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Hi HWS Community,

it’s very stressful right now. While the Universe is still not 100% finished, I know a lot of people asking me about more information. I really want to share more details with you but can only handle some things at the same time and the day has only 24 hours…
Initially I wanted to Twitch stream all my additions and features but I’m bad at streaming and time is way too short doing that. So please bare with me and my poor Youtube robot production :see_no_evil:

Since this is the last Teaser I make full use of my most favorite recent Forum addition: the Table of Contents sidebar. Please click through the sections on the right sidebar (on Desktop) or click on the Table of Contents button (on Mobile).

Let’s get started!

New PvE Highlights

Triton Planet

This Planet is a new late game content for PvE players. It is very harsh, unforgiving and only reachable with a CV.

But will you find the Commodity Trader? Will you be able to loot very custom and hard POIs?
The biggest question though: will you actually live on Triton with a Base larger than 1000 blocks?
If you do, you get 3 HWS RP and 3000 Credits per day!

Asteroid POIs

With very creative thinking from ravien_ff from the official forum, I also implemented Asteroid POIs now to discover! :slight_smile:
Enjoy the secrets some of them will hold for you. The screenshot might tell one already…

New Eden and Sanctuary Planets

Before all of these planets were more or less Temperate and the same.
I want to push Survival and Exploration more in the foreground again. So you have more challenging planets with Paragon and Zion now. If you can beat this challenge you get rewarded with resources and a good feeling survived on exotic places.

Real Estate Sale

A new feature I had on my list for too long!
Buy Real Estates! On each Origin HQ planet you will find one of our special Penthouses you can buy with your Elemental Bank Credits. Just type ts:buy and check the price. But remember - first come, first serve :slight_smile:

Mission Dealer

One of the biggest addition in HWS 9.X and still in progress are Mission Dealer.
Better to say: how Missions are handled — automatically now!

The most lucrative and most famous Station will become the HWS Racom one.
Available in many Orbits and Planets.

Basically, if you ever played No Man’s Sky, you might get a feeling what I liked from the game: interactive guys you can “talk” to and they send you out for a mission.

  • Find a lost Cargo near an Asteroid
  • Play Assassin and kill a very valuable Member in the Zirax Community
  • Transport Cargo from one Station to another
  • Collect special items, plants or components and deliver them somewhere

You get the idea I hope.
This sounds cool and easy but I can tell, it’s ton of work to create. Everything done by hand, nothing automated.
I really hope you like my 10+ Missions already implemented. More to come for sure!

And all of them have of course nice rewards :wink:

New Starter experience

As mentioned already in the previous season. The starters are reworked - from easy to hard.
For the first time you can also use your OCD on the Cryo planets but not on the Prototype Planet.

HWS Lobby

To get excited straight from the start, you have also a Stargate Mission Lobby on the Cryo planets. It starts with 4 Missions per Difficulty but will be extended in the future.

  • Easy: Alien Interrogation Mission (taken from the CCC)

  • Medium: Alien Derelict Mission (taken from the CCC)

  • Hard: Alien Arena Mission (taken from the CCC)

  • Insane: Alien Ameba Mission (taken from the CCC)

EGS HQ Stargate Missions

I reworked some EGS HQ Missions. Made some more easy, some more difficult. But also added a new (old) one:

PDA Tutorial

The HWS PDA Tutorial got reworked to the new Starter POI we have for you: the Clone Colony

@Ju created something outstanding again, I’m very proud of! I’m sure you will like all the new things you will discover in that POI alone! :slight_smile: take your time and solve the puzzles

But we also reworked the PDA Tutorial regarding your Clone Level and the ECC Caves.
We really recommend to don’t ignore the PDA Tutorial and Missions.
Sometimes it’s maybe silly but give it some love — it will grow a lot in the future!

Earth-X and Mars-X | RP Restricted Planets

A very old feature which got not much love to be honest.
Mars-X requires from you 500 RP to be able to land and Earth-X 1000 RP.
But was it worth? Mostly because no limits and the “empty feeling”.

Now, you have a similar boost like on the HWS Meta planet: there are public Penthouses waiting for you! First come, first serve :slight_smile:
But also reworked biomes and resources - hopefully more worth it!

Be surprised for more PvE content coming

Well, there is more. Much more. I forgot it anyways I guess :smiley:
But I almost reworked everything (don’t ask me why). Hopefully for the better! I lost track of counting the hours doing it.

Please let me know your feedback throughout the season as always!

New PvPvE Highlights

As I said already: Sathon and Jupidor got reworked regarding resources, crusts and POIs.
But there is an old timer coming back again. Now, we have better ways to handle it than before, so let’s give it another try!


Armageddon is again a PvPvE rotation planet but with quite some “rules” — improved the old version

  • Indestructible Terrain during Non Prime Time | PvE
  • Destructible Terrain during Prime Time | PvP
  • Lots of Meteorites during Prime Time | PvP
  • Elite Builder League active only during Prime Time | PvP
  • No Base spawning or building during Non Prime Time | PvE
  • Bases: 3 Faction, 3 Alliance, 0 Private | Class 3
  • CVs: 1 Faction, 1 Alliance, 0 Private | Class 1 (no Block limit)
  • SVs: 10 Faction, 20 Alliance, 1 Private | Class 1 (no Block limit)
  • HVs: 10 Faction, 20 Alliance, 0 Private | Class 1 (no Block limit)

New PvP Highlights

Isn’t the Table of Content feature cool!? I’m sure you PvP lover skipped all that PvE stuff :wink:

Excecution Time

As you know, we can’t improve the mechanic of unwanted structures in a playfield that much.
However, if we say they are unwanted, you shouldn’t try to circumvent it with creative ways.
We will try to improve it along the way but for now, on PvP Playfields there is less room for “mistakes” now.

  • After 2 Minutes you get a Warning and then it’s taken

Before it was 4-6 minutes. That is the best we can do for now.
Other options to prevent especially CVs on planets is to disallow them completely during the Prime Time window, but that would be a lot of work and another complexity burden for “regular” players (we had this in the past already)

Golden Globe Rework

The Factory Era

I’m very excited to see this new feature are played by you!
It is a big integration and implementation of different features all combined together as smooth as possible!
Be it the fight of a Land Claim area, be it the regular loot you can get per hour, be it the trading in the Factory Shop, be it the decisions you have to make regarding hacking or the just cool looking POI :slight_smile:

Golden Globe especially will give you the important choice to trade lucrative or to hack and be able to mine the Red Gold and get the Factory Loot transferred to your inventory.
Because once you hack the Factory the Land Claim Device will be destroyed and the Red Gold is free to farm for the next 60 minutes.

2 Arenas | East vs West

Beside the big HWS Factory integration you have now 2 Red Gold Arenas you can fight for / control. But then again, is the -20000 Reputation loss for Zirax or Polaris worth the Gold? :thinking: :slight_smile:

The Sandwich Planet invention

Well, it’s crazy, but look at the almost 2 year old post:

With more thoughts into it, I’m bringing it back, hoping for a big performance boost and quite interesting gameplay.

The clue is that on many planets the second layer is made out of Bedrock. That way I not only control the performance but also the “Tunnel Wars”.

Because of the stupid PageDown Button you can put your core magically into the ground, meaning you could put your Core below the thin Bedrock Layer.
However, first of all everything on top can be destroyed. So over time you want to probably loot the good stuff underground. For that reason each Sandwich Planet has a special biome where I allow digging without limits. That way you can break under the layer and can controlled mine to the enemy base. The Bedrock Layer is thin enough to not cover a core completely in it.

Overall the PageDown Button will get fixed in Alpha 10 I hope.

Quick illustration:

------ 1st layer ---- | special biome (drillable) | ---- 1st layer ------ (drillable)
---Thin  Bedrock -----| special biome (drillable) | ---Thin  Bedrock -- (not drillable)
---- 2...n layer ---- | special biome (drillable) | ---- 2...n layer ----- (drillable)

Hint: Not only the Red Gold biome will give you the way to drill below the Bedrock :wink:

Gameplay & Limits

Regarding Gameplay you saw in the video that the No Guilty Radar is in the center of Golden Globe, surrounded by a lot of large Gold Deposits. Who will control all three spots?

Limit wise I made notes throughout the season and merge them with some older versions of Golden Globe:

  • Bases: 3 Faction, 3 Alliance, 0 Private | Class 3
  • CVs: 1 Faction, 1 Alliance, 0 Private | Class 1 (no 150 Blocks limit anymore - see above)
  • SVs: 10 Faction, 20 Alliance, 1 Private | Class 1 (3000 Blocks)
  • HVs: 10 Faction, 20 Alliance, 0 Private | Class 1 (5000 Blocks)


As announced in the 2nd Teaser a new planet is arising: Pandora. Inspired by the Cosmic you have a PvP Planet full of strange biomes and incredible lucrative events.
And I’m not even talking of a new Cosmic HV Race waiting for you! :smiley:

No, Pandora is a dream of any PvP player or brave PvE adventurer!

  • Live on Pandora with a 1000+ Block Base and get 10 HWS RP and 10000 Credits per day!
  • Protect the special Cosmic Biomes. I’ve heard there are very valuable resources hidden as a planet crust - extracted out from stars!
  • Participate in the Cosmic Race every 30 Minutes (with a delay of +10 min on top every time) to get 3 HWS RP and 1000 Gold Ingots!
  • Only reachable with a CV - no Supergate either


While Titan has no “get RP for living here” anymore, it got boosted with other valuable objects.

  • However, unknown forces have manipulated the Supergates. You can only warp to Titan via a Supergate during the Weekend (but can escape any time through a Red Supergate)
  • It keeps a “No limit” planet but also transforming into a “Sandwich Planet” and regular Hard surface wipes

Be surprised for more PvP content coming

Way more can be told, for example the mighty and new reworked Homeworld Planet! But please just discover the Universe and find all the secrets and specials yourself. I spent tons of time in implementing them :slight_smile:

HWS Commodity Trading 2.0


With all the info you got above you might get already a shady image of what is going on.
And yes, the new Trading system will be quite different than the current one.

I don’t want to spoil too much here, even though it’s probably a huge one but expect to

  • discover more stations
  • make detailed notes of your findings
  • explore and find the new Commodity items like the Diamonds. Some will be tradeable, some will be only possible to get via a Mission Dealer
  • bigger and dynamic price ranges, depending on many factors
  • create Trade routes and call for Protection Patrols - Pirates are everywhere now!

HWS Features & Balance Changes

Last but not least let me rush through HWS Features and Changes.

A new EGS Service is coming - EGS Stealth Upgrades

EGS Stealth is very popular and has a great usage rate. With some thoughts I enhanced the functionality.

Level 1

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 2 day
  • PvP 10RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 1 day
  • Cost free

Level 2

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 4 day
  • PvP 9RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 2 day
  • Cost 2m cr + 20 RP

Level 3

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 6 day
  • PvP 8RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 3 day
  • Cost 4m cr + 30 RP

Level 4

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 8 day
  • PvP 7RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 4 day
  • Cost 6m cr + 40 RP

Level 5

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 10 day
  • PvP 6RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 5 day
  • Cost 8m cr + 50 RP

Level 6

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 12 day
  • PvP 5RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 6 day
  • Cost 12m cr + 60 RP

Level 7

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 14 day
  • PvP 4RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 7 day
  • Cost 14m cr + 70 RP

Level 8

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 16 day
  • PvP 3RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 8 day
  • Cost 16m cr + 80 RP

Level 9

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 18 day
  • PvP 2RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 9 day
  • Cost 18m cr + 90 RP

Level 10

  • PvE Free
  • PvE Stealth Duration 20 day
  • PvP 1RP per ship
  • PvP Stealth Duration 10 day
  • Cost 20m cr + 100 RP

I think it will give you additional reasons to use it, especially in PvE :slight_smile:

Elemental Bank

Based on feedback, observations and analysis I have to change the current functionality of the Elemental Bank. I admit it was too poweful.

The main point is the “Keep Credit” value from level 6 upwards.

Upgrade cost credits (only the changes)

Level 7 - 30m instead of 35m

Level 8 - 35m instead of 50m

Level 9 - 40m instead of 100m

Level 10 - 50m instead of 250m

Keep Credits (only the changes)

Level 6 - 60m instead of 70m

Level 7 - 70m instead of 100m

Level 8 - 80m instead of 200m

Level 9 - 90m instead of 500m

Level 10 - 100m instead of 1B

The fact that you could store up to 1 Billion credits ruined a lot of ideas I had and to be honest was a big fall back in terms of the Support Package bought.
The last 3 months were not critical financial wise but the annual tax bill in Germany hit me quite hard.
The main issue with the way it was balanced was, that you could create an infinite loop of this feature, affecting also the OCD.
Combined with the “Keep Credits” Support Package and that the EB upgrade stacks, you can now max. store 200m credits, which is more balanced.
It also means that the OCD is still an indirect Counter Player to the Elemental Bank - storing your Gold.

OCD Cleaner

We automated the way the OCD handles “illegale” items after the end of a season.
Illegale means everything which should not belong in there. We don’t have a list but it’s mostly common sense.

I forgot for example to exclude few Commodity items at the start of this season and some went ahead and pushed them in their OCD. Those items would be wiped.

Or the 3 year celebration event, able to store Alien Container in the OCD.
Everything which normally isn’t possible, will be wiped.

So make sure to take out such items now before they are lost!

Be surprised for more HWS Features and Additions

Well, this time I say this rather because I’m writing all of this for 4 hours already and because not everything is 100% finished yet. But let me point out tickets on the list:

  • Rework of our Global Scan feature fa:scan | increasing the cost or restrict to few playfields
  • Rework of the Bounty System | removing the full coordinate reveal
  • Implementing a Supporter Package “Pair of Stargates”. So you can have structures linked together
  • Implementing a brand new Supporter Package Feature “OCD Refinery”! Stay tuned!
  • Reworking Elemental Lottery | you can also win HWS RP

Alright. I’m done. :joy_cat: Like for real.
Remember, I only did it because of the Table of Contents feature. :smiley:
Who ever is brave enough to read through all of that, you deserve a cookie man / woman! :cookie:

Back to finalizing everything now…

Please let me know what you think of all of “that” and correct me if I made any mistake.
My main focus was in implementing awesome gameplay for you along the way. But there are way more things I could have done or wanted to do.
Let’s say that is all one single person could coordinate, with the awesome help of @ju and @Jascha. But also with great help of the Community like @Dr_Dark, @Zackey_TNT, @Lord_of_the_ping, @Senor_ODD_of_Flicky and basically all of you, providing feedback the last 3 months.

Yes, Empyrion is laggy and buggy but hey, let’s make the best out of it and play with an awesome game we have already! I’m sure there is way more possible and even more coming with Alpha 10, which will blow your mind. I’m prepared :popcorn: :smiley_cat:

Your HWS Team

HWS 9.X Release! | A 3 Year Experience Season starts now
Ocd partial wipe

i want a cookie…

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There is quite an issue with EB now though.
You need 500m credits for max interest at EB10, but you can’t transfer more than 200m from season to season.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to require more for maximum interest than it’s possible to carry over in the bank. Definitely need to tweak something here.

Otherwise I think it’s good idea, gold should have use, but not in a way that you’re forced to buy 1.2m gold ingots every season in order to have maximum interest in the start of next season. That’s unreasonable amount.

Not to mention there isn’t enough gold mined in a whole season to supply everyone with EB10 1.2m ingots.

If it stays like this, EB10 is worse than EB9. WAY worse.
With EB9 you can get maximum interest at 200m (4m) while with EB10 you’d only get 2m at the maximun carriable amount. This just doesn’t make sense. One could never profit from upgrading to EB10 if they had to buy 1.2m gold ingots at inflated values every season while EB9 still stays highly profitable.

After EB 10 math rant I’d like to add, pretty much everything else looks amazing :smiley:


Great work… cookie dq wants.


hey Rex, great work, looking forward to it…
however, I have to say I am a bit disappointed at the sudden EB limits change… I had invested alot in it and to be honest, it was the only way for me to ever get enough credits for ocd 7+… unless we can make insanely more amounts of money than currently…
I also got 2x support keep EB level based on the previous numbers…

not to mention I literally JUST spent 100mil + CRs upgrading to EB9… theres 60mil down the drain right there… :smile:


Awesome. Thx rexxxus. Can’t wait next season


This is going to be the best season we’ve ever had. So many pvp issues have been resolved it’s insane! The core idea with different dig-able regions alone is amazing rex. Well done. WELL DONE!


Hey @RexXxuS Lot of great changes overall :slight_smile:

Few questions\comments

  1. Is Triton going to be elite builders league or have hard terrain wipes like Atlantis? I like the idea of having base there, but I’ve made nice base on Atlantis this season and for next one I’d prefer planet without these features.

  2. Is Triton going to have Teleporter monolith?

  3. Do Penthouses count towards global private base limit?

  4. New Commodity Trading looks very nice, can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

  5. Can you give more info on “Pair of Stargates” supporter package? Will there be any restrictions on this? Will it be placable only in bases or maybe also on CVs?

6)Since EB is going to be nerfed how about making “Keep your EB Level after full wipe” package permanent? Instead I’d add “+1% interest” season package and I also agree with @Fallen_Angel about the interest, buying level 10 would be a bad move for most people.

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also, if this is your aim… how does storing gold not circumvent this issue? ocd6 I think 60k gold per slot? 130 slots? at 250cr an ingot? are these numbers right? cause that’s a little shy of 2billion?


It’s extremely annoying to quickly convert said gold to anything useful. That 2B will take you about an entire season to convert to credits, it’s really the craft-time that kills that idea. People use it because it’s good at extremely long term storage, but it can’t be accessed quickly.

Where as EB is instant access, anywhere, anytime. That’s why OCD is balanced.


I believe there is a command ingottocr or something like that? that’s pretty instant wouldn’t u say? even if it was 50% tax to do it… still 1bil in a few mins?

OCD is balanced? it’s for people who play alot and control everything and make lots of money… if a noob like me needs to amass over seasons to buy ocd7+ this is a huge step back…
anyway I can deal with all these limits, they’re just very unfairly late to be announced… I started playing just a few days before ppl mentioned wipe and I did all my assumptions based on current values… the EB changes should have either been announced at start of this season or be pushed 1 or 2 seasons… otherwise people like me got really screwed… then again maybe I’m the only one in which case I guess it doesn’t matter…


This generally happens every season. Rex is busy with everything else and mistakes happen.
First draft always has some silly mistakes like ROI in 2500 days or EB9 > EB10

Either way with EB9 you’re not in troubles. If changes to numbers won’t happen you’ll just never update to EB10 & you’ll be fine. Most likely Rex will just fix the EB10 credits for interest math & everything is fine. This is the easiest mistake to fix I can remember.

EB9 will always be worth the update regardless of that. You didn’t lose anything (except maybe the 60m because of the discount).

This 1.1b keep credits amount was just crazy high. It’s always been low & you’ve needed to use OCD & Gold to actually transfer wealth from season to season in higher numbers. With Keep 1.1b gold’s value got really low and not many sales due to people simply not needing it anymore.

The issue in these numbers is the players who already have EB10.
In top of the 250m cost they actually make loss compared to EB9 every season.


no bro, u guys arent getting this right… ocd10 is still getting u more interest, u can keep more than 200mil during the season… u just have to convert the extra amount to ingot at end of season…
again, all this is ok with me except the timing is very bad… at the very least it cost me 60mil than it should have… I literally just bought this today man… in 2 days could’ve saved alot or maybe started stacking gold in ocd instead of selling as that’s such a dumbass move now in retrospect…
also right now people with ocd7+ have a huge advantage… and those who control GG will be the only ones selling gold… only a complete idiot or someone with huge overflow would sell his ingots now… the prices will skyrocket in favour of very few big guilds…
and u cry about new guys leaving? :slight_smile:


Lots of good and interesting changes, can’t wait to see them on server.
But 2 min warnings before taking the ship concern me a bit. The way pulse lasers work, most of the damage goes under the ship armor, creating a mess of blocks inside without damaging devices too much resulting in massive triangle count increase…
I constantly get +~0.10 class increase in battles, and I’m pretty sure it happens not only for me. Adding 0.15 class buffer can fix the situation without it being abused.


See it’s not coins. It’s raw gold ingots. That need to be crafted into coins. Slowly.

You came in right at the end of season 9, it’s only natural you’ll be left behind on a few things.

Of note too, is that if someone where to store coins only, they’d only be able to do 1/10th of ingots, maybe 300m?

OCD 7 btw is extremely expensive and not worth it. OCD 6 is where most veterans are.

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true it seems it is indeed coins… but that’s not so bad as u make it out… what exactly stops me from having a base/cv with tons of advanced constructors? u really think this is a bottle neck? not to mention price of gold itself should definitely go up with this… so most likely one would be selling them to market rather than coins which granted may take longer but will net u much more at the end…
to be honest, for me, the keep EB level seasonal support package was the only package worth it… with these new numbers, Im not even sure it’s worth leveling the bank at all…

but again let me state, it’s just the timing that ticks me off the most… I spent precious real life hours hunting credits and selling ingots to upgrade bank when I could’ve saved a bundle by just waiting a few days and should have horded my gold instead of selling it… I also spent real life money based on old information to buy package that is no longer worth its value… this is a huge change with huge reprecussions on player decision and planning… it should not be thrown out like a surprise…


Good Morning guys,

thanks for the first feedback.

I forgot to add a new point to the TOC: “OCD Cleaner”.
Make sure to take out items from your OCD which do not belong there. Read more about it in the first post.


Regarding the EB changes.
As @Fallen_Angel said perfectly already: there is only as much as a single person can handle.
Unfortunately I couldn’t announce it earlier properly, sorry.

As always it’s a bigger picture than just the interest calculation. By now there are tons of factors taken into account. A simple OCD / Gold / Interest rate comparison is not sufficient anymore.

I will observe the EB progression and adjust carefully if needed.

The only offer due timing I can make is revert the last upgrade player made. That is faster for me to handle. PM me if you are “affected” by that change.


Good Point. I’ll observe the warnings in the new season. As I said, hard to handle fair play with regular gameplay mechanics.
But maybe build your ships with a +~0.20 buffer zone in the first place :slight_smile:

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