HWS Trader


HWS Traders are available via a support package and grant players a solid income by selling server-provided items to other players.

Players wishing to purchase HWS Trader packages will use HWS Connect where package contents and price info is available.

How it works for the Seller

Step 1 - Check HWS Connect

After you purchased the HWS Trader package, go to “Your HWS Trader” in HWS Connect

Step 2 - Rename your HWS Trader


Step 3 - Add items to your HWS Trader



Step 4 - Submit your HWS Trader


The price for Credits and HWS DNA as well as the quantity is calculated automatically and can’t be changed. Max. 49 slots is a fixed value as well.
@RexXxuS just have to approve your package and all is done.
In case your HWS Trader got rejected you will see a message:


Content Package Details

Package Credit Prices

The price is dynamic. Each item has a different listing price. The price is calculated by the HWS Marketplace. The higher the demand, the higher the price.

Package HWS DNA Prices

The HWS DNA price is also dynamic. It depends on your total credit price. The rate is 100 000 credit price = 1 HWS DNA.

How it works for the Buyer

  • Buyers spend credits and HWS DNA to buy HWS Trader packages

  • Buyers will use HWS Connect to purchase the packages with just a button click. Packages will be instantly delivered if he is in PvE or in a trading zone, but the Buyer must be online / ingame to accept delivery.

  • Read the different Origin descriptions to find out how many packages your Origin (you) can buy per day.

Additional Information

  • The package can only be bought in a trading zone or globally in PvE

  • Whenever a package is bought, the Seller get 50% of the full credit price.

  • The HWS Trader will be active and available as long as the Seller is active (played the last 7 days). This applies only to the Server where you have an HWS Trader!

  • The Seller can’t buy his own packages

  • Depending on the game updates or economy, the prices may change

  • The Seller can change his package content once per week - just resubmit your HWS Trader in HWS Connect

  • A Maximum of 4 HWS Trader supporter packages per server, per player, is available for purchase.

  • HWS Patrons have the benefit to get their HWS Traders listed above Non-Patrons. They are marked green in the list then.

  • 1 HWS DNA = ~75 000 credits