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Can you see where I am going with this? We can settle this diplomatically or by other means.

All comments from all are invited here to discuss the current stiuation on NA Golden Globe.


I am not calling on changes from RexXxuS, but by players.


Maybe Wit Gunz?!


ok I’m confused.


Golden Globe is a cluster of lag interspersed with OLP bases and talk of splitting into even more. I will not continue to watch as the Alliance does what its creators swore to never do.


Break up the horde.

Spread out across the planet or planets.

Shoot each other.

Still mine your Damn gold.

I get it. You’re all “bittervets” sore-arsed over what TAW did. But unless TAW splits into 8 factions and suddenly gained a whole lot of PvP and base-killing experience (hint: they dont) then your position currently on GG isn’t even worth attacking with the current game mechanics.

Anti grief and OLP literally make it impossible to unroot bases with active defenders in alliance. Period.

Take Saturday for instance. Shanking, and no offense to him, “couldn’t play due to lag” so he logged out. In twenty minutes of trying to finish stripping his bases in the already horrendous Fucking lag that was the GRG/TPP cluster of GG, his OLP popped in and we are now literally unable to gain ground heading north deeper into your cluster…

That single player logging out halted our attack on GG outright.

We had to settle for a less optimal route of attack up the West valley… Oh by the way was being defended by another set of invincible OLP bases that the owners of logged out mid-fight as well because they’re pve scum you guys use to pad your base count.


Dunno wat the fuss is about im happy lag dosent bother me its part of the game


Lag doesnt “Bother” me either, but there is a whole server out there. Just because I have a new 6 Core I5 it doesnt mean everyone else does. And the games a whole lot more fun when others play.



The cat is done with lag


Few points to make. I’ll try to be short and sweet.

  1. My lag is definitely the worst, though I complain the least. Why? Because GG will always lag. Nothing is going to bring the core count down on GG. Period. Too many players interested in that playfield.

  2. Breaking alliance does one thing and one thing only. It replaces what lag there is now with more (yes, it will be more) when the zerg move in. They are STILL recruiting, though we have stopped long ago. Simple extrapolation makes this obvious.

  3. We (the rebels) do need to trim some fat. I will bring this up shortly with Op4, PoR, PKA and GRG leadership, who along with TPP do most of the heavy lifting.


Yeah, sure! Ask the russian alliance on EU about that.



What halted your attack was time. There were like 30 of you online and maybe 6 rebels when the attack started. You lost momentum when your players started to log out for the night. Zerging for this reason is only useful for burst-damage, not a sustained campaign.


Exactly what this is about.



Wrong place. Bring this up in discord, not troll-central. You know better.


It affects the whole server, and we have been bringing it up for over a week.


Correct, but we don’t need advice from the rest of the server as to how we go about doing it


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