothers game play.

But, what I think doesn’t matter — only Rex/Jascha.

I just advising you to not assume something is ok simply because it’s not specifically called out in the guide, and to check with Rex/Jascha.

camping on a commodity trader is not what was or is intended for use.

Just because a specific scenario is not listed in the “rules”, doesn’t mean it is ok to do.

use common sense, if you’re doing something that is interfering with other players, then its probably not ok.

I dont think it is fair to camp out the traders and block them for other players, maybe have the trader like a personal locker with a timer so you can only use it a few times a week? Im sure this will be addressed in next season the trader stuff is new and will only improve.

This just seems like something you should be taking to the developers, not Rex.

There is nothing server side to be done about this, other than creating rules against it that will ultimately end up eating all the admins time trying to enforce.

No, if you want anything meaningful to ever be done about this it needs to be Eleon that comes up with a fix.

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What The State has asked is whether the community believes actions of individuals locking out traders is an exploit.
Common sense applies here. And, should be the courteous thought throughout. What is the advantage of locking out other players? No matter the answer, it is to be selfish and IS considered an exploit.

When it takes developers, admins and other players to get involved because of the action whether written in the rules (which are not all inclusive in any event), you become an exploiter, and your actions are punishable whether written in rule format or not. Again why are you locking out the trader???

If I was an admin, you’d be banned for a week, taxed and if you did it again, a perma-ban no questions or discussions.

To expect devs or admins to police this clearly puts actions like this under “EXPLOITS”.

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A solution would be to have a timer on how long you can use the trader and a cool down after its closed. For example, you can have it open for 2 or 3 minutes then it automatically closes and you can only use it again 1 minute or 2 minutes later.

For example, some fella has been using the trader then it gets closed and he has been waiting for 50 seconds but then you arrive at the trader which you can open instantly, however, he has to wait for you to finish before he can use it again. And when your trader window closes now you are the one on a cool down before you can open it again. This is good for people who just open it then go afk or try to no lifing it there by spamming the trader.

It’s certainly a form of griefing in my opinion. Maybe there’s a way to auto-code the menu to close after so long? Say 5 minutes?

Best regards

While I thought / hoped that common human sense would spare my time, I see it’s still a common issue.

The server logs are fortunately easy and fast to read if it’s true or not, so at least a simple rule check.

While I could poke Eleon about it again, in certain areas a human should just know if he fools others or not and stop being selfish. Period.

Rule 2.2.5 got implemented.