HWS 6.0 | Teaser Road to Release | Elemental Bank (EB) & Orbital Auto Miner (OAM) | Part III

Hey @everyone,

Don’t miss the other HWS 6.0 teaser parts:

let’s continue our road to release to HWS 6.0 since it is very very close now.
Today we talk about one feature which is one of the oldest and first feature in HWS

Elemental Bank (EB)

Sponsored by the EGS and a lot of rich people the EB expanded to multiple locations and services. Let us check their new rebranding:

EB upgrade

EB level 1

  • everyone has level 1 at the beginning
  • 1% interest per day
  • 5% fee if you pay out/in not in the bank
  • 5% fee if you send money to someone else not in the EB

EB level 2

  • upgrade cost 1 million credits and 20 RP
  • 1% interest per day
  • 5% fee if you pay out/in not in the bank
  • send money to someone else for free globally

EB level 3

  • upgrade cost 10 million credits and 30 RP
  • 1% interest per day
  • pay out/in for free globally
  • send money to someone else for free globally

EB level 4

  • upgrade cost 50 million credits and 40 RP
  • 2% interest per day
  • pay out/in for free globally
  • send money to someone else for free globally

EB level 5

  • upgrade cost 70 million credits and 70 RP
  • 5% interest per day
  • pay out/in for free globally
  • send money to someone else for free globally
  • You get a “Premium Bankster” status. Unlocking special abilities you can do over HWS Connect (surprise)

General info

  • Your Elemental Bank upgrade levels gets reset after every season!
  • You have to visit the Elemental Bank once per day now to get your interest!

The Orbital Auto Miner was invented by us and meant for late game purposes. A lot of people complained that it is too good or too bad. It depends really on your gamestyle.
However for both opinions we got the first big change coming with 6.0. Another one is coming later.

Orbital Auto Miner (OAM)

  • You need to visit the EGS Zone now to get your Ores for free!
  • the formula of the cost of Ores if you are not in an EGS zone and get your Ores is
    10 * amount of ore you got / want
  • no Drill Charges anymore for OAM fuel consumption! The new item is the logical correct one:
    every 3 days you have to fuel 1 Auto Miner Core per OAM Ore regardless of the level


  1. You type am:get:gold:999 -> 10 * 999 = 9990 credits you have to pay if you are NOT in an EGS zone.
  2. You type am:get:all -> you have 999 iron + 3999 gold + 1111 copper -> 10 * (999 + 3999 + 1111) = 61090 credits you have to pay if you are NOT in an EGS zone
  3. You have 10 OAM at level 10 means it will consume 10 Auto Miner Cores every 3 days
  4. You have 5 OAM at level 1 means it will consume 5 Auto Miner Cores every 3 days

General info

  • if you don’t have the money to pay especially for the am:get:all command better split it to the specific resources

That is Teaser Part III for today and overall you maybe realize how important credits and RP will be in 6.0. And especially exploration.
And do not worry about not able to get all of this gold. No matter if you are new or veteran - there is enough gold for everyone out there… maybe :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for probably the last teaser.

Your HWS Team


WE LOVE YOU REXXXUS :slight_smile:


I guess my only current concern from reading this is how are we going to get autominer cores? (it makes sense logically of course) but that’s gonna limit their uses a ton if there isn’t an effective way to purchase/obtain autominer cores. (Unless by some miracle we can finally craft them)


well well well lol EB upgrade unless gold meteors rain at your base lol there ain’t no way peeps are going to spend on levelling up EB just to start all over after a saison = season in English lol
as for auto miner cores will you be able to make them in constructors or have we still got to hunt in poi for them ?

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Not fond of the autominer core Idea. I don’t really like having to grind POI’s so unless there are short missions that give them as rewards or a way to craft them I feel like I just wasted a lot of time upgrading things in 5.

The people with OCD 6 are now way ahead of the curve and I am definitely pro OCD wipe now!

Thanks for the typo smudgy.

The Auto Miner Cores are balanced out in HWS at least. Don’t worry guys.
But get rid of the word “grinding” and replace it with “exploration and fun”. Yep, that is better for sure!

And as written - money rules the world. In real life or ingame. But there will be better ways to get it ingame than in real life - for sure :slight_smile:


Pay special attention to this, guys. Try not to assume resource distribution will be the same in 6 as it is in 5. As these new features are rolled in and developed, the dependent resources are also tweaked to ensure that the game is fun. Or so we hope… So keep the feedback coming in and helping us know where it feels too rich or too lean. :slight_smile:

My AM is currently nearly full. All L10s - if i dont go to EGS zone its going to cost me a huge amount of creds to am:get:all!

So much - I dont even wanna work it out lol

How about the question of accessing AM from starter in v6?

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I don’t like the changes in part III. I like the current system and the changes in part II. the changes make the game feel like grinding and not fun. I have been on the experimental servers. Autominer cores do have to be farmed from POI’s. I have been able to test several servers and some have added additional POI’s so this helps. The EB reset is pointless. The only reason we use it is for the 1% interest. Now it resets? How much money do you need to have in the bank to make it worth it every season? 131 million to cap it out for the best interest. Whats the max you can hold on the EB? It would be okay if i didnt have to visit the EB to get my interest. I dont have to visit my bank or brokers to get my returns on investments so why do i have to visit a bank in a game set in the future :confused:


You can but it is not an EGS zone so…

Thanks @Diamyo for the feedback but you will see the real potential in 6.0 soon.

Maybe pointless for some people but for teamplay maybe not. I had some backthoughts of it so we will see in few seasons how it turned out and people found my intentions.

Visiting the Bank in the future game is needed for sure cause money is rare in these days for the bank and they can give your money for free only if they trust you / see you. Time has changed you know…

But I heard the EB level 5 can be quite interesting… who knows

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Thanks for the confirmation Rexxxus. I’m sure 6 will be a blast. Just hope there are a few of these EGS zones planned. :slight_smile:

HWS is not other servers.

EB always resets on a full wipe. You keep credits from 250k (non donor) to 70M (highest teir donation). That remains unchanged from prior seasons.

Additionally, the 1% interest doesnt change and exists at all levels regardless of upgrade status… So you lose nothing here either. We introduce new features to earn more money by investing more money… Pretty standard concept really. But adding this feature doesnt remove or devalue the existing benefits of EB.

There’s a good chance you’ll frequently run through an EGS zone in the day and life of a 6.0 spacefaring hooligan. :smiley:

It’s an whole new universe. Nothing much like you have today.

Actually up until recently it was “keep all your money”. For example when I bought it. Now it is 70 mil. Which seemed a far off goal, but when you factor in all these fancy new late game purchases, seems overwhelmingly inadequate…
I would like to point out here that as other have said, the resetting of EB levels means that to use the highest level of EB, you have to pay in more money than one person can have access to retaining, and all that value is then removed at the end of the season, and any interest you could have gained towards rebuying it, will be lopped off well below the cost of purchase. Perhaps if the EB were downgraded at the end of each season? if you have level 2, it is now 1, if 1 stays 1, if 5 it is now 4? That or allow us the ability to use the donor package as originally advertised and maybe it will become feasible to play around with eb5 in a few seasons. Until that point I would advise against it wholeheartedly, unless you have insanely cheated amount of wealth lying around. On the order of 200 Million credits…
Because in order to [quote=“hopskotch, post:14, topic:5569”]
earn more money by investing more money

You would have to pay in everything you own, in order to receive 5% interest… on basically nothing? Unless you spoof accounts with many many 70$ donations, which even to me seems p2w if that is what is necessary to be able to use this feature…

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You left out the context to which i was referring was unchanged – which was that the EB wipes. Thats not a new thing.

Also – Again – Many assumptions based on how you earn and spend today and prior seasons. You must assume Rex has considered the implications of requiring money to do things… And compensated with the ability to earn money to do things.


Faith alone will not keep a man fed

I am reserving judgement, but to be fair, my assessment of OCD 7 is still spot on : mathematically impossible. Math doesnt lie. Unless something in this equation changes, the numbers dont add up. And the only things that can make it work are:

  • a larger carryover amount
  • the amount of levels lost each season reducing
  • the cost of upgrade reducing
  • an ability to get 150+ million per season from in game actions independent of carryover. I am sincerely hoping this one is not the case, as it may well kill the value of gold as heavily, if not more so, as the gold drops of armageddon.
    The only other option is to have atleast 3 players with 70 mil donation packages workign this system, in order to make back barely enough to fill 1 or 2 of their banks before restart.

I see your points from your perspective. The other servers are a litmus to what will be done in HWS to include the EAH tool as it is used. They are not HWS but it is a good indicator of what we will have to deal with in HWS. I also bring these items to the discussion to see if we have solutions to my concerns or to see if the community is satisfied with the changes. Please do not feel threatened by my humble opinion.

All great suggestions and points based on historical contexts. Definitely will be looking to your feedback once all is revealed.

Have a snickers. HWS has proven itself, IMHO. :slight_smile: Faith, or patience, will see you through.

Thanks for the feedback @mcprouty and the others.

Please don’t talk about other servers here or faith or so.

These are teasers and the first roll out of features we spent a lot of time into it.
The problem for you: a lot of time WITH the other things we implemented in the universe what you can’t know - yet.
And even if - and I am sure you will beat me again here and there - some things are not running as planned we hopefully showed in the past that we are able to adjust things and hear to our community. I hope this is something you agree with me.

Gold / credits in general will just have a very high value and the main idea for 6.0 was that even the biggest resister learns now to use it because why not, right.

That the EGS recycle and EB levels get reset has couple of reasons but yeah, we will review the prices over time.
Especially as soon as the Premium Bankster details are released.

I will have to see the bigger picture, but the non persistant buys (e.g. Bank) that get reset every season, i would be ok with that if the season would be longer than 2 months. But it feels that once you have upgraded your levels, the season is already gone, and you don’t have time to benefit from your money. Unless you upgrade from the start, but you also need RPs for that… and if you are a trader or another origin with limited RP possibilities, it makes no sense…

Only if you are in a large rich faction, you can make specialist (eg banker or scrapper).

Is there any way to bring some of my AM levels back to 0? I am ok with paying a core for my pentaxid L10, but not for my cobalt L1?

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