Traders - or people who abuse this Faction Tag

So, first of all, as a trader by myself and the founder of the well-known “United Space Traders” i have every time an eye on the marketplace and on the chat.
But i see often people are scamming in the market, like Teleprovider allready spoken about in this post

And the other side is that i often read in chat discussions about Traders who attacked other players.

I got the feeling there are a lot factions who call themself Trader only for the supply package, the base on a pve-planet and to bypass the OCD cooldown. And thats bringing the real Trader Factions like UsT in a bad light.

We are doing a hard work as a trader, getting the goods, helping where we can or think about new ways of marketing. We offer a place on Destiny where you can come and get your goods directly, like happend today, thanks to our fellow customer Elfias.
We are taking the role as a Trader serious, but its sad to see that others only use the Faction Tag for their shady actions.
As Zentrax mentioned before in this post there should be a better way to sort this kind of people out.

I still got no idea how the reputation system works or how to get reputation points as a trader, but that could be a way to see if somebody is a trusty trader or only a shady pocketdealer who maybe shoots you after the deal in the back.


I’m sorry to hear that, and I had no idea you had something going on in Destiny, I have to check you guys out! I’m actually always short on missiles and things like that… don’t ask why though. :wink:

Indeed a problem which we will take care of. Thanks whizzle.

Elfias, yes the guy who shot me in the face a few days ago while I was mining. Thanks for supplying him bro!

I am sorry to hear that, but war, war never changes… My last information is that Elfias is an Alliance Member, so there must be a reason that he shot at you. Maybe you are a pirate? Who knows?!

I’m a independent Trader. Granted he didn’t loot me, just shot me and left. Jackassery really, just adding to his kill board.

I have recently seen that the story got changed for the traders. “Never attack other trader factions” - this changes a lot. Maybe the admins should have mentioned this. Most people (like me) are on the point that traders never should shoot first.

Until there is some form of punishment in game for this it will keep happening. I was fired upon by some Hispanic (HiT or something) a few days ago even though i was a fellow trader. Others like myself seem to be happy sticking with the faction lore and I have already made some ‘friends’ out in PvP space.

Unfortunately the trading mechanic is as young as everything else in this game but hopefully it will build to be a great playstyle.

Well I’m not saying that Trader = bullet proof. Maybe escort missions could be a thing. Have a sharp eye watching over. Really my response to getting blasted now is to spawn my freshly designed ball of guns and hope to pick of who ever killed me before they get my loot. The down fall is that I don’t think there is an alliance option to keep from shooting down fellow traders/miners. I mean I like to share mining spots but not if some jackwagon is flying about popping off miners because he’s not capable of actual PvP fights.

The way I understand it is traders can defend themselves from Pirate and Lawless (fire on sight) without any provocation (it’s assumed that your a pirate you’re trying to kill traders). However, they cannot fire upon anyone else unless fired upon first. Alliance also is somehow obligated to protect traders when need be (the exact details of how and why is not clear to me). Imo, alliance should defend traders for free, in return traders help supply alliance in times of difficulty. But that’s just me.


As I saw before (yesterday): some traders shoot some other trader, and than change their faction name on something like “we arnt Traders”. That was cool. No punishment, no excuse. Just gang and happy live :smiley:

Mb we need make the rules more stricter ?) In other way, there is no way to play by lor on this server.

sure this is not good but since we can’t be online all the time it is hard to track. And for now we would need to code it into the tool what is very complicated. We have to see…

That gonna be n1, if it works.

Add TheRaven to the list of traders abusing faction title. We were just attacked first by the trader faction Rouge Assest Traders on the Gold Federation. We were no where near him and he killed my faction make while he was mining. Continued to kill him about 5 more times as he tried to run away. When confronted his excuse was he thought we were new and noobs… We are going back to the GF this evening to wipe him off the surface of that planet.

That’s how I have it in the faction matrix.

I understand Alliance to be the galactic navy or police, as opposed to mercenaries for hire. (The latter I would think be a Hunter role.) However, all that leads to the 64,000 credit question, i.e., what happens when someone commits an infraction of the faction matrix? It’s one thing to defend against an active attack or presence of Pirates and Lawless. Trying to determine the facts of a crime and administer justice after the fact creates a more challenging situation. Questions that need to be addressed include:

  1. How will the facts be established? What source(s) of information will be used?
  2. What individual or body will be responsible for making a final determination of the facts?
  3. What are the range of penalties that can be imposed? Who decides?
  4. What is the role of Alliance factions (if any) in the process, including administration of penalties?

I don’t think these questions are particularly daunting. They just needs some thought and discussion.

god damn it im lawless i can shot whoever i want. Anyway +1 for traders abusing. Dont know who you are staver if you are I dont know who i shot on gold planet dont go to gold planet.

I dont agree with Thranir in many things but this become a carebear server full of carebears, thats the thing i agree with Thranir 100%. Of course its expected as many players are new.

But you have to understand that PvP area is full of danger and im around for long enough to shot first and than ask the questions.

And one of the reson is T for Tropers, T for i dont know hat shit it was last time, so thats why im lawless becoause im not going to check aliance tab and rooster and i dont know what while someone with T is feeding me with plasma.

Anyway im aware only about one player which was could have been newbie on jump ring i shot down on gold planet, usually i dont shoot at similar ships. But if someone mines gold without faction in most dangerous battlezone on server its a bit his fault hes shot down i think.

Oh I T is the faction so you are the one i chased for minutes and shot few times to remind you you are in dangerous palce…thats not something to complain about if this is that case.

So far there is no way how to control this, no coolddown for changing faction. Of course until admins do something like that this will be abused as for last 3 months. As always. But there are two admins so i agree with you guys but until there will be time to do that, run or shot becouse thats how it works so far.

Wow dude lies after lies i don’t normally bother with forum banter but lets give it a go.

I was killed by your teammate when i was mining “no looting” when i respawn he was back over my head so i hopped on my ship and he fired and missed a few times so i killed him. Then you show up kicking and screaming so i killed you also. Now i did tell you truce if you admitted killing me but you choose no and proceeded to destroy my shiny new base “BILLBOARD”.

I tried dude. Until you call off FOS i will do the same.

There is no truce. I’m sick and tired of pirates hiding behind a trader faction. The logs will show the truth. You, as a trader, attacked Methose while he was gathering resources. We had no intention of hostilities, he didn’t even know you were there until you blew his engines out. Then you proceeded to chase and kill him as he ran away. Now all these things are fine in PvP. But as a trader, there are only two factions you are allowed to FoS… Pirates and lawless. Us being bounty hunters, only attack if attacked or if someone hires us, and the servers know us and knows this. You can try to hide behind your false claims of being attack but in the end, the truth will come out.

Ya this is pointless.