RE NA character survival bonus not being applied

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What happened?
=> For some reason my character on RE NA is not getting the survival bonus. I’ve heard some players have requested this as a feature, but I haven’t.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> zyranz

Server? (EU or NA or RE EU or RE NA)
=> RE NA

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> today

On which Playfield?
=> all of them

Structure Name(s)?
=> N/A

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> N/A

How can we help you now?
=> Can you toggle whatever is preventing Survival Bonuses from being applied? Thx!

Hi, the survival bonus is an increase in your stats, like health. It increases every hour you play.
If you die, it resets back to default.

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I understand how it works in theory. 2 things: HWS connect is showing I have survival points that look like they should be applied (which I believe are incorrect as I HAVE recently died), and even when I didn’t die, my health has not gone above 500 until I applied +10 health in the HWS Skill Connect Tree (other than food buffs)… how long should it take before I see the first bonus to health from survival?

510 / 510 Base: 500, Skills: 10, Survival: 790
334 / 500 Base: 500, Skills: 0, Survival: 395
520 / 520 Base: 500, Skills: 20, Survival: 158


I did attempt to re-apply skills in the skill tree. No change. You can see here it says I have survival bonus, but in game I have 510 health.

It means you could have or had 820 Health but you died and lost it.

I am still not understanding something =(

After spending all day playing without dying, should I have more than base health + skills? I thought that the survival bonus increased hour by hour as you played. It sounds like my understanding must be flawed. Yes I have died since starting on RE NA. But I have played many hours and the only increase in stats I have seen has been from short term food buffs and my chosen skills. Sorry if I am missing something, but it still looks to me like I am not gaining ANY survival bonuses.

Ok I reviewed your internal data.
You are right, per hour you get a boost.
See also here:

It’s also true, that I’m missing more details about the Survival Boost in your player data.
2 things you have to do for me please:

  1. while logged in and moved for ~5 minutes, try to click on the button at the bottom of the HWS Skill Tree

  2. Login to HWS RE EU and see if you got Health there “instead” of HWS RE NA.

I’ll check data on both sides, re-apply skill and get back to you asap.

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It looks like you might be onto something. I checked connect on both sides, re-applied skills, checked connect on both sides again, no changes. CSW’d to RE EU, and my health had gone up by 10 and connect now showed +10 change to the survival bonus.

So it’s good now?

There was definitely an update. I was showing more health than I had ever had, but still base stam. Hopefully the cb:reset has resolved this. I’ve hit reapply skills, but so far no change from that. I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks again for all your assistance. It is much appreciated!

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So it looks like even resetting the character did not fix the lack of survival bonus. Since reset I have applied 2 more skill points. I have re-applied skills multiple times but only the last 2 skill points are having any effect, and no survival bonus at all is applied. I was thinking that somehow the problem came up when my EU support data was moved to NA, but at this point I don’t honestly know.

EU has correct skills and survival bonus. NA has only skills since restart, and still no survival bonus.

ok thanks for the info.
It’s a different issue then. Not related to support data moving.
Since HWS RE NA is a new added server to the HWS Connect infrastructure something must been wrong there.
However… it would mean every player has no survival boost but I see only you made a ticket about it so far.
Can you ask and confirm that you are not the only one affected please?

Images showing current state:

and this:
match on current values.

The +60 health and +80 food are the skill points applied in last 2 days since character reset.

I died twice on reset, and a third time shortly after, but haven’t died since and have put in several hours. No survival bonus applied.

I’ve asked in chat, but the hour is still odd for us on this side of the ocean. I will get confirmation from someone one way or another ASAP and let you know.

In your screenshot it looks like the max. values are just shown:
From my PHP code:


This is in itself broken, cause it should show the current values.
Mine are those for example

I’ll ask @Hayawen about it too.

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Did you change something? I just noticed I have survival bonuses now.

We are currently on it. It is indeed a bigger internal issue that is very bad. Still unstable though.
It’s good it got revealed, thanks for that.

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