HWS 8 | Teaser Countdown III | Origin Scan & Alien Sacrifice Boost

Hey @everyone,

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Today the teaser covers two bigger changes for your gameplay.

Origin Scan

The main problem with our old mechanic “Alliance vs Alliance” was that you couldn’t know if your victim is actually an Alliance player or not.
With HWS 8 you have now the option to check this on the fly.

With the command


You can check your surrounding for Origin types. More details:

  • it cost 1 RP per usage
  • on a planet it has a 500m range*
  • in orbit it has a 1200m range*
  • if the scanned structure is not listed in our database yet you will see a tag “Scanning…(retry)”*
    *as always: the tool needs a bit of time until it fetches your position + the position of enemies. So keep in mind some inaccuracies / patience
  • the tag will be visible for 15 seconds before it disappears

With the changes to the RP system of the Origins this should help some Hunters for sure…

Alien Sacrifice Boost


The Alien Sacrifice is an unique and special Story element in HWS, giving you Reputation Points if you found / get Alien Container.
As long as you have your Origin weapon equipped you get with this new Alien Container +1 RP.
(the dedicated Origin Alien Container gives you +7 RP.)

This allows us to not only enhance your HWS Connect Daily Loot package but also implementing more NPC Trader trading with this Alien Container to give everyone, almost always, the chance to gain RP - if the credits are there of course.

The Origin Alien Container on the other hand will be hand out now in very dedicated POIs, Missions and rewards.

Back to work, the Universe is still not ready :grimacing:

Tomorrow I will show you a bigger impact of RP and Guilty…

Your HWS Team

Thanks for the teasers RexXxus!
One thing I’ve been trying to look for clarification on is will tomatoes, corn, sprouts, etc transfer if they are in our OCD to next season? I noticed that Canned Vegetables will not transfer as they are but was not sure about individual plants and sprouts.

Good question. We have to see if the IDs are valid or not.
In best case all are converted to Vegetables.

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