HWS 6.0 | Teaser Road to Release | Reputation System & Origins | Part I

Hey @everyone!

Oh well… I am very excited to start this and even more how all of this turns out later. But let’s start!

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If time holds my hand I want to release every day one big teaser for HWS 6.0!
And today we start with the total biggest and most important one:

Reputation System & Origins in HWS 6.0

It was a rough road and a long one of course - but we reinvented the RP system a lot. Not only new checks to get RP but also an unique way to play with them.

For that we need our well known origins; you will recognize all of them again: Freelancer, Trader, Hunter, Guardian and Pirate.
But they are still new in their way of playing - do not get lazy! Let us jump to the details.


Trader - your friendly economy specialist at your service

  • +1 RP per day if visited planet Elemental Capital City
  • +3 RP if another origin bought your Black Market trades per day
  • +1 RP per day for living only in PvE ( no private / faction structure in PvP) [Starter systems excluded]


The smart discoverer - the imperturbable Freelancer

  • +3 RP for one warp per day


To protect the one who needs to be protected

  • +3 RP per Pirate Player Kill


There is no one safe - not even yourself

  • +1 RP per Player Kill
  • +1 RP per day if you have 999 Gold Ingots in your inventory
  • +3 RP per day for living only in PvP ( no private / faction structure in PvE) [Starter systems excluded]


Hunting for fun? Hunting for business!

  • +2 RP per player kill

General Info

  • You will get rewarded max. 10 times per day for a kill to prevent sneaky plays, you know…
  • Structures which are not controlled / piloted by you or passengers do not trigger the RP / Guilty system

Now this is somehow familiar, this is not new, right? And maybe you say “what?”. Doesn’t make sense and imba and and.
Got ya. Keep quite - let me introduce:

The HWS Hunter Board

It took really a long time to think about it and implement but here we go in the first run.

Let me explain how it works in detail.
First of all there will be one big and crucial new word following HWS in 6.0+ all the time:

>>> Guilty <<<

It is almost a new currency. You can become guilty and you can get rid of it. It will help you and it will kill you. All your choice.
How you become guilty? See below and later announcements…

However here are some facts again I will explain shortly after:


  • You are not supposed to get anything by killing a hunted guy
  • If a Trader player kills another Trader or Guardian he will be set as guilty + he gets -10 RP
    ( the one who is killing the other Trader or Guardian needs to be online )


  • +7 RP per Hunterboard Kill


  • +7 RP per Hunterboard Kill
  • If a Guardian player kills another Guardian or Trader he will be set as guilty + he gets -10 RP
    ( the one who is killing the other Trader or Guardian needs to be online )


  • +7 RP per Hunterboard Kill
  • +1 RP instant for becoming guilty


  • +7 RP per Hunterboard Kill
  • +1 RP instant for becoming guilty
  • 25k credits per guilty kill and then additional 25k credits for every guilty kills

General Info

  • You will get rewarded max. 10 times per day for a guilty kill to prevent sneaky plays, you know…
  • With exception to the Trader/Guardian “Alliance” RP punishment, you MUST have the proper Epic Weapon for your origin with you to gain RP
  • The Hunter Board is only visible on HWS Connect and gets updated every 15 minutes
  • The coordinates on the website are a bit randomized max. 3000 meters in space and max. 1000 meters on planet
  • As soon as a guilty guy got killed he is not guilty anymore (nope, suicide is never an option)
  • Structures which are not controlled / piloted by you or passengers do not trigger the RP / Guilty system

Freelancer Bonus

Freelancer got settled in the universe and established themself throughout the Origins.

  • Freelancer have now also an Epic Weapon for their Reputation status: an Epic Laser Rifle!

Alright - PvP got boosted, hm!? Poor Traders though. But a big step, right? Especially the times are coming where Guardians and Traders should work together… maybe…

But well why stopping here?

Let me introduce:

The sacrifice of the Aliens

A complete new and unique way to get RP for everyone is waiting for you. It is involved by playing and enjoying every aspect of HWS and the game. It is challenging but also enjoyable.


  • +3 RP for having a purple Alien Container in your inventory


  • +3 RP for having a grey Alien Container in your inventory


  • +3 RP for having a rare Container in your inventory


  • +3 RP for having a red Alien Container in your inventory


  • +3 RP for having a yellow Alien Container in your inventory


How it works:
For Missions, for Events, in the Blackmarket(!?), for exploring the universe in general you can get these Containers and as soon as you have them in your inventory a check is being made if you have your Epic -Origin- Weapon with you and it gets removed again from your inventory. By removing you get the +3 RP.

Still Huh!? - you will see soon enough :slight_smile:

Now to summarize some already known facts:

  • Trader Origin start means easy in general but lacking PvP overall
  • Freelancer Origin start means exploring and playing as a Free-lancer as a general medium difficulty
  • Guardian Origin start means to know how to survive and providing protection for people in need later on
  • Pirate Origin start means survival in both ways: living and glory
  • Hunter Origin start means pure survival and hunting - at any cost

More details to them will follow…

Now you know one of the biggest part of HWS 6.0 but don’t think that is all - it is just one part of many…

Thank you for reading and have fun thinking / preparing for your best start in HWS 6.0!

Your HWS Team


Nice work :smiley: Finally some teaser :stuck_out_tongue: All hail Hunters !!!


Mmmmmm guilty system.

A civil discussion between guardian factions killing each other in 6.0.


hmmm, seems an uneven opportunity to collect RPs. From max 3 for trader to max 10x3 (killing pirates) + 10x7 (killing hunted). Not sure what the impact is of having or not having RPs, but if the impact is substantial, than the system is skewed to certain origins (e.g. to live on RP planets, etc. if that is still the case in 6.0).

I see great opportunities for cheating (pirate and guardian agreeing to kill each other 10x a day).
Does a kill still cost 1 RP?

What is the drawback of being guilty? Just that you can/will be hunted? is it your location that is posted? The last could be a big impact (giving away base locations, etc.).

We just don’t know enough yet to understand what will happen exactly, but I would create some extra trade RPs for traders as they cannot get them any other way… Also better implementation of the black market, i did not see much action there (but that could be me)…

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This is one of many ingredients of what will make 6.0 different. Traders are not meant to be PVP oriented, so this part of the system does not provide them a lot of benefits.

No way to hide your location? I’m afraid it’s the end of space bases. We need something to hide from this:

  • paid service? trade your money + rp to hide/spoof your location
  • no location on some lost/hidden/origin playfields?
  • location only after NPC visit, last seen on trading station instead of coordinates on hunter board (then could get info from dialogue with NPC, they provide details about last trade with guilty players unless paid by guilty players)
  • later updates to the hunter board, 15 minutes is short.

What? Being guilty has a cost? NO! :smiley:

There are always ways to be the bad guy and be succesful at it… but its not a cake walk. :wink:

Yes, don’t be guilty. If you are going to live that life it’ll be hard, that’s the whole point.

If someone wants to be a bad guy they won’t be able to hide from the repercussions anymore. I am thrilled about this.

…Or can they?.. :smiling_imp:

We won’t know until new spoilers.

Well…you might know. Spill the beans already lol


unfortunately we have to see how everything is implemented before we can have a real discussion

How will fa:supply be changing?

Good Day

Just to clarify these are the only changes regarding factions. Specific faction wont be nerffed regarding the amount of weapons or maybe smaller ships.
Kind Regards

I think this is a good idea. Create opportunities to hide some of the time, but not all of the time…

Hi Hopskotch,

I get I only see part of the picture (it was just a teaser), bit it does start me wondering (I think that was the idea of bringing out the teaser) :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just saying that if Traders cannot gain reputation through PvP, they should be able to get reputation through being a very active / successful trader. Again all depending on what RP will get you. From a storyline perspective that does feel like a logical direction. So if PvP gets you points for 10 hunts/kills, maybe trade should get you points for 10 trades a day in stead of 1…

Anyways, love the work you all put into this game, enjoying it very much :slight_smile:


Is there going to be a time limit on how long someone remains on guilty board, is the only way off to be killed?

Just sharing my initial reaction upon reading this, there may be very few (perhaps none) guardians post 6.0 (understood more is to be revealed). Pirates and Hunters will use guilty board to setup ambushes. Eventually, all pirates and hunters will be on the guilty board. Only pirates and hunters will use the information on the board. Anyone else appearing on the board are left with three poor choices, 1) go somewhere empty handed just to be killed to get off the board and hopefully before faction asset locations are revealed, 2) never leave pve, or 3) permanently log off, session over.

  • The RP gain seems extremely bias to Freelancers (if able to jump up to ten times per day);

    Trader (+1) + (+1x10 max?) + (+1) = 12 /day max
    Freelancer (+3 x 10 max?) = 30 /day max
    Guardian (+3 x 10 max) = 20 /day max
    Pirate (+1 x 10 max) + (+1) + (+3) = 14 /day max
    Hunter (+2 x 10 max) = 20/day max

  • Also, the freelancers are gaining the best epic, IMO.

  • RP needs some clearer explanation of which are only available once per day, and which can be performed up to ten times per day.

  • It is going to be near impossible for guardians to get RP (especially with the current condition of PvP) as only kills will gain RP.

  • When is RP issued so people know when to make their warps, carry their gold coins etc. ?

  • You have not explained how pirates can become guilty.

  • I also agree that giving out co-ordinates is a huge security concern for all players (this is a survival game after all).

  • Will there be an in-game notification of becoming ‘guilty’.

All we, ask his LONG AGO. All who pick role-side, and play like Pirate - or settle and overcrowd planets with tons of useless structures - must be find and killed! Thats good, that guilty has such options.

P.S.: Btw, how Pirates could be guilty, if they need to play “bad”-role any way?..

My hope is that a balance be found where by the wolves in total number are less than the number of prey, as seen in nature. My expectation for this is there will be wolves in abundance, and very little prey.

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