HWS 8 | Teaser Countdown VI | PvE Gameplay & Universe I

Hey @everyone,

check here the previous Teaser out:

Since tomorrow will be the seventh and last Teaser we going now bit more in detail about your coming gameplay in HWS 8 — still not spoiler that much though :wink:

(The EGS Flying City - your first Mission you will want to complete on the Starter planet - rewards inclusive)

I can’t tell how hard we (Ju, myself and Jascha) worked for HWS 8 but we are looking really forward to Tuesday and how you will like / discover the new additions we have implemented for you!

PvE Gameplay

The PvE gameplay was another focus point, especially on the Starter planets. I fear they are now so good that nobody will want to leave them but as you know, we have some limits to prevent this nevertheless :wink:

No, we not only reworked ALL of the current Story POIs such as the five Professor Void POIs but implemented 10 new one, telling you a story one by one very carefully — in case you are ready for it :slight_smile:

The Alien Worm Invasion

These POIs have a long story about scientist built themselves shelter against the Alien Worm. Only at the very bottom they were safe and could research further on theories how to fight against it…
You will discover more yourself IF you follow the hidden track they have placed for you…

All we know is that they somehow worked together with Prof. Void and sooner or later everything will be revealed… for the good or the bad, nobody knows… but you as Clones play an important role in all of that…

Universe I

Before I reveal the Universe probably tomorrow there are some short information for you to think about / prepare:

  • We will have 3 dedicated Origin starts again and 1 Prototype start
  • The Prototype start is again on an Alien Planet and probably even more difficult than before. But this time a lot of you know that you can use OCD now… make it to your advantage. Nevertheless we tried to test it without OCD and it is possible… but not without dying…
  • In the Orbit of Prototype you will find a Supergate to be able to fly with your SV straight to the deep Universe — make sure to choose an Origin before that though
  • All Start planets are Class 4 and have plenty of POIs, resources, things to discover… but also some Biomes which will kill you, if you are not careful…
  • Hence I invented a new way to start into the Universe I won’t spoiler…
  • New planet creations - not just clicky picky with the SSG generator
    (for example a new Class 5 “Gas” planet: Jupidor)
  • Reworked 99% of all POIs for better loot and regeneration timer
  • The Homeworld Planet will have 4 moons rotating around it with special resource crust on each of them now… discover them…
  • Only started, won’t be finished, but we will make the Space a lot more valuable — it’s a space game after all but until now nobody gave them love they deserve. Hopefully in HWS 9 we have a full Story driven environment for the Space as well. Until then you will still find our HWS EGS Missions and some more goodies
  • A lot more but I better continue working :wink:

Tomorrow, if time allows you get the final piece of information about Origin rebalances, Playfield Limits and the Universe map.
It will be very hard to catch the deadline again… we could have done way more but well, there is a release after that too, right :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team

So you no longer use a portal on the planet? It’s now in space?

I still use them - a way better version of the “Decision”.
The Supergate is just a new addition.

Good work sexy rexxy and team :+1:

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Ok so it’s still easy to get off, incase you regret choosing the planet.

Last season so many people avoided the prototype start - and in my opinion they missed out as a result. I spent several days on that planet, as there was so much to do. But on day one, it was DEADLY! :slight_smile: (it got a bit easier as the critter count dropped for those starting a bit later)

Have to imagine it will be challenging again - certainly for experienced players it would be a tough goal to try to get off planet with out being killed, anyone up for that challenge? :raising_hand_man:

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My concern with the protoype choice (however good it is) is that it takes some player count from PvP starter. By far the best starter experience i’ve had has been there. Sure you get killed and spawn camped by our RED friends while still in the info centre. All part of the challenge though. Anything that reduces PvP starter player count can adversely affect that start experience. Just my thoughts.

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Wow RexXxuS and Team this is all looking like an exciting new season on HWS! Trying to get two friends to join me for some extra fun! I am so glad the Starter Worlds are going to be level 4 so we can all spread out a little. Was playing on Experimental Unknown Skies Server and they had put in tier 2 starter worlds and one lap with an HV with scanner and most all was detected,lol!Dang is it Tuesday yet??

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RexXxus = Prof. Void


Is this what I think it is for?! :open_mouth:

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Looks incredible. I can’t wait! Thanks for all the work team!

OK, I usually play PVE / Solo / Freelancer. “In theory” season 8 is going to be a shit for my type of game, is that I feel that the server increasingly focuses more and more on PVP and I have never seen that they add some role in history or even in the origins. I hope to be wrong when I try the new version in practice.
I also congratulate the team that worked hard to have a server with many options.
I’m sorry my bad english, I’m using a translator :wink: