WIPE questions

Hello, I’m new to the HWS server and I’m still learning about various server and RE mechanics.
I was looking for more information on how to prepare for the seasons WIPE, but I didn’t find much information beyond the basic topic. (Rules)

I wanted to know if there is any tutorial that explains the step by step or strategies to save your ships, bases, resources, etc.
I have some more latent questions but if anyone can answer or indicate a topic I would be very grateful!

  1. Can I save an entire ship and respawn it after WIPE? Or do I have to disassemble all the blocks?

  2. If you only save the blocks, is it better to save the entire blocks or the resources?

  3. As for the credits, should I transfer everything to Elemental Bank which will be safe?

  4. I want to become a PATRON to help the server but also to benefit myself between wipes. Is there any patron pack that you would recommend me?

Thank you very much.

Welcome to HWS @MatroX !

HWS is running for 7 years, so we have a lot of information here and there but also added features for the regular season wipes.

You can start here:

Saving a ship is not possible for many technical reasons. But yes, you can use our EGS Recycle feature, to convert it into items/blocks, which then can be put in your Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD). Check it out here:

OAM also helps (Orbital Auto Miner (OAM))

That depends on the OCD Categories and asking around the community, will give you a hint.

check the EB guide out here:

Basically yes, credits stored in the EB are save to a certain amount. If you level up your EB level, you can store more.
Helping us out financially, offers you a Keep credit package too.

That would be really appreciated!
You can check out the benefits of being a HWS Patron here:

You can get resources for example, which you can then put into your OCD, which helps you in the new season.

Have fun :v:

there is also a handy guide for packing up at the end of a season. it’s old but mostly still relevant.


@RexXxuS and @Bob
Thank you for the information posted here, it will be of great help.
It will take me a while to read, but I already want to thank you very much for your help. =)