Pvp ships

So, since i saw a OPG tank ready to be sold at ECC NA by GMC Chief Engineer i asked if was correct to sell them at ECC and seems its ok.
So you are happy having your ships sold by someone else?
Be ready


  • All the ships are 100% functional
  • I have way more of those on the picture

I think that was one of an unwritten rule that you cannot sell enemy ships to respect the work of your enemies.

What do you think?

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I don’t see the HDS Armored Transport anywhere :eyes:

Selling not only GMC but ALL ships is overkill imo. My faction has a bunch of OPG/RED ships but we never sell them.


I said to him to remove it and he said to sell their and their ally ships because their allies are prepared for this and they dont care.

It seems in poor taste to sell enemy ships. It’s like giving away their hard work. If you captured it and use it, sure, but in my opinion it shouldn’t be okay to give away enemy blueprints.


Can you provide proofs of this?

look Eu discord chat 19:40 to 20:00

Selling an enemy ship is effectively the same thing as sharing an enemy blueprint, I would think it’s expressly forbidden.

@RexXxuS, @Jascha
Care to shed some light on this issue?

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I do not agree with selling captured enemy ships. I also dont agree with using enemy ships. It only proves you dont know how to build your own PvP ship.
All this points to disrespect PvP builders from all factions. Their hard work and time they spent building it.

If you capture enemy ship, take it as trophy. Dont sell or share. I would recommend dont use also. Build your own PvP ships.

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Just to shed a little light, that chiefengineer guy is shady. Faction mates along with myself have had him pm us on discord trying to get bps. Including by another name, he was in ABN by that other name (which I cant remember ) last season trying to get their bps aswell.

Hes asking everyone to send him RED arrow CV. He even send me couple of times on discord pm and on steam. Begging me for RED arrow CV.

1.2 Blueprints: You are allowed to capture the blueprints of other players (in PvP) and use them on HWS, but you may NOT post the blueprints in the public space (Workshop, Discord, etc.). It is still their intellectual property. You must ask for and receive their permission before doing so.

Selling a blueprint IS against the rules.


Agree here - he shouldnt be selling an OPG ship.


Agreed. If its TRULY OPG ship, i think sale should be shut down (not becose of the rules but we wouldnt like our ships on sales so we wont do this to our enemys). But if its strongly modified or remake from lookalike, i would not call it “OPG ship” if it looks similar.

And Paxxo… before yelling, threating and whineing, please talk peacefully, practice it. If u act like that, there is no wonder ppl dont like u and want bad for u. Try to be less emotional (not trying to say anything bad to you, just friendly advice).

Also i dont think Chief did this for anything else than makeng money, not to sell “OPG” Ship.

Is an Opg tank the Coyote not even modified and/or changed name only recolored green. And was only recolored on top because down was still brown camo.

stop i have cancled sorry i missunderstood plz dm me in dicord for any therther consurns

every one i thorght he ment on gg i have stoped selling the tank sorry for the miss understanding it has been removed from the sale

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it not up any more

can you stand down paxxo with thos sv