HWS 8 | Teaser Countdown V | Immersion Boost & Guilty Boost

Hey @everyone,

check here the previous Teaser out:

We covered most of the new HWS features by now and start to look at the gameplay in HWS 8.

Immersion Boost: Death

Until now death was meaningless. Some player have 1000+ deaths and don’t care.
With all the relevant Reputation Point changes in HWS 8 this will be reflected here as well.

You lose 1 RP per death now
(was 1 RP per 10 deaths before)

Guilty Boost

I have teasered it with the implementation of the Guilty system months ago but somehow never found the opportunity to implement it.
Now, with HWS 8 it’s about time.

Golden Globe will change. The Gold crust is still available but very very thin to not lose the branding of “Golden Globe”. But except one surprise, you will find out soon, it will have ONE hotspot on the planet.
A 900 x 900 x 150 area with Red Gold. It is more valuable than the normal Gold >
It is way thicker at the top and bottom.

However you will become Guilty as soon as you fly in the Golden Greed area (see the warning top right)

Except fun this means as always:

  • your position is leaked to the HWS Hunter Board in HWS Connect
  • you can’t enter PvE playfields as long as you are guilty
  • you can buy yourself non-guilty or ask your Hunter of choice to relieve you

Looking forward to see this in action. Will the greed win in the end?

As announced in Discord I repeat here again:

Attention: HWS EU + NA will be shut down at Tuesday after the 9AM restart. We will prepare + wait for the release until then.

Hopefully this will allow us a smooth direct start this time into Alpha 8 / HWS 8!

Your HWS Team

1/3 of my deaths are because of my own lagged shots in pvp. The way it looks, with just few cumbersome and time consuming ways to get rp and with myriads of ways to lose it, most people will end with 0 rp, so they will be out of this grand scheme around rp.

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I like it Rex - far too many ppl respawn/ammo drain/ have no regard for their death count. In a ‘survival’ game deaths need to mean something so this should be a positive change… maybe be a little harsher in future :slight_smile: Sure there’ll be the odd annoying death to a bug or glitching out of your ship on zirax HQ type planets :frowning: but on the whole should be a good change.

  1. 465 RP per server for clicking on a vote login button + HWS Connect claim button every 30 days. This multiplied by 2 for 2 servers multiplied by 3 for one HWS season = 2790 RP for free.
  2. HWS Connect Daily Loot get an RP addition = X RP per day for free.
  3. Lots of RP gaining options in HWS 8 = +10 RP per day easily.

I rather take from your feedback that people who don’t care to get RP, should not be able to get RP. Simple as that.
Best thing: if you don’t care about RP, well then so be it. You can play on HWS nevertheless.


I am just pointing out stuff, don’t shot the messenger. If someone keeps falling to 0 RP, most likely he will give up any attempt to gain it. Like I said, I forgot about voting, if there are few ways to get it and it is capped per day, (containers, daily loot, time spent), and too many ways to lose it, fly over there, one minute of bp acceleration, lag, etc, chances are that balance moves towards 0 faster than it moves away from 0. It may only need balancing…

75% or more of my deaths happen in the first week while getting off the starter planet and established. Is it going to put me in the negative RP balance because of this?

What about a cooldown where it doesn’t count for the first 48 hours???

I do not reconize your name so I do not know how long you have been with HWS. I guess not long maybe this is the first update you are with the community. Rexxus is good at listening to the community and puts a lot of heart and soul into this community. I am sure if he sees something is not working well it will get changed. Still him and Daddy are right Death needs to mean something in a survival game. If death means nothing then this is but a First Person shooter. That is not what Empyrion is suppose to be.

For me I am waiting for the release and will go in openminded of all the changes. Most of which I have already forgotten and will learn along the way. As a solo player is does not get much harder. I likely though will continue being a solo player with maybe some Allies. When I choose my Origin then all in that Origin are encouraged to send an alliance request. To me this will mean as an Ally my base is always there for repair and resupply providing it is functional. If you are in 1 jump radius from my location and need help I would give it if I can.

Best we can do for HWS 8 is go in with an open mind and be kind about the things we do not like. Remember HWS Team is not paid for their work. They are giving us the gift of their talent. We owe them they do not owe us.

See most of you in battle real soon…will you be killing me or fighting at my side?

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3 seasons I think. I dont know what relevance it is.
I probably know more about modding Empyrion, and engine than average veterans, because I studied what was public. IMHO I can offer an opinion without being a veteran.
Ofc I know HWS are not paid, ofc I agree they do a great job. I am also curious about new HWS.
Obviously the new HWS is in final development stage, so not much can be changed, except maybe balancing.
So I am trying to offer an opinion on what may be flawed in balancing.

So Rex, any chance suicides are not RP taxed, at least for a while? Sometimes they are used to simply get away from a bug, some times it may be a glitch/lag?

Looks good to me.:+1: Think the balence is probably good, actual gameplay stats may suggest further tweaks, but i feel these changes should make playing more I interesting and engaging.

@RexXxuS Is there any story behind this red gold? Why do you become guilty?
And what about speculations, like flying along with a friend and kill each other for bounty over and over again?

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An Rp by death is not a bad thing, but I think that in the starters this mechanism must be suspended, I do not think it should count in the initial planets, only in the rest of the universe; New players who do not know the mechanics hws will get too negative until they get used to it, remembering that climate, food and diseases now kill much more and faster … as for the rest of the unverso that agrees, however I think there must be a multiplication factor in consecutive deaths in a short time:

player gets more than 10 kills in less than 5 min; with the new rule Rp for factions, some origins will have a considered booster of rp, mainly larger factions. should be considered a multiplication factor of rp loss for many consecutive deaths in a short period of time.

Airborne space AIDS will kill us relentlessly before we get off starter.

One teaspoon in your butt and your dead within 5 years.

I’m OK with the 1 death = 1 RP. Those that relentlessly fling themselves out into base turrets should have consequences. If we wanted to make it easier on the new people could always not punish those in the starter system with RP. But afterwards, punishment should be given.

Or to prevent abuse limit the implementation to new ppl. Say after 25 hours of gameplay on HWS then you get penalized for dying.


Sounds good and there are a lot of new ways to gain RP to offset this.

How about an even harsher system - 1 RP for the first death, 2 RP for the 2nd death, 3 RP for the 3rd death etc … (reset daily)

So someone dying 10 times in the same day (usually from ammo draining or reset farming) would lose 55 RP :sunny:

Leaving Starter with 0 RP used to be standard (you had to reach ECC for your first RP)


Like the ‘death hurts in someway’ changes. Also like scorp’s escalating cost idea for future consideration.

Also, supporting idea it’s only after leaving starter system.

Now, if you could add a death feature where only respawn is a location of 500 degree C. After dying there, then the traditional respawn options are available.

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negative, you do the mission of the PDA and take the epic weapon and 7 rp with the alien container and take the first FA: Supply, however you did not lose rp if you died …

taking advantage of the discourse on death and Rp would like to suggest to you Rexx a change in the guide of origins that will make all difference, as there is probably no more alliances between origins in the 8.0 and the 5 point of Rp that law less and aliaça wins by killing one another must be replaced by killing another source and extended to the freelancer, as not the same incentive to freelancer kill someone by Rp.

“there should be no peace between the origins, of course only in ecc.”

About 95% of my deaths are do to getting stuck inside a vessel and having to suicide with the “kill me” commend in console. So i hope this change comes with a not get stuck inside structure? If not i’m going to loose and have to throw away tons of rp to kill myself each time i get stuck inside a ship.

Second, the getting guilty for going into the red gold as being permanent hmm i think its not good; i think its best if you get your location leaked only while your inside the red gold not when your already outside of it.

But anyways keep up the good works Rexxus and thanks for all the interesting and fun features you’v added, bud.

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I like it. Makes a sort of ‘ultra hardcore’ zone for PVPers, May even deter me some days due to the guilty bit! (But i like this as it makes it more meaningful entering a specific playfield! :slight_smile: )

Best regards, this sounds awesome!

1 death 1 rp is a great idea! but please dont let the deaths count on starter planets! and how will rp be affected if lets say i have 0 rp and i die… will that go towards -1 rp?

Dude… How many times does this happens to you? Do you need to overlook your settings? This whole season i think i have died twice from bugs… Rest from stupidity at starter, and once or twice at pvp being to gold focused on gg…