Origin Structure Limits

Hey @everyone,

before Jascha is coming back from vacation, punishing me for all my crazy ideas and I’m burned out and hiding in a dark room doing all the things for the full wipe, a last discussion about

Origin Structure Limits

Instead of implementing Origin planets turning to PvP, screwing all noobs, make them barren and increase the load for other PvE playfields and in general wasted performance; what about individual origin limits?

Example for our Tool:

Max. Alliance BA
Max. Lawless BA
Max. Freelancer BA

Example for Golden Globe:

“Max. Lawless BA of 1” means the whole Lawless Origin can only build 1 Bases there.
No matter the multi faction abuse, no matter the alt account abuse: the whole Origin can only have 1 Base there.
And even if some smart guys do the multi Origin road: then fine, only 3 max. Bases on Golden Globe.

The other way around we can finally start to make things interesting in giving Alliance a +X structure limit advantage over the other Origins for example.

I’m already sleeping and obvious not thought of everything… only quick flaw I see is if one smurf troll drop Bases for an Origin on Golden Globe to prevent other legit Origin players have their legit Origin base there.
But in that case: friendly fire is on PvP set to true… sooner or later you know what Origin base has a meaning and which one not.

It would require teamwork and coordination but maybe a “solution” to all the sneaky multi-account players.


Have fun.


:-1: kind of defeats the purpose of alliances IMO. At this point I would just say make the entire server pve. Just my .02

Entertaining at the very least.

Sounds interesting. No more Attack Base Spam, no more Defense Clusters - only one big “King of the Hill” but Planetwide. Smaller Factions would have a Chance to farm without avoiding the Minefields. Depending on the SV/HV-Limits this could bring new tactics to the Battlefields of HW & GG.


One base is completely useless. It is better to forbid all bases at all, but to allow 1-class capitals at any time. Remove the digging ground and make it undamaged. Remove deposits. Add a lot of meteorites of random size, up to ~ 10,000 ore.

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I agree, if bases are the problem then CV’s are the answer since they are terrible on planets other than as a damage soak against HV’s/Bases.

On a side note, most people agree this season has been the best ever. Do we really want to change that success? Since Armageddon planet will be added(?) why not have it be the ‘PVP test’ and leave GG as is for awhile?

Thank you for all your hard work and success with the server.


One great thing about HWS is the ever changing meta. Not 100% sure you can base this season " success " totally on the server settings tbh. Empyrion in general is getting better and more people playing, hopefully even more with the up coming patch. In regards to the base limits on GG I personally think it would be a cool idea. Let’s try it and see how the meta goes , Let’s face it no one really likes killing towers all day and cleaning up the mess left over from dead towers / BA’s. Don’t think I ever remember Rexx ever trying this either so I for one am all for it.

You where not playing during season 6.5, if you had you would realize that some changes can have dramatic negative effects (there where times in that season the server population was one on NA) and you would be less wanting of dramatic change.

That said keeping the main thing that works, keeping it going and changing another area… that seems smart. Also 60+% of players rated this season as the best in the pole… so yeah, I would call that success.

Only 1 base on the planet period? The first guy to get there lays a base block down and the rest of the Origin cannot do anything? That seems silly. Would my suggestion work for making starting location more interesting?



Again , that season was during the mid of the summer July / Aug and Sept 2017. Almost all mmo’s see a dramatic decrees in player count during the summer due to summer vacations / school being out etc… One quick look at the Steam stats will show you that during the end of season 6.5 Empyrion was a very low player count not just HWS.

So by Rexx making changes does not all ways effect player count in the way you might think.

Again, where you playing during that season? No? So you have no idea what other Empyrion servers had? Yeah, other servers on Empyrion had populations of 70ish when we on NA had an average of 10, EU was down to 25. But thanks for talking about stuff you don’t know about since you where not here.

Not sure if you are trolling but I will bite. I will even take the time to show you how Server stats are used and how easy it is to use google to check that everything you just said is total bull lol. Other servers had populations of 70’s ? I am looking now at the top 3 servers of this time frame and only one had a pop over 60 for 2 days. lol dude if you going to make stuff up make sure it can’t be googled.


And that server is one of the top outside of HWS.

An imgur picture of a graph that has no legend? And you are calling me a troll?

PM mate in discord and I will show you how to use google :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I like it, have a POI for each of the 3 Origins, maybe a bonus one for the Alliance if that’s one of their perks and then the rest of the planet a FFA lol.

Of course, I might be misunderstanding because only allowing 1 base for each Origin doesn’t make much sense when some alliances have factions from different Origins so one alliance can still dominate by getting in first. Also wouldn’t it be harder to track whether or not each Origin is already represented?

Personally, I like the idea of no BAs allowed but not restricting SVs or HVs. Allow spawning of SVs and HVs, restrict BAs completely and then you’ll start seeing groups come down for mining operations with protection. Could see a rise in factions dedicated to “defending” miners, maybe not though.

The other is something you had already mentioned, no spawning in BPs period. The only issue I see here is HVs will be hard to get planetside since you can’t bring in CVs and can’t spawn them in so orbital drops are the only method and I’m not sure how well that will work out, could be interesting I guess lol.

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Why not make one well defended indestructible base for each origin on Golden Globe sense GG next season will be i think four times larger?

I think i mentioned a similar idea a few seasons back but it seems none of it was implemented unfortunately for making origins actually count on pvp. At the moment its about who your allied with.

Also this way veterans can help protect new players when they go out mining from other origins who will try to hunt them down and for their Gold which will have a bonding effect on solidifying the unity of that origin.

Nope i’m against this i’m afraid. My main concern is that we’re changing too many things at once too drastically (or we’re at least suggesting too many changes at once) without seeing the impact that the previous one had. Say we implement more than one major pvp change at a time; how can we tell which one has damaged the meta should people complain?

Instead how about we see how these already extensive changes on the ‘new way to play gg’ thread first?

We have to look at this like a scientist; and change ONE thing at a time. I really wouldn’t put this in place until halfway through our half season perhaps and see how it goes there. It’s just it constantly feels like

By ‘change’ tactics it would not change anything, instead it would mean that OLP would become a bigger problem than people had as these few bases may be OLP’d half the time. At least with having big defence cluster you almost ALWAYS have something to attack. You need to think about the wider META Whizzle. Attack bases are ALREADY going to be a thing of the past due to the base-spawning feature being removed; so they have to be built instead. Also we’ve had this whole SV/HV only planet before and for about 90% of the time it was abandoned. With the last 10% having players just glitch in and out of the green barrier as there was no PVP ‘anchor’ on that planet (unlike GG where peoples bases are the anchor and causes of combat).

Then half the PVP meta and fun we’ve been having would die, let me also mention that a base can’t just up and arttack you, it can’t move in your general direction. So if people are getting blown away due to bases thats either because they’re attacking them (part of the game) or going too close to them (poor range-finding). Svs/HVs are the ones that kill people on planets when they’re trying to mine; not bases.

We at GMC and those over at RED do. We’ve been fighting eachother on GG for the first half this season before the combat spilled over into HW, and there’s a big difference between changing the meta and removing or limiting features.

Alas the last thing we need is factions ‘defending’ miners; they already have that on NA and isn’t that the source of half our problems?

On EU at least this seasons meta has been fine’ GMC are happy, RED are happy, SWP are…SWP…

Lemme make something clear for everyone/anyone GG has always been intended to be the beating heart of PVP, where the major PVP factions can constantly find combat. By limiting the number of bases the enemy can have you’re limiting the number of bases that we at GMC can destroy; furthermore you’re making it so they’re less likely to leave good loot/ships in their bases as their bases are less likely to last if the player isn’t there.

Also, we’ve had a ‘capture the base’ aspect before and it wasn’t successfull as once again it’s not as much fun as actually defending ones-own base.

See if Rexx wants to test this he could do this on a gold-‘lite’ planet instead of a PVP hotspot like GG

Finally how does it work if you get stuck on a planet? You can’t spawn a spawn-pad anymore? It even happens to us PVP guys sometimes where our home spawn bugs out so i always have a spawn-pad+cheap ship+faction supply ready to get me off planet. Essentially people would be trapped and would probably cry for help day/night. At least this small-but-important point should be raised in the context of this discussion.

Anyways i’m off to work but i’ll be back later to continue posting.

TL:DR I like the idea in principle but don’t want it implemented on GG as-of next season until we see how the prior changes play-out, there also needs to be a greater emphasis on the numbers. 1 would simply be unacceptable. Even then it fails to adress the relative unbalance of origin membership on EU and NA conflating the issue and forcing Rex to change the values for one or another.

best regards

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We are of the same mind on this one Wise. If it works, we shouldn’t rush to change. Especially when there are are 50 planets/systems and only two of them are hot spots. Just make a third and do the testing on it.


I agree which is why I was thinking of things separately in my post. Either/OR not both, and definitely not all of the above.

I don’t see the current problem on NA as the defending of miners, that part is fun. I see the problem as the amount of BAs and HVs lagging the playfield.

That would really ruin gameplay for a lot of us. Not everyone in each Origin plays or communicates with each other - most of us don’t. Not to mention, for sake of argument, if one Lawless guy put down one base, it’d either have to be big enough for everyone to use or everyone else would kill that base so they could put down their own base. You also would not be able to use OLP since people could easily troll their entire origin by plopping down one base and logging out.

My Suggestion

Have two origin planets - Starter and HQ. Starter is PvE and each faction has limited structures they can put down. One faction base, one faction cv, one private sv/hv etc. That way people can leave their “life savings” their without worrying about them being destroyed.

HQ planet will be the planets where everyone has to work together. PvE on weekday and then PvP on weekend.

In the meantime, you can still keep the Peacekeeper playfields there so if someone doesn’t want to lose their CV they can park them there on the weekend.

What it’ll do:

  1. Limit the number of structures on PvE playfields just sitting there never being used.
  2. Force origins to work together or face being wiped. It also gives the pvpers something to do.
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