HWS 9.X Release! | A 3 Year Experience Season starts now


Hi HWS Community,

it… is… live! HWS 9.X starts in a new season!

I think I never spent so much time into HWS than for this season…
And without @Jascha and especially @Ju this would have not worked at all in the first place!

Thank you so much!

However, the bad news straight at the beginning:
I were not able to finish it as I wanted but I couldn’t wait any longer for certain reasons.

That means in detail:

  • Mission Dealer are spawned but only ~10% “active”
  • Commodity Trader are spawned but only ~20% “active”
  • HWS Factories are all waiting for you but the loot needs variety, feedback and adjustments along the way I guess

The good news:

  • I configured everything carefully that I can add content for all of these 3 points smoothly from server restart to server restart. I really pushed hard but time was just running out. You can expect the full spectrum of announced gameplay in these 3 categories at the weekend! :slight_smile:

Other than that I’m really excited to see you all playing a new Season. It’s somehow always a special feeling, if you work for month on something in your dark room and then boom, thousands of players interact with the stuff your 2 hands have created… :smiley_cat:

Please make sure to read the 3 Teasers and the updated Guide:

Info Note

At the start of the season a lot of things are bit stressy for me. I have to prepare a lot of parameters, zones, playfields, limits, structures, etc.
So please have some patience. Mainly it’s about:

  • Zones - like the new OCD Outpost POI on Cryo
  • HWS Garage ships - every ship got reworked.
  • Your 3 Year Event Garage ship reward - please have some patience and check first the reworked ships out before making a call
  • Penthouse assignment
  • Events are temporary on hold

I’ll keep you updated about my progress! :slight_smile:

So let’s start in a new season and looking really forward for your feedback! :slight_smile:

All the best and have fun!
Thanks for your patience and sticking around!
Appreciate it a lot!

Your HWS Team

Season Feedback - Class Sizes for Orbits
My bases and ships gone


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As far as i am concerned, you guys have done alot more work on this game than Eleon has…
Cheers & Take it easy! :beers:

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Looking forward to it, ill be on soon, just got to finish out my work day.

Very excited…

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so far, i love it… the speed of the game is so much different and the work put into this server has been excellent so far. Cant wait to continue on and see how much more there is to offer.

Thanks again

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Good Morning HWS Community,

I hope you had a good start and “survived” the night.
I am aware of every issue and I will answer all the 30+ PMs I got + the issues I streamed yesterday myself.

Thinking about it, I want to say sorry that I delayed the stream 1 hour later yesterday and once I saw problems I was a bit upset in the stream.
Mistakes I make bother me a lot so please hold on a bit, the weekend should be “clean” again :slight_smile:

If there is any feedback, feel free to post it in the forum, so I have a good reference.
Thanks again for the awesome impression yesterday. 127 players on EU and over 76 players on NA.

Enjoy the new season

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Hi HWS Community,

After Wipe Status Report

about my Note:

  • Zones - like the new OCD Outpost POI on Cryo: Done
  • HWS Garage ships - every ship got reworked: Done
  • Your 3 Year Event Garage ship reward - please have some patience and check first the reworked ships out before making a call: On it. You can also buy them and I refund the money
  • Penthouse assignment: Done
  • Events are temporary on hold: In Progress. There are different Events possible now
  • Limits: Done. Finally I have set limits on every playfield. I even found very old inconsistencies from previous season. Technically I have now the option to import/export, which solves that.
    That means: Check each Map Description carefully now. I can’t list all of the new limits here. You have HWS Connect > Universe for that.
    Further more I tried to mainstream the limits on many playfields. PvP <> PvE. Please give me feedback along the way
  • Golden Globe HWS Factory Bug: there is currently a bug, which does not let you finish the HWS Factory. I’m working on a fix.
  • And then, finally, I can start to finish the Commodity Trader :slight_smile:
  • FINALLY after more than 3 Months… with the Help of @Ju I was able to complete the Cave reward! You get an awesome Alien Core Miner SV now.

Good Evening HWS Community,

another little update:

  • I implemented the missing Supergates (Eton, Nova, Titan System)
  • I fixed the Golden Globe Factory PDA Missions but that might take awhile to update
  • I fixed the Homeworld PDA Mission > Find the last lever in the HWS Talon Factory on Homeworld
  • I fixed the EGS Flying City Trader (with the next restart)
  • Couple of other POIs got updated by Ju to reduce the difficulty (Majestic Temple etc.)
  • I increased the PvP Planet cooldown timer from 4 to 6 minutes and in the orbit from 6 to 8 minutes. => I forgot that if you spawn stuff, it’s set to private and needs also 2 minutes for the tool to update
  • All Rotation Playfields should be now properly aligned
  • The Instable Titan System Supergate System is ready => You can only warp TO Titan during the weekend! Make your choice to be there for the week or not.
  • Implemented Titan Device Landclaim (I forgot)

Fixing all of this had higher priority than Commodity Trader + Mission Dealer.
That is coming now.
Stay tuned - everything should be really ready this time for the next weekend for you. :fingers_crossed:

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