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The HWS Marketplace (Elemental Blackmarket / Elemental Trading) is a different version of the marketplace you know with couple of advantages and gameplay elements add to the game by HWS only.

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type ti:? for all available commands

How does it work?

The only thing you need to keep in mind are some commands to sell and buy your items.
With a 10% tax you can sell your items everywhere but only on certain Blackmarkets you can buy items. So you have to travel to your trade. Some facts:

  • You can sell items globally but have to pay a 10% tax to your trade
  • You can sell your items for free at the Blackmarkets
  • You can stop your order only in the Blackmarkets for 10% tax
  • You can change the price of your trades only in the trading zone
  • You can only buy items for free in the HWS Marketplace zones
  • Please visit the HWS Commands page to see the trading commands.

Where can I use the HWS Marketplace?


  • Starter Orbits - Blackmarket
  • Peacekeepers - Blackmarket
  • Origin Orbits - Blackmarket
  • ECC > EGS HQ - Elemental Trading
  • Homeworld Space > EGS Star - EGS Trading Outpost

Monthly %SALE%

Throughout a season prices change but most of the Seller do not update their prices so we have now an automatic Sale feature implemented:

The item unit price is dropped

  • by 25% after 30 days

  • by 50% (of the previous value) after 60 days

  • by 75% (of the previous value) after 85 days

That way it should feel less “dead” over time and everyone can enjoy it, even if the full wipe is coming.

Full wipe disclaimer

Make sure to get all your items back from the market or buy them before a full wipe happens. With a full wipe the Black Market will be reset too.

Selling your own ships

You can also sell your own ships on proper places

ECC HQ > at the back entrance (for SVs)

On the Origin Planets at the HWS Garage Outposts (for SVs)

ECC Space > near the 0 0 0 coordinate (for CVs)

Just fly your ship to the Sale zone, wait a bit and type ts:sell:xxx (xxx = amount of credits you want for that ship)

  • Ships you sell are not listed for the tax
  • If you fly with the ship you sold it is still trackable on HWS Connect

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