Everytime, I loading in on HWS-EU, the game crash out

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What happened:
=> Everytime, I loading in on HWS-EU, the game crash out.
Lood to “Structure” to 55% or 67% and go to black.
The game work well with NA and other servers.
I reinstall the Easy ant-cheat, verity file with Steam.
Try uninstall reinstall the game. The game still playable for all other server. but EU.
So, if It not fix in 14 days lost most of ship and structure and miss out on daily rewards.

Player(s) with issue:
=> U-T FredSinClair Federation

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> Started on 10/23/2019

=> Location: ECC 6445 / 48 / 471

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Did I, get ban by ant-cheat for EU?
I got message that was disconnect and look it up on forums.
This may be due to sometimes I need close game program with Task Manager(Assess by Del-Ctrl-Shift) due there no other way to get computer back to state where can play the game or just got to tesktop or just reset the computer at worse.
Need be restored to point where can log in to the EU.
Almost forgot the *.log files:
Client_191005-235855-88.log (7.8 KB) Client_191006-001629-72.log (7.6 KB) Client_191006-232313-53.log (12.0 KB) Client_191007-200135-51.log (7.9 KB) Client_191007-232242-69.log (14.6 KB) Client_191008-224639-75.log (40.9 KB) Uploading: Client_191009-173200-91.log… Client_191009-175824-63.log (26.5 KB) Client_191010-234634-27.log (34.5 KB) Client_191011-233455-87.log (7.7 KB) Client_191012-234230-03.log (7.6 KB) Client_191014-000701-84.log (7.6 KB) Client_191014-173428-68.log (22.9 KB) Client_191014-191750-01.log (3.9 KB) Client_191014-191819-42.log (8.8 KB) Client_191014-200944-64.log (8.2 KB) Client_191014-213029-04.log (9.0 KB) Client_191015-005707-19.log (12.3 KB) Client_191015-112130-88.log (16.4 KB) Client_191015-122227-53.log (3.8 KB) Uploading: Client_191015-122723-65.log… Client_191015-123249-35.log (67.6 KB) Client_191015-123913-50.log (2.8 MB) Client_191015-124748-61.log (908.8 KB) Client_191015-130142-65.log (693.1 KB) Client_191015-130811-93.log (3.8 KB) Client_191015-131046-10.log (7.3 KB) Client_191015-131550-98.log (8.6 KB) Client_191015-215626-62.log (7.6 KB) Client_191015-232324-33.log (7.7 KB) Client_191016-000400-47.log (7.1 KB) Client_191016-001322-63.log (7.3 KB) Client_191016-003350-51.log (7.0 KB) Client_191016-004010-67.log (7.3 KB) Client_191016-005852-04.log (8.5 KB) Uploading: Client_191016-173837-68.log… Uploading: Client_191016-174043-31.log… Uploading: Client_191017-002110-02.log… Uploading: Client_191017-002414-34.log… Client_191017-010803-85.log (12.1 KB) Client_191017-012645-55.log (9.2 KB) Client_191017-015745-40.log (7.9 KB) Client_191017-210605-68.log (7.3 KB) Client_191017-214420-57.log (3.8 KB) Client_191017-214721-38.log (16.9 KB) Uploading: Client_191018-160418-69.log… Client_191018-180226-35.log (1.8 KB) Client_191018-180508-72.log (2.5 KB) Client_191018-180937-57.log (3.8 KB) Client_191018-182841-12.log (3.8 KB) Client_191018-183408-33.log (8.2 KB) Client_191018-190439-32.log (6.6 KB) Client_191018-190928-25.log (18.1 KB) Client_191019-232915-30.log (3.8 KB) Client_191019-233137-52.log (7.3 KB) Client_191021-000328-89.log (12.5 KB) Client_191021-235654-19.log (8.0 KB) Client_191022-220439-65.log (16.7 KB) Client_191023-222022-07.log (45.4 KB) Client_191023-235111-05.log (2.6 KB) Client_191023-235115-13.log (5.9 KB) Client_191023-235947-48.log (7.6 KB) Client_191024-002720-08.log (31.9 KB) Client_191024-003214-30.log (32.3 KB) Client_191024-004901-65.log (3.8 KB) Client_191024-005806-08.log (32.5 KB) Client_191024-010402-41.log (27.6 KB) Client_191024-011229-15.log (3.8 KB) Client_191024-012037-99.log (42.5 KB) Client_191024-014005-56.log (7.1 KB) Client_191024-015120-38.log (7.3 KB) Client_191024-020419-43.log (33.0 KB) Client_191024-021441-61.log (45.8 KB) Client_191024-022721-64.log (41.2 KB) Client_191024-190628-34.log (3.9 KB) Client_191024-190940-24.log (3.8 KB) Client_191024-191714-31.log (31.6 KB) Client_191024-221249-01.log (3.9 KB) Client_191024-221529-08.log (50.6 KB) Client_191024-222150-31.log (7.1 KB)

Mate that’s too many logs :stuck_out_tongue: just upload the 1-3 logs around the time where you had issues.


sorry to hear that but I think its time for a new Graphic card if you want to continue playing Empyrion :frowning: . Just experienced the same issue on my second PC.
Your logs are full of GPU issues.

You have VRAM: 1010
–> You need ~ 2000 minimum.

Depending on where you are on the server and what structures he has to load, that could also be the reason.


Thank you for reply :slight_smile:
ok, sorry, didn’t know was need for log files.

Thank for helpful reply :smiley:
What is a good AMD GPU to replace my AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series, my motherboard is ASUS A88X-Pro with 16(8x2) GB RAM. Note: System is build for Crossfire support with GPU and motherboard. Maybe, I’m better off buy just replace GPU card with better one?)

Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD
Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series
Device ID 68B8
Vendor ID 1002
Subsystem ID 1482
Subsystem Vendor ID 174B
Revision ID 00
Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express 2.0
Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express 2.0x8
BIOS Version
BIOS Part Number 113-1E148102-EP2
BIOS Date 2010/12/09
Memory Size 1024 MB
Memory Type GDDR5
Core Clock in MHz 850 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz 1200 MHz
Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s 76.8 GByte/s

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