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The HWS Marketplace (Elemental Trading & Black Market) concept was orginally developed by HWS and was adopted by Eleon into the official version of Empyrion.

Pictured below is the Elemental Galactic Services HQ Market Zone.

Visit https://cmd.hws.global or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type ti:? for all available commands.

How does HWS Marketplace work?

There are special commands to sell and buy items or use the proper buttons in HWS Connect.

If you wish to post items to the EGS Market for free, you will need to travel to an authorized trade zone. Your transaction will be taxed at the rate of 10% credits and 1 RP per item, if you are not in the trading zone.

Be sure you have room in your action bar for the items you purchase! (items are delivered here and not in your backpack inventory)

Additional facts:

  • Dependent on your Elemental Bank level you pay X% tax for buying items globally
  • You can sell items globally, but you pay a 10% credits tax per sale and 1RP tax per item
  • You can sell / buy your items for free in a trading zone (HWS Marketplace or Blackmarket)
  • You can stop your order in the trading zone for 10% fee per item
  • You can change the price of your items for sale in the trading zone for free
  • Please visit the HWS Commands page to see the trading commands

Where can I use the HWS Marketplace?

  • Starter Orbits - HWS Marketplace
  • ECC > EGS HQ - HWS Marketplace
  • Homeworld Space > EGS Star - EGS Trading Outpost

HWS Sale Discounts

Prices fluctuate throughout the season, but most sellers do not update their prices accordingly, so we now have an automated sale/discount feature implemented:

The item unit price is dropped

  • by 25% after 15 days

  • by 50% (of the previous value) after 30 days

  • by 75% (of the previous value) after 60 days

These automated discounts ensure that an item for sale increases its bargain value over time.


Full wipe disclaimer

Be sure to get all your items from the EGS Market & Blackmarket before a full wipe.

Sell Your Ships

You can sell your own ships at these locations:

ECC HQ > at the back entrance (for SVs)

On the Origin Planets at the HWS Garage Outposts (for SVs)

ECC Space > near the 0 0 0 coordinate (for CVs)

The process requires that you fly your ship to one of the zones mentioned above, wait for the confirmation / welcome message, and then type ts:sell:xxx (xxx = amount of credits you are charging for that ship)

  • Ships you sell are not taxed for being in the area
  • If you fly the ship you have available for sale, it remains tracked by the HWS Connect Structure Commander and is therefore still taxed when left on ECC. Once it is tagged for sale, do not fly it on or off of ECC afterwards.

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