HWS 8 | Teaser Countdown IV | HWS Garage rework & RP to BP feature

Hey @everyone,

check here the previous Teaser out:

Today I want to show you the bigger impact of the Reputation Points (RP) in HWS 8.

HWS Garage rework

Our HWS Feature HWS Garage is one of the most used features we have and it got even “” adopted “” by other servers.
The detail however is that some HWS Garage ships are more used than others and these “hot” ships are frequently bought by the same players over and over again.
(X-7B got bought 69 times on NA for example)

To increase the overall gameplay value of these ships it cost you now as many RP as you bought it already * 10

(I bought this V-Wing 3 times already and the fourth time would cost me 40 RP)

RP to BP feature

What that means in detail: Reduce your Blueprint Time production by spending Reputation Points for it.

  • New command: egs:reducebptime:xxx > xxx stands for the minutes you want to reduce your BP time
  • It cost you 1RP per minute reduction

That not only fills the gap about “only Donator can spawn ships instant” but is also another big motivator for you to earn Reputation Points.

You see that RP becoming a bigger role in HWS 8 I hope?! :slight_smile:
Only one additional RP change is missing…

Your HWS Team

Sounds pretty awesome😁

Overall I think it is great to see more in game uses for RP, and it increases the relevance of RP as a HWS currency.:+1:

I like both of these new options, but do wonder if on the Repair to BP time command if 1RP for a one minute reduction is too little, I would have thought 1 RP for 5 minutes would be more balanced.

On the reverse side I think 1 RP per multiplied by the number of time you buy a certain garage ship is possibly too low. As garage ships are more valuable and spawned much less frequently than regular ships. So perhaps 5 RP time the number of purchases of a specific garage ship. (I am assuming these are per season and per player purchases)

  • obviously there is more in the RP story that has not yet been revealed to us players and real game testing will provide statistics on what the actual in game impact is, so my thoughts may prove to be wrong… so this is just initial feedback :slight_smile:
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This has nothing to do with the new “Repair to BP” feature.

We only cover the Blueprint Factory here.

Yep I got that - it was a typing mistake :upside_down_face: I did mean RP to BP time - sorry!

Hmm yeah, it’s a first version. We can balance this along the way.
1 RP per Garage ship sale is indeed quite low if 69 ships were sold in last season.
Will increase it.


You can not write 69 times without putting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) behind it. You just can’t! :wink:

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I like the concepts.

In regards to reducing bp factory time using RP, I believe the reduction time per RP needs increased substantially. Perhaps 15 minute reduction for each RP spent.

As proposed, I think it will rarely, if ever be used. To be attractive, it must compete with factory time reduction when components are fed into the factory.

The factory time reduction by components is so good (and no cost) – I use it all the time, and rarely use do:bp. Only once in all season 7.x.

In addition, the larger BPs can take 20 or more hours in the factory. The cost in RP to cause a meaningful reduction is prohibitive at 1rp = 1minute.


this would give a very salty value for ships over 20 hours or more;
is not something we would use at any time even as it is the current Rp
ex: 1min = 1 rp
60 min = 60 rp
60Rp / h * 20h = 1200 Rps, if I’m calculating right …

this is too costly to really be useful.

Thanks for the Feedback so far.

Balancing is a very hard thing if you have data of 1000+ players under your fingers…
We will see if we can increase the RP / BP time ratio a bit, while still not making it redundant.

it was bought 69 times… and then never… purchased… again…

Illuminaughty confirmed.

edit: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Rexx an appropriate value would be something between 3 and 6 min per RP, below this range or above makes the value prohibitive, or even very cheap, which I suggest to you, if possible attach it to the class of ships where the lowest value would be for class minors and the highest for the larger class, where 3 min / rp for classes 1e2; 4 min / rp classes 3 and 4, 5min / rp classes 5 and 6 and last 6 min for class 7 …

this way the value would be something fairer but still a value to consider depending on the time of production of the ship and the situation of the player …

We adjusted the two values already.

HWS Garage ships per cumulative purchase: 10 RP

RP to BP time reduction: 1 RP per 5 minutes

Thanks for the Feedback.

Good point - maybe for the future

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