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Woop Woop! Arma here we go baby!

Lovin’ that map Rex!

Keep it up my man,
best regards
wise. :slight_smile:


I’m positive on the new map too. Eager to see how well it goes. Can I reiterate Tacos question though - is prototype going to be PvP or PvE start?


Thought about it but wanted to only focus on Survival in terms of versus enviornment.


Well is there some advantage of going prototype ? The situation is unknown, the challenges are for sure tougher, venture to „real“ HWS will certainly take longer and in the end you will nevertheless have to choose „Alliance“, „Freelancer“ or „Lawless“.


For me that map is great as a freelancer,

I can quickly build my SV and jump to ECC at the start.
Recycle the SV at ECC.
Use the Stargate to Ray and build a permanent base/processing factory.
Then stargate to Andromeda galaxy to build a temp pad for the week.
Spend the rest of the Season building expendable SVs to PVP with around HW and GG.

I don’t have to own a CV thats only purpose is to get me from the back half to the front half at all. This should be fun.


Last teaser @everyone

Origin rebalance changes


  • Nerf: 2 RP for daily warping (before 5)


  • Boost: 4 RP for an Alliance kill (before 3)
  • Boost: 5 RP for living in PvP (before 4)
  • Nerf: Supply Package II and III (before there were Alien Container in it)


  • Boost: 7 RP for Auto Miner Cores in inventory (before 5)
  • Boost: 5 RP for HWS Marketplace Trades (before 3)
  • Boost: 5 RP for killing Lawless (before 3)
  • Boost: No -10 RP if you kill another Alliance member, only guilty now (to encourage more PvP in regard of the new Avendore planet)
  • Nerf: Supply Package II and III (before there were Alien Container in it)

Prototype will play a bigger role in the future


@RexXxuS I forgot to ask. Are limits on bases going to stay the same at 10 bases per faction or will they be reduced? I hope they get reduced for the sake of performance. :face_with_monocle:


THIS.I.LIKE :slight_smile:


After seeing this i’m going with lawless for the first time ever on this server. haha
If freelancers don’t get rp for living on pvp i think thats messed up. Oh nevermind they do get 3 rp for living on pvp and pve. :eagle:


Alliance or Freelancer?


Hi Israel, Rex has not actualy said he is going to say a limit on bases. but in one of his posts
he did say he is going to adress the problem with the base limit Vs prformance issue. thats
as much as i know as far as base limint PvP playfeild no numbers yet.

i would say since Ranzeth said he would be happy with seven bases i would work
on that figure if i had to guess. only because last season he pritty much go everything
he sugested. Not a Acusation just stating a fact. Peronally if you want my advice just
live in PvE and when you want to PvP just raid. its good server house keeping.

dont get me wrong not saying dont put bases on GG, HW or Arma just saying it will get
to a point where tones of bases will just wreck the playfeild.

my opinion 5 bases is fine in GG, HW or Arma but i think this is somthing that just needs to
looked at and developed noboby knows the best number of bases to start with. i would
start half way and go up or down (Amount/bases size).

the real problem is that there are just some factions who want to live in PvP playfeilds
where there is lots of digital trafic, because of this it just strains some of the gameplay.
not saying get rid of all bases from PvP planets. Just saying have a intelligent idea in
how to ease some of the issues with performance.


Well i’d be happy with 1 or 2 bases per faction but 5 is at-least an improvement from 10 bases per faction. :face_with_head_bandage:


Bases are overestimated


You’re a towel!


isn’t the only change to freelance -2rp for the warp based on this? 300pent and the laser still required? Still looking for grey alien containers?


I like it Rex! Thank you for the faction RP balancing!



The Servers are down and are being updated. We will announce when we start them again.
If you see them before in the Server list, don’t connect, since we will doe a few test starts with Passwort protection.


Hmmm… „never play on patch day“ ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Last checks are being made right now. Get ready :slight_smile: The Servers will start soon!