Coming new HWS 9.X season 🔥 | Teaser 1 | HWS Garage / Weapon rework | HWS 3 Year Event Reward

Hi HWS Community,

it’s slowly time again for our ritual! :slight_smile:

Prepare for the full wipe on 20th March everyone! (~2 weeks left)

And as always I want to give you trailer / teaser / previews on the coming season I work very hard for day and night!

HWS Garage / Weapon rework

After 2 years and a lot of discussions, videos and experience we will remove overlimit weapons from HWS Garage ships. We highlighted the coming changes in orange here:

That means a lot of Garage ships will be very cheap now but still give you infinite fuel (Alien Core), insane mobility and enhanced armor, worth the credits for sure!

However, thinking quite long about it I came to the decision to increase the overall gun limits here and there.

Best shown in a Trailer video from a very new starter POI awaiting you :slight_smile: :popcorn:


  • 6 instead of 4 SV Homing Rocket Launcher
  • 6 instead of 4 SV Pulse Laser
  • 6 instead of 4 SV Plasma Cannon
  • 3 instead of 2 CV Artillery Turrets
  • 2 instead of 1 HV Artillery Turrets
  • 6 instead of 4 HV Rocket Turrets
  • 6 instead of 4 HV Plasma Turrets


One of the main reason is - redundancy & decision. Something I’m a fan of.

As you know you can only fire with 21-22 SV guns. If you equip all of the weapons with the new limits it will mean you reach ~26 SV guns for example, making some random guns inactive.

Together with our HWS Config + EWS you have now a bigger range of possibilities to prepare and decide fights in your favor.
If one gun gets shot down you have a fall back plan e.g.

The other reason especially for turrets is the coming Alpha 10 patch and overall pace in PvP fights. Especially Artillery Turrets are easy to dodge but in quantity the skill is increased to doge many of their shots.

In my opinion a good compromise to boost your regular PvP and not decide fights with (overpowered) HWS Garage ships.

Anyways, please let me know your thoughts about it!

HWS 3 Year Event Rewards + Info

That brings us to the great event yesterday! Again, thanks for so many players participating! :slight_smile:

I used the moment of distraction to sneak my first Twitch Stream as well.
So if you wonder who the heck this RexXxuS guy is: there you go :see_no_evil:
(yes I’m a noob and muted me 10 minutes at the beginning :sweat_smile:)
Highlight of RexXxuS + RexXxuS

What crazy ship you had?

As you see it was a little preview already about the new weapon limits coming :slight_smile:
Overall I was really nearly dead. Few minutes more and you would have killed me!

10 000 Health cheater!

It was also a teaser about a new, big, enhanced HWS Skill Tree 2.0 feature coming this year.
10 000 Health will be the maximum you can invest your HWS Connect Skill Points into. But the decisions for skilling will be harder, it will be not available for all Origins and way more possible to skill in general :slight_smile:

Event Reward

Finally? Almost!
We are still processing every member who participated - more than 60! We really hand out the rewards tomorrow!
Especially the CSW guys make it difficult for us to hand out the reward to the NA server to not let it overwrite, as soon as NA guys do a CSW back to EU.

Anyways, the rewards are :drum:

Everyone who participated get:

  • 3 Alien Cores
  • 30 HWS Ingots (3€)
  • 3000 HWS RP
  • 30 000 000 credits
  • 3 HWS Garage ships of choice in the next season! (you have to contact me after the new season started. A lot of ships will change so make your choice of the updated ships - not now.)

The guy who would have killed us would have got everything x2 :slight_smile:

So stay tuned for tomorrow, the next days with another Trailer and the new coming season for sure! :slight_smile:

I really hope everyone will enjoy it!

Your HWS Team


Hasn’t it been 4 the whole time though?

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Ah right :slight_smile:
Removed it and only highlight the new changes (as seen in the end of the video there are all HWS specific changes)

nice reward :ok_hand:

Btw is it possible to get an extra 2mil tomorrow, for that bounty. I highly doubt you’ll go to PvP anymore this season, and i was hoping it would have been taken yesterday.

Excellent changes rexxxus, I particularly liked you addressing the garage ship issue. I hope to see a more balanced playfield in the next season, and these changes make it sound like standard ships will finally be able to stand up to garage ships without being totally destroyed.


So that’s why you had the 10k health cheating :stuck_out_tongue: just messing, seems like a very interesting new season!

It is sad to see some of the over limit garage ships go, but all in all I like and agree with the changes. Also excited for the event rewards. it was my first CSW, and I failed miserably at it (learning experience lol). but still good times.
Excited for next season!!!

Just to make sure I read it correctly, rocket is getting reduced from 8 to 4 on a CV? I haven’t played in a bit but how will this work with flak etc? Because that isn’t very many flak/rockets on a CV. Flak is my favorite CV weapon.

Hey Chaplain,

There’s no change to CV mounted weapons & flak-turrets according to the weapon changelog

  • 6 instead of 4 SV Homing Rocket Launcher
  • 6 instead of 4 SV Pulse Laser
  • 6 instead of 4 SV Plasma Cannon
  • 3 instead of 2 CV Artillery Turrets
  • 2 instead of 1 HV Artillery Turrets
  • 6 instead of 4 HV Rocket Turrets
  • 6 instead of 4 HV Plasma Turrets

CVs now just get 3 arty turrets instead of 2.

Look at the video in the 15th second.

I bet he meant the hard fire rockets on CV’s now that I read it again.

Yo rexx quick question if you gimp the garage ships what insentive is there for mining gold
what is there to spend the gold on why buy the garage ships if they dont have some sort of advatage everyone has the same opertunity to buy the garage ships just have to work for it the server as it is now there isnt hardy many people as it is in pvp space for us pirate to roll most people are just turtleing up in pve if your gona make it so the garage ships are useless and there isnt really a reason to spend the gold we mine the make is so the ships that can haul gold cant have weapons make it so that there has to be a weapon ship to escort the gold at least make it worth it for us that live for pvp

Well… most buy the ships for mining, and other adv like furnace and stuff in cv.
Other reasons to collect gold:
Npc sellers

There is also plenty of missions to do without killing for own entertainment, or grind for gold :wink:

You won the 1m credit prize :slight_smile:
Wanted to see who finds the error :smiley:
It’s a typo of course and is the general info
“Rocket Launcher: 8 instead of 4”

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  • Garage ships are still worth it to get
  • New features are coming in the next season to boost HWS Garage ships, PvP, Gold / credits investments and more
  • To make credits reasonable is always a hard topic and if it’s reasonable to tackle inflation.
    I think HWS is the only server who tries to combine a lot here.

But please wait a bit for more Trailers to get a better picture of everything :slight_smile:

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The Event reward was handed out now! :slight_smile:


I hope no more mining sv since those are destroying pvp. There is no necessity to put a base when you can fly in and out a pvp planet with a mining sv. If only the hv have a mining role the people will put a base to protect their ground assets.

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where are shinies man? i logged and no shinies! :disappointed_relieved:

Did you used the event command ev:Start:killrexxxus ?