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Story and Gameplay

Freelancers would object to being labeled as ‘good guy’ or ‘outlaw’. They would likely object to practically any label. While Freelancers may not be as clearly defined as the other two Origins - they are free to carve their own path and define themselves as they see fit, not caring what others may call or think of them. The Freelancer Origin has grown considerably as the many seasons have passed and today, it holds equal status with the other two Origins. They have earned an honorable place in the HWS Universe and therefore warrant similar benefits and advantages. This origin is for the die-hard rebel who simply must play his or her own way.

Here are some of the guiding principles, requirements, features and benefits if you choose Freelancer as your Origin:

  • The Freelancer Origin weapon is the Laser Rifle (Epic) 2076
  • Less focus on Pirating, PVP, trading or policing & more time spent on exploration & completing missions
  • Freelancers are in a unique position to align themselves both with Federation and/or with Outcasts
  • Freelancers are free from many of the restrictions and limitations the Federation and Outcasts are bound by
  • Ally with the Talon NPC Faction

Freelancer Supply Packages

This supply package can save your life or get you out of a tight spot. The HWS Universe is not without danger, so if you find yourself stuck somewhere without supplies, use this command - but be sure there is room in your inventory first! Every Origin has access to different versions of these survival supplies, so use o:supply wisely. This command can be used once every 7 days.

Tier I | Unlocked at < 1000 Reputation Points

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Tier II | Unlocked at < 2000 Reputation Points

Tier III | Unlocked at < 3000 Reputation Points

Tier IV | Unlocked at < 4000 Reputation Points

Tier V | Unlocked at < 5000 Reputation Points

Tier VI | Unlocked at < 6000 Reputation Points

Tier VII | Unlocked at < 7000 Reputation Points

Tier VIII | Unlocked at < 8000 Reputation Points

Tier IX | Unlocked at < 9000 Reputation Points

Tier X | Unlocked at < > 10000 Reputation Points

Reputation Point Gain

  • 2 RP for one warp per day
  • 50 RP for activating a Star Fragment
  • 5 RP for every HWS News you deliver
  • 10 RP for living in PvE AND PvP (applies to all faction structures, some of which are located in PvE while others in PVP)
  • 10 RP if you have 250 Pentaxid (refined) in your inventory (in addition to your Origin’s epic weapon)
  • 10 RP per Guilty Bounty Kill (Bounty of at least 10 million credits)
  • 7 RP for one grey Alien Container 541

Faction Activity

  • For every 10 active faction member everyone in that faction get +1 RP per day
  • For every 20 active faction member everyone in that faction get +2 RP per day
  • For every 30 active faction member everyone in that faction get +3 RP per day
  • For every 40 active faction member everyone in that faction get +4 RP per day
  • For every 50 active faction member everyone in that faction get +5 RP per day
  • (active = logged in and played within the last 7 days)

Note: The 10 RP bonus for killing a Guilty player is granted only once per day.

Note: All RP Gains require that you have your Epic weapon in your inventory when the qualifying action takes place. You must also be online once per day to qualify for the Living in PvE and PvP RP bonus. The trigger time is from 8:50AM to 9:10AM


  • Comfortable and capable in both PvE and PvP
  • Origin with highest amount of unique PDA missions which grant a lot of rewards
  • Only Freelancers are likely to know the secret code to open doorways which lead to large treasures
  • Can buy 4 HWS NPC Trader packages per day
  • RP gain is moderate in difficulty and amount when compared to other Origins (can easily match others if enough RP requirements are met)
  • OCD Usage cooldown in PvP
  • 10% credit discount for Garage Ship Category Explorer


  • Trusting other Freelancers can be risky when allegiances are prone to shift
  • No definite guidelines to govern actions / decisions
  • Lose 5 RP as soon as you become guilty