Lawless Origin



Story and Gameplay

The LawlessOrigin is a selfish but proud Origin, overall the “bad” guys in the HWS universe. They don’t care from whom they steal stuff but they do it with joy. In order to survive they need to steal and make allies with other Lawless member.

  • The Origin weapon is the Enhanced Minigun 2074
  • the fa:supply package can save your life. If you are stuck someplace with no supplies, every origin has the same basic survival supplies in their supply package - so use it wisely!

Lawless Supply Packages

Tier I | unlocked at 1 - 499 Reputation Points

Tier II | unlocked at 500 - 999 Reputation Points

Tier III | unlocked at 1000+ Reputation Points

Reputation Point gain

  • 4 RP per Alliance kill
  • 5 RP per kill
  • 25k credits per guilty kill (cumulative)
  • 6 RP IF you have 999 Gold ingots in your inventory (and your epic (enhanced) weapon of course)
  • 5 RP for living exclusively in PvP (counts for your whole faction)
  • 7 RP per guilty kill
  • 7 RP for one red Alien Container 543

Note: It is max. 10 per day per kill type. Either 10 Alliance kills or 10 random kills or a mix. If you kill the same person over and over again you get only once per day the bonus for it.

Note: All RP Gains require having your Epic weapon in your inventory to work and be online at least once per day. No epic, no RP.


  • Become guilty if you killed 10 Alliance player in a row
  • organization of big attacks
  • Gold
  • Justice - sooner or later


  • Comfortable in PvP
  • Can buy 5 HWS NPC Trader packages per day
  • Hard but best gain of RP
  • OCD level 7:
    • PvP cooldown put: 30 minutes
    • PvP cooldown get: 1 hour

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