HWS 8 | Teaser Countdown VII | PvP Gameplay & Universe II

Hey @everyone,

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In this last Teaser I want to show you the new HWS 8 Universe and give you some more details about the PvP Gameplay after I released the PvE Gameplay yesterday.
Keep in mind that Origin Rebalances are planned but need more time… my time is running out unfortunately. So either a last minute mind blow or we keep them how they are…

HWS 8 Universe

Even though my 3D Blender skills got rusty a lot, I accomplished a long wish from me:

Back to the roots with an interactive 3D Universe (as I did already for HWS 1, 2 and 3!

Let me know your Feedback please :slight_smile:
With the 3D Sector Map ingame I thought some would like it…

If this is too groovy for you I worked hard for the 2D version as well

HWS 8 <> 7 comparison

If you watch closely it seems that we lost 1 PvP playfield but in fact we won / concentrating us now on dedicated PvP (no Avendore System anymore).
PvE got in theory 2 more Playfields compared to HWS 7.X.X but that isn’t 1:1 translated as well because we don’t have the Stargate Planets Mio and Ray anymore.

Removed features / playfields

Overall you see I had to cut some ideas, “kill your darlings” how I’ve learned… for the better good I think.
The complexity to create a HWS Universe is far beyond you can imagine to be honest “a monster I have created”. Not only because time is missing but also because my goal is to make HWS not more difficult to understand as it is already.
Maybe in the future we can bring back these in-depth features again.

Supergate > Titan Orbit

A new addition as announced nevertheless are the Supergates - especially the Titan Orbit.
You can warp in from Sathon, Jupidor and Black Hole but you can only escape if you are in the Supergate Zone in Titan Orbit. Interesting adventures waiting for sure!

Start invention for Alliance & Co

Beside Prototype stays a dedicated Alien Starter Planet, all other Origins have no Starter Planet right away anymore… you will start in the Orbit (check the 3D Universe Map). This will bring your to the Planets the one way or other… big surprise on Tuesday, especially for Alliance :slight_smile:

The PvE lategame challenge

While Alien Sector will be quite similar to the old Zirax Home system you see on the very top the “Strayom Sector”. As you can check in the 2D universe map: it’s completely PvE.
This is a bit similar what I achieved in HWS 2 - you have to travel through danger and distances to be able to find a permanent PvE Sector. Especially if air gets thin down there this should be something to achieve for - a late game for PvE guys.
But be warned: HWS is not a creative server — you will find challenging adventures there!

PvP Gameplay

Last but not least our beloved PvP community needs some food, right? :slight_smile:
A lot got teasered, discussed and presented already, so I try to keep it short and crunchy

Time left for one PvP planet Teaser:

Golden Globe

  • Class 3 planet with a very thin Gold crust and the Guilty Red Gold zone with a lot of Gold.

  • The mega brain afk complexity of Primetime, wuluwulu got removed. It’s PvP and destructible all the time again.

  • However… Infinite Bomb Drone Waves will keep you busy, yes, I said busy: 100000 Hitpoints and 7 deadly bombs raining on your head can’t be ignored.

  • Gold 24/7 has another price I didn’t spoilered until now but just let me give you one word: Gravity

  • Reminder: you have to built your Bases by hand, starting with a Base Starter Block — coordinate this in a good team as fast as you can

  • Protect your Land Claim Device (Anti Grief Device) at all cost — otherwise you will lose your claimed land and everyone can rush to you from underneath

  • Deposits outside from the Guilty Zone are available in moderate amount to create some ambush fights

  • Spawn Pads to help you with your SVs and HVs. Also one public Repair Pad to fight for…

  • Limits:

    • 1 Faction Class 1 CV with max. 100 Blocks | 0 Private CV
    • 10 Alliance / Faction Class 7 Bases | 0 Private Bases => if you have 0 alliances your faction can have 10 faction Bases. If you are in Alliance with other factions on GG, all of you can max. have 10 Bases
    • 15 Faction Class 1 SV with max. 3000 Blocks | 1 Private SV
    • 10 Faction Class 1 HV with max. 5000 Blocks | 0 Private HV

This can be seen more or less as Template for other PvP planets… except one… fear or love it…

Titan Planet

This Planet does not have any HWS specific limit rule. This is a new planet not even the EGS Organisation knows about it yet. No Anti Grief there, No Class limits. It’s a free for all. (only our HWS rules are applied there).
If it’s worth it? Up to you…

To be honest guys: I could write endlessly but some of that still needs to be done until Tuesday.
Sorry for my bad habbit but it will be very stressful. I really want to give you something awesome…
We all worked so damn hard for…
But keep in mind: I totally expect massive bugs and Co at Tuesday… be patient please… just in case.

Let me know your Feedback - especially for the 3D Universe map

Your HWS Team


Let me be the first to say… Damn

Nice work Rexx, looking forward to the new HWS 8.0. The 3D map is interesting, but man is it blurry and all that flickering; 2D map is nice and simple but the 3D shows the other moons/planets which is visually appealing.

Keep up the good work o/

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Yeah, Depth of Field is sometimes an angel, often a devil.
I better removed it for now. It’s cleaner now.

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out off all the years i’ve been on this server and loved every minute of it… and now… i think hws team has finally lost the plot…, let me explain… what i mean is that when i play every season i think it cant get better, then crap… you surprised me again… just wow…

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I cannot wait for the big surprise for the Alliance Players! Have 2 friends who are joining me on HWS and they are in for some awesome game play. SO starting off the planet? :rocket::flying_saucer::space_invader:

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Great work @RexXxuS!

Can’t wait to see what Titan is like.

I love the new ruleset on GG. No primetime BS is amazing. Having to build on GG is amazing. The limits I think will make things better in terms of BA, CV, HV, and SVs. Not to mention the limits on SVs and HVs means we wont just have a ton of sponges.

The 3d map is cool but I think i’d prefer the 2d map for easy of use in game.


RexXxus, it all sounds wonderful and I cant wait to play on the updated server. I really like the 3D map too :slight_smile:

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Thanks also for Clarifying Titan! :slight_smile: Now I’m MEGA interested in that planet! :slight_smile:

I belive you forgotten to cut one 0 from drone HP :smiley:

I know its a little thing but yay for the 3d map, i remember seeing this on iirc hws3 and its back, i wonder it i can turn it into a 3d printable map

This sounds great. Looking forward to s8

Rexx does not know if it is a mistake, but Ori, Paragon and Zion, he should not be called Alien Sector, but on map 2d he does not appear and the alien PVP sector shows Neloz and magmarin, is that correct?

This is going to be interesting. Nice Work Rexx. :medal_military:

Can hardly wait RexXxuS BTW did you ever look at my convoy idea, if so what did you think ?


I am concerned about the bullet point on Freelancer.

  • Lose 10 RP if you become guilty.

Will this be removed or not counted if Freelancer goes into the Red area on GG? If everytime I go into GG and the red gold area I become guilty and lose 10 RP I’ll never go there and you’ve made the new pvp hotspot only eligibile for one of the three origins.

edit - thats actually on the Alliance origin as well. So basically if you are Alliance or Freelancer its not a good spot to go. Doesn’t make sense if you want it to be a pvp hotspot.

Is this for GG or is this global on all playfields?

As Arma Prime-time is what made it so special, it’s how its always worked :slight_smile:

Best regards

What happens with the Alliance Base limit when faction A is allied with faction B who is allied with faction C but faction A and C are not allied?

Is it still 10 max bases between A, B and C? Or does only faction B get penalized for bases of all three while A and C do not affect each other’s limits?

Thats right.
It only counts the direct Alliance. A and C do not belong together and do not share the same limit.