Structure Buy Back

On HWS, there are structure limits and restrictions to improve gameplay and server performance.

Limits without enforcement would simply be suggestions, so structures that are in violation are set to the HWS faction after plenty of visible and audible warnings.

The first request for the return of your structure is free. After that, the next request has a credit cost of Blocks * Devices.

The need to contact an admin is eliminated with the command


The pricing model differs depending upon the structure location and size:

On starter playfields, the cost is 1000 credits and the structure class size as RP

For example, if a class 3 ship were seized, it would cost 1000 credits and 3 RP.

On non-starter playfields, the cost in credits is (Blocks * Devices) / 2 and the RP cost = Structure Class size

For example, if a Class 6 ship ( 13,310 Blocks and 210 devices) were seized on Golden Globe, it would cost 1,397,550 credits and 6 RP.

Buyback for Black Hole wipe mistakes:

( Blocks * Devices ) credits + RP *
*RP cost = Class size of structure