HWS 6.0 | Teaser Road to Release | Universe & Video | Part IV

Hey @everyone,

Don’t miss the other HWS 6.0 teaser parts:

this is probably the last teaser for you guys. Not that HWS 6.0 is ready already but the release clock is ticking :wink:

So it started with a big teaser and it should end with a big teaser, right?!

HWS 6.0 Universe

As already said before: there won’t be an universe map anymore! This would take away the great new feature of exploration. (let’s call the feature “fog of war”)

How it works is that you only see your neighbor systems. There you can also see if you can jump to them or not. As always make sure you recognize the arrows / warp direction.

We will still have one way starter jumps and some other important universe changes which will be also explained in the Planet Info description. Please make sure to read it first before consider to enter that playfield.

Regarding the donator planet again the info that you have to “find” your planet. No worry, HWS is not known of 100+ systems to waste performance and PvP potential but you will find them quite quick.
Tip: follow the server theme.

MOBA Nebula

One very big and new thing is the MOBA Nebula. I got a bit inspired by the meaning (Massive Online Battle Arena) cause that is what it is.
You can jump in monday till Friday and are trapped there for these five days. You can’t jump out at all. Only from Friday till Sunday you can warp out again.

Why you should lock yourself five days with crazy people? Well, high risk = righ reward! Treasures are waiting for you. Awesome locations and bonuses are waiting for you.
It is all about what you have learned till now in Empyrion to be able to survive there.

As an additional note:

  • there will be 3 planets in that system

You can imagine what this means… but yes, only SVs / only BA (mostly) / only HVs are on these proper planets allowed and possible.
How the heck should you come to the only HV planet - without a CV and SV? That is your homework :slight_smile:

All I can say again is that it is worth the risk!

Missions & PDA

This is one of the biggest and most excited stuff in 6.0 for sure. Of course this also involves couple of tests and checks for stability but if it works as expected we push every now and then more Missions along the way. Reminder: you can always send us your idea / mission and we see if we can implement it

Missions are not only simple forms of new playfields to solve resource or POI problems but even more your chance to get special items, RP, hidden zones and more.

Talking about zones and the universe… what acutally happens if a Pirate or Hunter tries to visit a “sacred” place? Will they be prepared for being guilty? :wink:

(Hopefully) all of this and more is covered with the PDA.
And especially the PDA should not something you want to ignore in 6.0. There will be couple of situations where you can’t succeed without the PDA or don’t get your reward even. And I heard you complained about Auto Miner Cores, hm? :wink:

But you know what? The best comes always at the end! And let me just show you the other things via it!
So let me present the amazing work of Achilles once again where he put 16 very important “Good to know” Goodies in one video!

Enjoy watching! :slight_smile:

That it’s it with the Teasers for pre-6.0. On the final announcement there will be some more info coming which are for now top secret.

But it is hopefully not so long anymore and believe me that it is for us a way bigger deal than for you - chillin in other games. I hope we will reach 130+ players every day again on both servers and you enjoy our work. We really do.

Thanks for your patience!

Your HWS Team


That video is great!


Sooo… Try and bag someone heading to MOBA with a week’s worth of supplies. Got it! :kissing_closed_eyes:
That was my first thought. Off to watch the video teaser now.

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Since waiting for 6.0 i have grown older, my hands are riddled with arthritis it hurts to touch the keyboard, my eyes are are not working no more can barely see the 65 inch screen, my pc is out of date can just about run chucky egg by the time 6.0 arrives i will be a skeleton in my executive office swivel chair with massage feature…HAHAHAHAHA NO I WONT LMFAO 6.0 BRING IT ON WHOOOOOOOP WHOOOOOOOOOP

changes hws team have made are not bad but challenges GAME ON lol

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ps awsome work hws team lol

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yea that video kicks ass :smiley: nice work!


Can I ask for one favor, I saw the mission in the video was two players. For us solo players, I hope there’s missions :slight_smile: ?

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Great video and I’m happy to see you used my cloudbase bp, I want to continue my work on big bases I made for this server now.


Of course!
On that planet you saw there 2 players are really needed minimum.
But a lof of missions can be done alone… however teamwork pays always off


Excellent work Achilles! Clears up a lot and gets me biting at the bit for 6.0. Thanks


What about PVE, taxes, OP and class-restrictions?

Class and OP already got confirmed:

It stays at it is.

Taxes will be visibile in the Planet Description and the universe you have to explore.

No restrictions for POI design?

for the CCC?
Not really

OP has really been a longstanding issue I hope they fix soon.

You can’t really build anything on a planet for more than a day and expect it to be standing by the time you log in the next day. I really hope the devs make improving this feature a priority in a future 6.x patch. Getting offline raided everyday will pretty much cause anyone to give up on pvp. Most ppl I play with absolutely hate having to spend 30 minutes flying out to deep space anytime they want to log off.

also, can you give something for CVs to fight over in the orbit? thx


Interesting idea. POI Regen relies on users touching it. Not sure a CV would trigger Regen, and Regen would be required for something like that to maintain allure to fight over.

Can noodle over it though. May have to have a loot deep inside that you’ll have to chew through some layers with competition and the final layer requires a person to go inside and retrieve the reward. That should trigger Regen and an hour or two later the POI freshens up.

One approach anyway. Probably many!

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Could be an array of portals to deep space poi’s.

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Something like the black hole sphere, with 2 defence rings on opposing axis. The sphere isn’t difficult enough in it’s current state. But that could be a start.

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That video is great. Super pumped to come back for 6.0!!!


You can spawn CVs in an instance but you cannot drive one into a portal. Player only.

That would be fun as a CV experience, say, if it regenerated a few times a day?